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down englannista suomeksi

  1. hieno alusvilla

  2. laskeva

  3. alamaissa, alamaissa oleva, allapäin

  4. hallinnassa oleva, hallinnassa

  5. untuva

  6. jäljessä, alas

  7. alhaalla oleva, pois käytöstä oleva, poissa käytöstä oleva, poissa käytöstä, alhaalla

  8. pois toiminnasta, pois käytöstä

  9. etelään

  10. kumpuileva kangasmaa

  11. kaataa kurkkuunsa

  12. kiinni

  13. viimeistellä

  14. polvesta toiseen

  15. kaataa

  16. nielaista

  17. käteisenä, käteisellä

  18. yritys

  19. pienemmälle

  20. ampua alas

  1. alas, alaspäin

  2. alhaalla, alempana

  3. etelään

  4. poispäin

  5. alas only in some contexts, otherwise no translation

  6. maahan

  7. pystysuoraan

  8. -n (q)

  9. alempana

  10. allapäin, alakuloinen

  11. sairas

  12. alhaalla adverb

  13. kumota

  14. pussittaa

  15. kaataa

  16. kumpu

  17. rata

  18. untuva

  19. Verbi

down englanniksi

  1. Down

  1. From a higher position to a lower one; downwards.

  2. (ux)

  3. (quote-book)|chapter=6

  4. (quote-book)| title=(w)| edition=1993| location=Sevenoaks, Kent| publisher=Bloomsbury| isbn=0 340 19547 9| page=48| passage=To her humiliation Jessamy found there were tears trickling down her cheeks.

  5. (quote-book)| title = (w)| edition = 1993| location=Sevenoaks, Kent| publisher=Bloomsbury| isbn=0 340 19547 9| page = 122| passage = Through the open front door ran Jessamy, down the steps to where Kitto was sitting at the bottom with the pram beside him.

  6. (seemoreCites)

  7. At a lower or further place or position along a set path.

  8. (RQ:SWymn ChpngBrgh)

  9. It was April 22, 1831, and a young man was walking down Whitehall in the direction of Parliament Street. He wore shepherd's plaid trousers and the swallow-tail coat of the day, with a figured muslin cravat wound about his wide-spread collar.
  10. As a payment

  11. ''You can have it, no money down.''

  12. On paper (or in a durable record)

  13. ''You need to write down what happened while it's still fresh in your mind.''

  14. South (as south is at the bottom of typical maps).

  15. Away from the city (regardless of direction).

  16. 1722, (w), ''(w),'' London: E. Nutt ''et al.,'' p.(nbs)12,

  17. But then my Servant who I had intended to take down with me ''i.e.'' from London to Bedfordshire, deceiv’d me;
  18. At or towards any place that is visualised as 'down' by virtue of local features or local convention, or arbitrarily, irrespective of direction or elevation change.

  19. Towards the opponent's side (in ball-sports).

  20. (quote-journal)

  21. *(quote-web)

  22. Into a state of non-operation.

  23. To a subordinate or less prestigious position or rank.

  24. (anchor) In the direction leading away from the principal terminus, away from milepost zero.

  25. down|Get down.

  26. Away from Oxford or Cambridge.

  27. From a remoter or higher antiquity.

  28. ''These traditions have been handed down over generations.''

  29. (quote-book)|title=An address delivered at the laying of the corner stone of the Bunker Hill monument|location=Boston|publisher=Cummings, Hilliard, and Co.|oclc=228718257|page=12|passage=Venerable men! you have come down to us from a former generation.

  30. So as to lessen quantity, level or intensity.

  31. ''You need to tone down the rhetoric.''

    ''Please turn the music down!''

  32. So as to reduce size, weight or volume.

  33. ''Trim the stick down to a length of about twelve inches.''

    ''Thanks to my strict diet, I've slimmed down to eleven stone.''

    ''Boil the mixture down to a syrupy consistency.''

  34. (quote-book)

  35. From less to greater detail.

  36. ''This spreadsheet lets you drill down to daily or even hourly sales figures.''

  37. So as to secure or compress something to the floor, ground, or other (usually horizontal) surface.

  38. ''We need to nail down this carpet so people don't keep tripping over it.''

  39. (non-gloss definition)

  40. From the higher end to the lower of.

  41. From north to south of.

  42. ''We sailed down the eastern seaboard.''

  43. From one end to another of (in any direction); along.

  44. At (a given place that is seen as removed from one's present location or other point of reference).

  45. ''I'll see you later down the pub.''

  46. Facing downwards.

  47. ''Turn the cloth over so that the patterned side is down.''

  48. 1993,Calvert, ''Finite Mathematics: Overrun Edition'', page 251:

  49. You win a dollar if the down side of the card is different than the up side; otherwise, you lose a dollar.
  50. 2004, Robert M. Gray, Lee D. Davisson, ''An Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing'', page 170:

  51. Define the event F as the event that the down face of the die is 1 or 4.
  52. 2016, Keith E. Stanovich, Richard F. West, Maggie E. Toplak, ''The Rationality Quotient: Toward a Test of Rational Thinking'', page 332:

  53. Each time the 10 cards are reshuffled, your task is to predict the letter on the down side of the top card.
  54. At a lower level than before.

  55. ''The stock market is down.''

    ''Prices are down.''

  56. Sad, unhappy, depressed, feeling low.

  57. ''Mary seems very down since she split up with her boyfriend.''

  58. (quote-journal)|title=Eddie Lawrence Dies at 95; Comedy's ‘Old Philosopher’|newspaper=New York Times|url=|section=Arts|passage=You say you opened up a bicycle wash and the first six customers drowned ... Is that what’s got you down, pussy cat?

  59. Sick or ill.

  60. ''He is down with the flu''.

  61. Having a lower score than an opponent.

  62. ''They are down by 3–0 with just 5 minutes to play.''

    ''He was down by a bishop and a pawn after 15 moves.''

    ''At 5–1 down, she produced a great comeback to win the set on a tiebreak.''

  63. Out.

  64. ''Two down and one to go in the bottom of the ninth.''

  65. Negative about, hostile to.

  66. ''Ever since Nixon, I've been down on Republicans.''

  67. Comfortable with, accepting of.

  68. ''He's chill enough; he'd probably be totally down with it.''

    ''Are you down to hang out at the mall, Jamal?''

    ''As long as you're down with helping me pick a phone, Tyrone.''

  69. (quote-web) |date=September 30, 2019 |last=Hopper |first=Jessica |last2=Geffen |first2=Sasha |last3=Pelly |first3=Jenn |quote=I thought, Oh, Sarah must be one of these super gentle, herbal-tea-drinking, crystal-having kind of people. And she was just super down. She belched like a sailor.

  70. Inoperable; of order; out of service.

  71. ''The system is down.''

  72. Finished (of a task); defeated or with|dealt with (of an opponent or obstacle); elapsed (of time). Often coupled with ''go'' (remaining).

  73. ''Two down and three to go.'' (Two tasks completed and three more still to be done.)

    ''Ten minutes down and nothing's happened yet.''

  74. Wounded and unable to move normally, or killed.

  75. ''We have an officer down outside the suspect's house.''

    ''There are three soldiers down and one walking wounded.''

  76. Mechanically failed, collided, down, or otherwise suddenly unable to fly.

  77. ''We have a chopper down near the river''.

  78. Thoroughly practiced, learned or memorised; mastered. (qualifier)

  79. ''It's two weeks until opening night and our lines are still not down yet.''

  80. 2013, P.J. Hoover, ''Solstice'', (ISBN), page 355:

  81. I stay with Chloe the longest. When she's not hanging out at the beach parties, she lives in a Japanese garden complete with an arched bridge spanning a pond filled with koi of varying sizes and shapes. Reeds shoot out of the water, rustling when the fish swim through them, and river-washed stones are sprinkled in a bed of sand. Chloe has this whole new Japanese thing down.
  82. Downright; absolute; positive.

  83. Loyal.

  84. *(quote-song)

  85. ''What you mean, 'No'? Man, I thought you was down.''

  86. To knock (someone or something) down; to cause to come down, to fell. (defdate)

  87. ''The storm downed several old trees along the highway.''

    ''A single rifle shot downed the mighty beast.''

  88. Specifically, to cause (something in the air) to fall to the ground; to bring down (with a missile etc.). (defdate)

  89. ''The helicopter was downed by a surface-to-air missile.''

  90. To lower; to put (something) down. (defdate)

  91. ''The bell rang for lunch, and the workers downed their tools.''

  92. To defeat; to overpower. (defdate)

  93. To disparage, to down. (defdate)

  94. *1779, (w), ''Journals & Letters'', Penguin 2001, p. 141:

  95. ‘I remember how you downed Beauclerk and Hamilton, ''the Wits'', once at our House, – when they talked of ''Ghosts''.’
  96. To go or come down; to descend. (defdate)

  97. To drink or swallow, especially without stopping before the vessel containing the liquid is empty. (defdate)

  98. ''He downed an ale and ordered another.''

  99. To render (the ball) dead, typically by touching the ground while in possession. (defdate)

  100. ''He downed it at the seven-yard line.''

  101. To sink (a ball) into a hole or pocket. (defdate)

  102. ''He downed two balls on the break.''

  103. A negative aspect; a downer.

  104. ''I love almost everything about my job. The only down is that I can't take Saturdays off.''

  105. A grudge ((m) someone).

  106. 1974, (w), ''The Book of Ebenezer Le Page'', New York 2007, page 10:

  107. She had a down on me. I don't know what for, I'm sure; because I never said a word.
  108. An act of swallowing an entire drink at once.

  109. A single play, from the time the ball is snapped (the start) to the time the whistle is blown (the end) when the ball ''is down'', or ''is downed''.

  110. ''I bet after the third down, the kicker will replace the quarterback on the field.''

  111. A clue whose solution runs vertically in the grid.

  112. ''I haven't solved 12 or 13 across, but I've got most of the downs.''

  113. A downstairs room of a two-story house.

  114. ''She lives in a two-up two-down.''

  115. payment|Down payment.

  116. A hill, especially a chalk hill; rolling grassland

  117. ''We went for a walk over the downs.''

    ''The North Downs are a ridge of chalk hills in south east England.''

  118. 1610, Shakespeare|William Shakespeare, ''Tempest|The Tempest'', act 4 scene 1

  119. And with each end of thy blue bow dost crown / My bosky acres and my unshrubb'd down
  120. A field, especially one used for horse racing.

  121. A tract of poor, sandy, undulating or hilly land near the sea, covered with fine turf which serves chiefly for the grazing of sheep.

  122. (quote-web)

  123. (senseid) Soft, fluffy immature feathers which grow on young birds. Used as insulating material in duvets, bags and jackets.

  124. The pubescence of plants; the hairy crown or envelope of the seeds of certain plants, such as the thistle.

  125. The soft hair of the face when beginning to appear.

  126. (RQ:Turgenev Fathers and Sons)

  127. That which is made of down, as a bed or pillow; that which affords ease and repose, like a bed of down.

  128. To cover, ornament, line, or stuff with down.

  129. (quote-book)|title=The Complaint: or, Night-thoughts on Life, Death, & Immortality|location=London|publisher=R. Dodsley|oclc=54334640|page=264|passage=What pain to quit the world, just made their own, / Their nest so deeply downed, and built so high !

  130. (l), depressed

  131. (l), depressed

  132. (l), not online

  133. (l), defeated, without health left

  134. (inflection of)

  135. (inflection of)