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parameter englannista suomeksi

  1. parametri

  2. rajoitus, raja

  1. Substantiivi

  2. parametri

parameter englanniksi

  1. A value kept constant during an experiment, equation, calculation or similar, but varied over other versions of the experiment, equation, calculation, etc.

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  3. A variable that describes some system (material, object, event etc.) or some aspect thereof.

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  5. Cohesion parameters (solubility parameters) can be used with full theoretical justification to characterize many surfaces ...
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  7. To this end, we derive an a posteriori error estimator for the error with respect to the unknown parameter.
  8. Any measured quantity of a statistical population that summarises or describes an aspect of the population.

  9. A variable of a model that is trained by a learning algorithm.

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  12. The parameter estimation problem considered in this chapter consists of estimating the unknown parameter, ū barred v, actually, given N samples of the observation process.
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  14. An input variable of a function definition, that gets an actual value (argument) at execution time.

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  16. An actual value given to such a formal parameter.

  17. A characteristic or feature that distinguishes something from others.

  18. In the ellipse and hyperbola, a third proportional to any diameter and its conjugate, or in the parabola, to any abscissa and the corresponding ordinate.

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  20. The ratio of the three crystallographic axes which determines the position of any plane.

  21. The fundamental axial ratio for a given species.

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  23. a parameter