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ill englannista suomeksi

  1. vaikeasti

  2. huono

  3. kipeä

  4. sairaus

  5. heikosti

  6. huonosti

  7. paha

  1. sairas

  2. Substantiivi

ill englanniksi

  1. Evil; wicked (of people). (defdate)

  2. 1709, (w), ''A Sermon Preached before the Sons of the Clergy, at their Anniversary-Meeting, in the Church of St. Paul'' (December 6, 1709)

  3. St. Paul chose to magnify his office when ill men conspired to lessen it.
  4. (RQ:Fielding Tom Jone)

  5. A man who is conscious of having an ill character, cannot justly be angry with those who neglect and slight him.
  6. Morally reprehensible (of behaviour etc.); blameworthy. (defdate)

  7. 1999, (w), ''A Clash of Kings'', Bantam 2011, p. 2:

  8. ‘Go bring her. It is ill to keep a lady waiting.’
  9. Indicative of unkind or malevolent intentions; harsh, cruel. (defdate)

  10. (ux)

  11. Unpropitious, unkind, faulty, not up to reasonable standard.

  12. (quote-book)|title=(w)|chapter=1

  13. Unwell in terms of health or physical condition; sick. (defdate)

  14. ''Mentally ill people.''

  15. Having an urge to vomit. (defdate)

  16. Sublime, with the connotation of being so in a singularly creative way.

  17. 1994, (w), ''The What''

  18. Biggie Smalls is the illest / Your style is played out, like Arnold wonderin "Whatchu talkin bout, Willis?"
  19. Extremely bad (bad enough to make one ill). Generally used indirectly with ''to be''.

  20. Unwise; not a good idea.

  21. 1672, (w), ''The Incomparableness of God''

  22. Oh that when the devil and flesh entice the sinner to sport with and make a mock of sin, Prov. x. 23, he would but consider, it is ill jesting with edged tools, it is ill jesting with unquenchable burnings; (..)
  23. 1914, ''Indian Ink'' (volume 1, page 32)

  24. They arrested everybody—and it is ill to resist a drunken Tommy with a loaded rifle!
  25. Not well; imperfectly, badly

  26. (quote-book)|title=Ethel Churchill|volume=1|page=126|text=He would have conversed as usual; but his attempts were so ill seconded, that he was fain to take refuge in the letters that lay beside him.

  27. 1859, Charles Dickens, ''The Haunted House''

  28. Within, I found it, as I had expected, transcendently dismal. The slowly changing shadows waved on it from the heavy trees, were doleful in the last degree; the house was ill-placed, ill-built, ill-planned, and ill-fitted.
  29. (RQ:Schuster Hepaticae)

  30. 1994, Nelson Mandela, ''Long Walk to Freedom'', Abacus 2010, p. 541:

  31. His inflexibility and blindness ill become a leader, for a leader must temper justice with mercy.
  32. 2006, Julia Borossa (translator), Monique Canto-Sperber (quoted author), in ''Libération'', 2002 February 2, quoted in Badinter|Élisabeth Badinter (quoting author), ''Dead End Feminism'', Polity, (ISBN), page 40:

  33. Is it because this supposes an undifferentiated violence towards others and oneself that I could ill imagine in a woman?
  34. Trouble; distress; misfortune; adversity.

  35. (RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet)

  36. (quote-book)|chapter=4| title= Mr. Pratt's Patients| passage=Then he commenced to talk, really talk. and inside of two flaps of a herring's fin he had me mesmerized, like Eben Holt's boy at the town hall show. He talked about the ills of humanity, and the glories of health and Nature and service and land knows what all.

  37. Harm or injury.

  38. Evil; moral wrongfulness.

  39. (RQ:Dryden Aureng-zebe)

  40. A physical ailment; an illness.

  41. PCP, phencyclidine.

  42. bad

  43. sore

  44. angry, wroth

  45. strong, very

  46. (inflection of)

  47. (l)

  48. bad, evil, wicked

  49. harsh, severe

  50. profane

  51. difficult, troublesome

  52. awkward, unskilled

  53. badly, evilly, wickedly

  54. harshly, severely

  55. profanely

  56. with difficulty

  57. awkwardly, inexpertly

  58. will, malice

  59. evil, bad

  60. ''Han iles onga''

    The evil one's kids

    ''Ja har illt i fotom''

    I have pain in my feet.

    ''Han har illt uti säg''

    He is concerned.

    ''Han har illt ini säg''

    He has stomach pains.

    ''Ji hav illt hóvudä''

    I have a headache.

  61. (quote-book)

  62. (alt form)