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a englannista suomeksi

  1. a

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

a englanniksi

  1. A

  1. (n-g)

  2. (ng).

  3. an (w) or (w).

  4. |IPA (IPAfont)-coloring or a weak, fleeting, epenthetic or echo (IPAfont).

  5. transliterates Indic (or equivalent).

  6. atto-, prefix for 10-18 in the System of Units.

  7. Year as a unit of time, specifically a year or 365.25 days.

  8. An are, a unit of area one hundredth of a hectare; ares.

  9. acceleration

  10. Annuity; (q) annuity-immediate.

  11. (ux)|n-year annuity-immediate to a person currently age x

    (ux)|life annuity-immediate to a person currently age x

  12. (Latn-def)

  13. One; any indefinite example of. (defdate)Brown, Lesley, (2003)

  14. (ux)

  15. (RQ:Schuster Hepaticae)

  16. 2005, Emily Kingsley (lyricist), Kevin Clash (voice actor), “A Cookie is a Sometime Food”, ''Sesame Street'', season 36, Sesame Workshop:

  17. ''Hoots the Owl:'' Yes a, fruit, is a (SI), any, time, food!
  18. 2016, VOA Learning English (public domain)

  19. Anna, do you have a pen? — Yes. I have a pen in my bag. I have a (stressed) …
    : (audio)
  20. One; (n-g), (l), (l), (l), (l), etc.

  21. (n-g), (l), a (l), (l) (for an uncountable noun), etc.

  22. (n-g), (l), (l), etc.

  23. The same; and the same. (n-g), (l), etc.

  24. Any; every; (n-g)

  25. Any; (n-g)

  26. One; someone named; (n-g)Oxford University Press, (2023)

  27. (quote-journal)|title=Rwandan court drops all charges against opposition figure|text="I will continue my campaign to fight for the rights of all Rwandans," a surprised but happy Rwigara told reporters after celebrating.

  28. Someone or something like; similar to; ''Used before a proper noun to create an example out of it.''

  29. ''To do with separation;'' In, into. (defdate)

  30. ''To do with time;'' Each, per, in, on, by. (n-g)(defdate)

  31. (RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet)

  32. (quote-web)

  33. (audio)
  34. ''To do with status;'' In. (defdate)

  35. ''(w)'' (II Chronicles 2:18)

  36. To set the people a worke.
  37. ''To do with position or direction;'' In, on, at, by, towards, onto. (defdate)

  38. ''To do with process, with a passive verb;'' In the course of, experiencing. (defdate)

  39. (quote-song)

  40. ''To do with an action, an active verb;'' Engaged in. (defdate)

  41. (RQ:Shakespeare Coriolanus)

  42. (RQ:KJV)

  43. ''To do with an action/movement;'' To, into. (defdate)

  44. ''To do with method;'' In, with. (defdate)

  45. (RQ:Marlowe Jew of Malta)

  46. ''To do with role or capacity;'' In. (defdate)

  47. (senseid) Have. (defdate)

  48. (quote-book)

  49. He, she, they: the third-person singular or plural nominative.

  50. 1855, Kingsley, ''W. Ho!'', page 120 (edition of 1889):

  51. He've a got a great venture on hand, but what a it be he tell'th no man.
  52. 1864, Tennyson, ''N. Farmer, Old Style'', st. 2:

  53. Doctors, they knaws nowt, fur a they says what's nawways true.
  54. He, the third-person singular nominative.

  55. (RQ:Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing)

  56. 1860, Kite, ''Sng. Sol.'', ii, 16:

  57. A do veed amang th' lilies.
  58. 1864, Tennyson, ''N. Farmer, Old Style'', st. 7, version of 1917, Raymond Macdonald Alden, ''Alfred Tennyson, how to Know Him'', page 226:

  59. "The amoighty's a taakin' o' you to 'issén, my friend," a said, (..)
  60. She, the third-person singular nominative.

  61. 1790, Grose, ''MS. add.'' (M.):

  62. A wanted me to go with her.
  63. 1876, Bound, ''Prov.'':

  64. Did a do it!
  65. 1883, Hardy, ''Tover'', page 124 (edition of 1895):

  66. A's getting wambling on her pins on her legs.
  67. (senseid) Of.

  68. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 4-1)

  69. (RQ:Jonson Every Man in His Humour)

  70. 1931, (w), "(w)"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1twQsaQblNI:

  71. Two bottles 'a whiskey for the way
  72. (RQ:Noire Thug-A-Licious)

  73. All. (defdate)

  74. All. (defdate)

  75. Distance from leading edge to aerodynamic center.

  76. absorption coefficient

  77. rotation

  78. allele (recessive)

  79. across

  80. ''Do you have the answer for 23a?''

  81. (alt sp) ''or'' (l)

  82. (alt form)

  83. 2001, Louis F. Newcomb, ''Car Salesman: A Legacy'', iUniverse ((ISBN)), page 91:

  84. “I show a you right a here I can fuck a you.” “Is she crazy?” I asked Wyman.
  85. ah; er (gloss)

  86. (RQ:Thackeray Vanity Fair)

  87. a word-initial letter ⟨a⟩.

  88. the long vowel /eɪ/ at the end of a word, or before a final consonant that is not /dʒ, v, z/. (Note: the final consonant is not written; ɛə˞ counts as /eɪr/.)

  89. Thus the word (m), plus its inflection (m).

  90. the word (m)

  91. the prefix (m).

  92. house

  93. this, these (masculine)

  94. or

  95. there

  96. probably, perhaps

  97. whether

  98. tree

  99. to pull

  100. the

  101. to, towards

  102. a (the name of the letter A, a)

  103. the (definite article).

  104. ah (expression of surprise)

  105. eh (expression of reluctance)

  106. they, them (plural)

  107. he, she, they (singular)

  108. a

  109. he

  110. (alt form): also, too, well

  111. of

  112. in

  113. from (gloss)

  114. of (gloss)

  115. of (gloss)

  116. that, which, who ''(used in 'direct' relative clauses, i.e. where the pronoun refers to the subject or the direct object of an inflected verb)''

  117. (alt sp)

  118. in, at; indicating a particular time or place

  119. to; indicating movement towards a particular place

  120. to; indicating a target or indirect object

  121. per

  122. by

  123. open mouth

  124. smell, taste

  125. yes

  126. he

  127. she

  128. it

  129. he is

  130. she is

  131. it is

  132. a, an

  133. water

  134. outside

  135. of view (from the speaker)

  136. entering a shallow domain; entering a domain in a shallow or restricted manner

  137. (l)

  138. of (''expressing separation, origin, composition/substance or a quality'')

  139. of (''between a preceding large number and a following plural noun to express quantity'')

  140. from (''indicating provenance'')

  141. the (q)

  142. her, it (q)

  143. and

  144. (rfdef)

  145. to

  146. at

  147. (n-g) or (m).

  148. of, of...each, each containing

  149. to, or

  150. (infl of)

  151. (senseid) a stream or water

  152. you

  153. (egy-alt)

  154. I

  155. we

  156. you (plural)

  157. The letter a (q)

  158. A (note)

  159. (syn)

  160. (q) but

  161. (abbr of)

  162. (n-g); the

  163. (quote-book)|translation=The greatness of the Spanish language is unquestionable, and its study, use and defense must be something consubstantial to us, (..)

  164. (n-g); her

  165. (l), ''the name of the Latin-script letter A''

  166. (alt form)

  167. (inflection of)

  168. you (q)

  169. to, toward; ''indicating direction of motion''

  170. to, until; ''used to indicate the end of a range''

  171. by, on, by means of; ''expresses a mode of action''

  172. for; ''indicates price or cost''

  173. the

  174. (l) (name of the letter A, a)

  175. (abbreviation of)

  176. four

  177. (romanization of)

  178. you (singular)

  179. you (second-person singular subject pronoun)

  180. the, ''article''

  181. and (used between sentences)

  182. until, to

  183. of, belonging to

  184. this

  185. that

  186. (alt form).

  187. (senseid) ''The first letter of the Hungarian alphabet, written in the script|Latin script.''

  188. (n-g)

  189. (apocopic form of)

  190. somebody, one, they, people (an unspecified individual).

  191. this.

  192. {{quote-book|idb|year=1883|author=Hugo Schuchardt|title=Kreolische Studien|worklang=de|volume=3

  193. (Latn-def-lite)

  194. and, but

  195. (RQ:izh:Bukvari:1936)

  196. (RQ:izh:Geografia-1:1936)

  197. to, at

  198. to, for (indicating purpose)

  199. listen, hark

  200. oops (used to acknowledge an error)

  201. oh (used to express surprise)

  202. his, its

  203. her, its

  204. their

  205. our

  206. your (''plural'')

  207. how (q)

  208. all that, whatever

  209. to (q)

  210. 1877, Antonio Ive, ''Canti popolari istriani: raccolti a Rovigno'', volume 5, Ermanno Loescher, page 99:

  211. A poûpa, a prùa a xì doûto bandere,
    : At the stern, at the bow everything is flags,
  212. (Latn-def); (l)

  213. (n-g) to

  214. (n-g) is used. in, to

  215. (n-g) with

  216. (uxi)

  217. (senseid) (n-g).

  218. (n-g) you...

  219. (n-g) and followed by verb infinitives. -ing. (n-g)

  220. (n-g) by

  221. (n-g) by. (n-g).

  222. (misspelling of)

  223. Indicates location: at, in, on.

  224. of

  225. to

  226. be

  227. is, it's

  228. are, am

  229. is, are

  230. (ng)

  231. (ja-romanization of)

  232. ''A'' letter ''of the Jersey Dutch'' alphabet'', written in the Latin script.''

  233. ''indicator of a question''

  234. your

  235. this

  236. I (1st-person personal pronoun)

  237. ah, aah

  238. and (gloss)

  239. (l) (gloss)

  240. (ng); ah!

  241. ''a'' the first letter of Kayan alphabet.

  242. used for he, she, third person.

  243. pig

  244. not

  245. the first letter of the Latin alphabet.

  246. (n-g)''.

  247. (q) from, away from, out of

  248. (Q)

  249. (q) down from

  250. (q) by, means of

  251. (q) by, means of, with

  252. (q) to, with

  253. (q) at, on, in

  254. (q) after, since

  255. ah

  256. (n-g)/(l).

  257. (spelling of)

  258. The first letter of the Laz alphabet, written in the Latin script.

  259. to have

  260. (usex)

  261. (cmn-pinyin of)

  262. (nonstandard spelling of)

  263. he, him (q)

  264. she, her (q)

  265. it (q)

  266. and, but, whereas

  267. and; that

  268. ah! (ng)

  269. wake, awaken

  270. flea

  271. river, stream, water

  272. (alt form) (q)

  273. to; towards

  274. O (vocative particle)

  275. who, which, that

  276. Pendeuic Dyuet|Pwyll Pendeuic Dyuet:

  277. (quote) Prince of of Dyfed|Dyfed was lord of the seven cantrefs of Dyfed.
  278. whether, ''used to introduce an indirect question''

  279. (quote)
    : it will be small vengeance if we are burnt or put to death because of the child
  280. with

  281. a, an

  282. (superseded spelling of)

  283. I (q)

  284. (..)

    a = (IPAchar)

    ą = (IPAchar)

    á = (IPAchar)

    ą́ = (IPAchar)

    aa = (IPAchar)

    ąą = (IPAchar)

    áa = (IPAchar)

    ą́ą = (IPAchar)

    aá = (IPAchar)

    ąą́ = (IPAchar)

    áá = (IPAchar)

    ą́ą́ = (IPAchar)

  285. from (referring to a place)

  286. by (introducing the actor in the passive voice)

  287. to (implying necessity)

  288. in (locative: staying in a place of relative width)

  289. to (locative: moving towards a place of relative width)

  290. to (dative)

  291. to eat

  292. (inflection of)

  293. the letter a, the first letter of the Norwegian alphabet

  294. (quote-book)|title=I kamp for norsk kultur|page=234|passage=bruken av a i bestemt form i hunkjønnsord|t=the use of a in the definite form of feminine words

  295. indicates the first or best entry of a list, order or rank

  296. (quote-book)|title=Samlede digter-verker I|trans-title=Collected poetic works 1|page=454|passage=begynte at gaa sammen, to og to: a stod og hvilte under et træ, som hedte b|t=letters began to go together, two by two: a stood and rested under a tree called b

  297. (quote-book)|title=Samlede Digterverker V|page=389|passage=begynde paa Ø istedet for A|t=start with Ø instead of A

  298. (quote-book)|title=Mogning og manndom I|page=172|passage=jeg traf sammen med et par generalbanditter, gamle gutter, storartede ranglefanter, 1ste klasse 1 A med stjerne, deilige herremænd|t=I met a couple of general bandits, old boys, great revelers, 1st class 1 A with a star, lovely gentlemen

  299. (quote-book)|title=Artikler|page=99|passage=historie er hvad A mener til forskel fra B, og hvad C igen mener til forskel baade fra A og B om den samme sag|t=story is what A thinks differently from B and what C again thinks differently from both A and B about the same case

  300. the highest grade in a school or university using the A-F scale

  301. (quote-book)|title=Stillheten etterpå|page=14|passage=jeg har gode karakterer. Bare A-er og B-er|t=I have good grades. Only A's and B's

  302. designation of the sixth note from C and the corresponding tone

  303. (quote-book)|title=Avreisen|page=127|passage=han slår énstrøken a på klaveret|t=he strikes one stroke A on the piano

  304. (quote-book)|title=G for Georg|page=42|passage=så gal at man virkelig tror at svaler er g-nøkler og bass-nøkler og a’er og c’er som svever rundt hverandre og lager konsert i himmelen|t=so crazy that you really think swallows are g-keys and bass-keys and a's and c's floating around each other and making a concert in the sky

  305. symbol for ampere

  306. symbol for number

  307. symbol for avance

  308. symbol for (l)

  309. short form of (l)

  310. an are, a unit of area one hundredth of a hectare; ares

  311. (''used in Latin expressions, before a consonant'') from, of

  312. (l), (l), (l), (l), (l), (l), (l)

  313. (''used in Italian expressions, before a consonant'') from, of, with

  314. (l), (l), (l), (l), (l)

  315. weak form of av (of)

  316. (''dialectal, used enclitically after a conjunction or subjunction'') she

  317. (quote-book)|title=Skuespill I|page=43|passage=jagu slår a ja. Og det så det kjens. Forleden dag ga hun meg en knallende ørefik|t=she can certainly punch. And so you feel it. The other day she gave me a popping slap to the ear

  318. (quote-book)|title=Den guddommelige tragedie|passage=hu kunne ikke henge på seg så mye som et enrada perlebånd, uten at a måtte skotte opp i skyene for å høre hva den aller høyeste mente|t=she could not put on as much as a single string of pearls, without having to shoot up into the clouds to hear what the very highest one meant

  319. (''dialectal, about grammatically feminine animals or objects'') it, she

  320. (quote-book)|title=Vi og Voreses|page=45|passage=hos Hansens laa dem te klokka var ni, og 10 var a mange ganger ogsaa|t=at Hansen's they laid until nine o'clock, and 10 she was many times too

  321. (quote-book)|title=Lasso rundt fru Luna|page=476|passage=hvor ligger a duskeluen henne?|t=where is the hat?

  322. ''hvor er a katta di?''

    where is your cat?

  323. (''dialectal, used enclitically'') her; ''object form of'' (l) (=''she'')

  324. ''hva gjorde du med a?''

    what did you do to her?

  325. (quote-book)|title=Av hans efterladte papirer|page=245|passage=jeg skrev klaverstykker … en lille scherzo med nordisk motiv … «gjenta» og «Jørgen Matros», som gjør kur til ’a og «Ola Spelman» som hun foretrækker|t=I wrote piano pieces… a small scherzo with a Nordic motif… «gjenta» and «Jørgen Matros», which makes cure for her and «Ola Spelman» which she prefers

  326. (quote-book)|title=Samlede romaner og fortællinger fra nutiden I|page=6|passage=jeg kan da gjerne skjære litt mat til a|t=I could happily cut some food for her

  327. (quote-book)|title=En sjømann går i land|page=19|passage=han stakk henne med kniven, riktig kylt’n midt i magan på a|t=he stabbed her with the knife, really threw in the middle of her stomach

  328. (''dialectal, about grammatically feminine animals or objects'') it, her

  329. ''hvis katta stikker av, må du fange a!''

    if the cat runs away, you need to catch her!

  330. (quote-book)|title=Over Ævne II|page=136|passage=naar kjærka ikke kan holde arbejderne i ave age, aa faen skal vi saa me’a|t=when the church can not keep the workers in duty, what the hell do we do with her then

  331. (''dialectal, used proclitically with a woman's name or female relation'') she, her

  332. (quote-book)|title=Samlede romaner og fortællinger fra nutiden V|page=96|passage=ta a Guldborg|t=consider Guldborg

  333. (quote-book)|title=Samlede romaner og fortællinger fra nutiden V|page=64|passage=har du glemt a mamma|t=did you forget about mom

  334. (quote-book)|title=Samlede dikt|page=88|passage=a Paula kom plystrende hjem|t=Paula came home whistling

  335. (quote-book)|archiveurl=https://web.archive.org/web/20230128025336/https://www.oa.no/fire-ar-uten-radio/o/5-35-61166|archivedate=2023-01-28|text=a tante Karen, mor hennes Reidun, hadde ordne med sengeplasser i stua, Booken på en divan og a Rita på flatseng på golvet|t=aunt Karen, her mother Reidun, had arranged beds in the living room, Booken on a daybed and Rita on a flat bed on the floor

  336. (quote-book)|title=Fram over Polhavet I|page=345|passage=a, kunde vi bare gi «Fram» slige vinger|t=oh, if only we could give "Fram" wings like that

  337. (quote-book)|title=Fru Inger til Østråt|page=99|passage=a nej, det kan være det samme|t=oh no, it does not matter

  338. (quote-book)|title=Brytnings-år I|page=25|passage=a ja, lad Schirmer tegne staburet|t=oh yes, let Schirmer draw the storehouse

  339. (quote-book)|title=Giacomettis forunderlige reise|passage=verden er vakker, bestemor. Selv når det regner og blåser. A ja da.|t=the world is beautiful, grandma. Even when it's raining and windy. Oh yes.

  340. ''uff a meg!''

    oh, my!

    ''huff a meg!''

    oh, no!

  341. the letter a

  342. ah!

  343. (quote-journal)

  344. not (gloss)

  345. (n-g) (gloss)

  346. a (the letter a)

  347. (ng); and

  348. then, as, if

  349. yes, course

  350. and, but, whereas (gloss)

  351. stream, river

  352. on, in, at

  353. river, stream, water

  354. ever, always

  355. towards

  356. belonging to

  357. by, means of

  358. (roa-opt-cite-cantigas)

  359. fugiu con el a Egipto. terra de Reẏ faraon.
    : ran away with him to Egypt. land of King pharaoh.
  360. (senseid) that which, what

  361. when

  362. O (gloss)

  363. of

  364. ah! (gloss)

  365. and then (gloss)

  366. creek, river

  367. arm

  368. a, the

  369. (non-gloss definition).

  370. (coi)

  371. (l), (w)

  372. (abbreviation of)

  373. and such (gloss)

  374. is (gloss)

  375. about

  376. (senseid) (Latn-def)

  377. (senseid) (alt sp)

  378. (senseid) (inflection of)

  379. (RQ:mul:Rowling Harry Potter)

  380. (senseid) her, it (as a direct object; as an indirect object, see lhe; after prepositions, see ela)

  381. (senseid) to, ''introduces the indirect object''

  382. (senseid) to; towards, ''indicates destination''

  383. (senseid) away, ''indicates a physical distance''

  384. (senseid) with; means of, ''using as an instrument or means''

  385. (senseid) with; on, ''using as a medium or fuel''

  386. (senseid) by, ''using the specified measurement; in the specified quantity''

  387. (senseid) by, ''indicates a steady progression''

  388. (senseid) ''in the style or manner of''; la

  389. (senseid) at, ''during the specified period''

  390. (senseid) at; in, ''indicates a location or position''

  391. {{ux|pt|Isto fica à frente do altar.|This stays in front of the altar.

  392. (senseid) ''indicates the direct object, mainly to avoid confusion when it, the subject, or both are displaced, or for emphasis''

  393. (senseid) ''forms the present participle''

  394. {{ux|pt|Estou a preparar a canja.|I am preparing the chicken soup.

  395. (senseid) to, ''forms the future participle''

  396. (senseid) oh, ''expression of mild surprise''

  397. along, towards

  398. verbal suffix for marking benefactive of the V.

  399. proximate demonstrative pronoun

  400. I

  401. (monikko) rgn|a|t=we

  402. (monikko) rgn|te|t=you

  403. to; at

  404. oh, ah

  405. (feminine singular of)

  406. ''the infinitive marker:'' to

  407. at (now almost completely replaced by (m))

  408. , (m), (m) like, of

  409. (he/she) has...


  410. (only used in)

  411. (n-g); to

  412. (n-g); in, to

  413. (n-g); with

  414. (senseid) (n-g); to, (n-g)

  415. {{quote-book

  416. (senseid) (n-g); to

  417. (senseid) (n-g); at

  418. (senseid) (n-g); in

  419. (senseid) in, about, regard to

  420. (senseid) (n-g)

  421. {{quote-web

  422. a, an (indefinite article)

  423. (Latn-def) ''It is followed by (l). Its traditional name is (l).''

  424. (n-g); O

  425. his, its

  426. her, its

  427. (form of)

  428. (form of)'' used before (l)''

  429. The 1st letter of the Serbo-Croatian Latin alphabet (gajica), followed by (l).

  430. but, and (compare (m))

  431. while (on the contrary), whereas

  432. (q) without (usually after negative verbs)

  433. ((m)) and yet

  434. ((m)) not to mention, alone

  435. ((m)) if

  436. ((m)) and so, and also, and too

  437. (Latn-def); a

  438. her

  439. it, this or that thing

  440. (n-g) is used; in, to

  441. (senseid) (n-g); with

  442. but

  443. how, about

  444. (q) ''Phonetic transcription of sound'' (IPAlink).

  445. (n-g), (IPAlink), (IPAlink)/''.

  446. oh

  447. ''Used at the end of a sentence for confirmation, similarly to'' 'didn't I' ''in English.''

  448. (synonyms)

  449. (form of), particle used to form a yes- no question.

  450. and, but, whereas

  451. (n-g).

  452. 1605, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, ''Don Quijote de la Mancha''1, Chapter I:

  453. Tenía en su casa una ama que pasaba de los cuarenta y una sobrina que no llegaba a los veinte, y un mozo de campo y plaza que así ensillaba el rocín como tomaba la podadera.
    : He had in his house a housekeeper past forty, a niece under twenty, and a lad for the field and market-place, who used to saddle the hack as well as handle the billhook.
  454. he, she, it

  455. {{quote-book|srn|title=Nieuwe en nooit bevoorens geziene Onderwyzinge in het Bastert, of Neeger Engels, zoo als het zelve in de Hollandsze Colonien gebruikt word|trans-title=New and unprecedented instruction in Bastard or Negro English, as it is used in the Dutch colonies|author=Pieter van Dyk|location=Frankfurt/Madrid|publisher=Iberoamericana|year= ca. 1765|

  456. at, to

  457. to be (used with a noun phrase as complement)

  458. (n-g); (n-g); of

  459. (RQ:Abdallah bin Ali Inkishafi)

  460. from (q)

  461. (pronunciation spelling of)

  462. (ux) (l)|yeah, it is

  463. (Latn-def)

  464. (Latn-def) ''in the (w).''

  465. (Latn-def) ''in the (w).''

  466. ah: ''an exclamation of pity, admiration or surprise''

  467. oh (gloss)

  468. ouch (gloss)

  469. alright?; okay?; you?

  470. already

  471. aunt

  472. sister

  473. eh?

  474. (RQ:Buk Baibel)

  475. (n-g) and (l) and before personal names or names of months

  476. (n-g); of

  477. ah (expression of surprise, question)

  478. you (2nd person subject singular personal pronoun)

  479. he/she (3rd person singular personal pronoun)

  480. they (indefinite) (3rd person plural personal pronoun)

  481. the (''establishing a parallel between two comparatives'')

  482. a cutting tool consisting of two blades inserted into a long handle to cut grass or to harvest rice

  483. to rush or charge forward at

  484. (non-gloss definition)

  485. (non-gloss definition)

  486. but (Following a negative clause or sentence) the contrary|On the contrary, but rather

  487. However, although, nevertheless, the other hand

  488. ah!, oh!

  489. oops!

  490. ouch!

  491. (Latn-def) ''It is followed by (l).''

  492. that, which, who ''(used in 'direct' relative clauses, i.e. where the pronoun refers to the subject or the direct object of an inflected verb (as opposed to a periphrastic construction with ''bod'', to be)).''

  493. ''a'' is not used with the third person singular present of the verb bod, where the relative verb form ''sydd'' is used instead

  494. not ''*Y dyn a yw'n ifanc''

  495. ''a'' is not used in indirect relative clauses, where the pronoun is part of a genitive or periphrastic construction. Instead the second relative pronoun ''y'' is used

  496. not ''*Y dyn a oedd ei chwaer yma''

    not ''*Y dyn a fyddaf yn ei dalu''

  497. to be cooked

  498. to be done, finished

  499. the, in later times ''the''.

  500. one

  501. on

  502. we (gloss)

  503. him, her, it (gloss)

  504. you (gloss)

  505. crow

  506. mother

  507. hen