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distress englannista suomeksi

  1. kärsimys

  2. pula, hätä, ahdinko

  3. tuska

  4. joutua ahtaalle

  5. ahdistaa

  6. haltuunotto

  1. Substantiivi

  2. tuska, ahdinko

  3. hätä, merihätä

  4. distressi

  5. ulosotto

  6. Verbi

  7. ahdistaa, tehdä onnettomaksi">tehdä onnettomaksi

  8. ulosmitata

  9. vanhentaa

distress englanniksi

  1. (Cause of) discomfort.

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  3. (quote-book)| title=(w)| edition=1993| location=Sevenoaks, Kent| publisher=Bloomsbury| isbn=0 340 19547 9| page=122| passage=At any other time Jessamy would have laughed at the expressions that chased each other over his freckled face: crossness left over from his struggle with the baby; incredulity; distress; and finally delight.

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  5. Serious danger.

  6. An aversive state of stress to which a person cannot fully adapt.

  7. A seizing of property without legal process to force payment of a debt.

  8. The thing taken by distraining; that which is seized to procure satisfaction.

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  10. If he were not paid, he would straight go and take a distress of goods and cattle.
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  12. The distress thus taken must be proportioned to the thing distrained for.
  13. To cause strain or anxiety to someone.

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  16. To retain someone’s property against the payment of a debt; to distrain.

  17. To treat a new object to give it an appearance of age.

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