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constant englannista suomeksi

  1. pysyvä, tasainen, vakio-, vakaa

  2. uskollinen

  3. taukoamaton

  4. vakio

  5. konstantti

  1. pysyvä, muuttumaton, vakaa, vakio-">vakio-

  2. jatkuva, tasainen, vakio-">vakio-

  3. vakaa, muuttumaton

  4. Substantiivi

  5. vakio

  6. Verbi

constant englanniksi

  1. Unchanged through time or space; permanent.

  2. Consistently recurring over time; persistent.

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  5. Steady in purpose, action, feeling, etc.

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  7. (RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet)

  8. (RQ:Dryden Fables)

  9. Firm; solid; not fluid.

  10. (RQ:Boyle New Experiments) you mix them, you may turn these two fluid liquors into a constant body.

  11. Consistent; logical.

  12. (RQ:Shakespeare Twelfth Night)

  13. Bounded above by a constant.

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  15. That which is permanent or invariable.

  16. A quantity that remains at a fixed value throughout a given discussion.

  17. Any property of an experiment, determined numerically, that does not change under given circumstances.

  18. An identifier that is bound to an invariant value; a fixed value given a name to aid in readability of code.

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  23. constant, continuous, unceasing

  24. constant

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