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property englannista suomeksi

  1. ominaisuus

  2. lavaste

  3. omaisuus

  4. tila, kiinteistö

  1. Substantiivi

  2. omaisuus

  3. kiinteistö, tontti, määräala, tila

  4. kiinteistöala

  5. omistus, omistusoikeus

  6. ominaisuus

  7. rekvisiitta

  8. Verbi

property englanniksi

  1. Something that is owned.

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  4. (senseid) A piece of estate, such as a parcel of land.

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  6. estate|Real estate; the business of selling houses.

  7. The exclusive right of possessing, enjoying and disposing of a thing.

  8. An attribute or abstract quality associated with an individual, object or concept.

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  10. An attribute or abstract quality which is characteristic of a class of objects.

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  12. An editable or read-only parameter associated with an application, component or class.

  13. A prop, an object used in a dramatic production.

  14. Propriety; correctness.

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  16. it is well knowne that I have the property to keepe counsaile
  17. To invest with properties, or qualities.

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  19. To make a property of; to appropriate.

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