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space englannista suomeksi

  1. avaruus

  2. tila

  3. tyhjä merkki

  4. jättää tilaa

  5. fysikaalinen avaruus

  6. väli

  7. aika

  8. tyhjä tila

  1. Substantiivi

  2. aika, aikaväli

  3. tila

  4. avaruus

  5. tila, paikka

  6. väli, sanaväli

  7. väli

  8. sanaväli

  9. paikka

  10. ala

  11. Verbi

  12. sijoittaa ... välein">sijoittaa ... välein

  13. syöstä avaruuteen">syöstä avaruuteen

space englanniksi

  1. ''Of time.''

  2. time|Free time; leisure, opportunity. (defdate)

  3. (syn)

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  5. (quote-book)|chapter=The Royal Message|page=408|title=Poems|publisher=Graisberry and Campbell|location=Dublin|url=|passage=In two days hence / The Judge of life and death aſcends his ſeat. / —This will afford him ſpace to reach the camp(nb..).

  6. A specific (specified) period of time. (defdate)

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  10. An undefined period of time (without qualifier, especially a short period); a while. (defdate)

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  12. ''Unlimited or generalized extent, physical or otherwise.''

  13. Distance between things. (defdate)

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  15. Physical extent across two or three dimensions (sometimes (m) or ''to do'' something). (defdate)

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  17. Physical extent in all directions, seen as an attribute of the universe (now usually considered as a part of space-time), or a mathematical model of this. (defdate)

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  21. The near-vacuum in which planets, stars and other celestial objects are situated; the universe beyond the earth's atmosphere. (defdate)

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  25. The physical and psychological area one needs within which to live or operate; personal freedom. (defdate)

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  28. ''A bounded or specific extent, physical or otherwise.''

  29. A (chiefly empty) area or volume with set limits or boundaries. (defdate)

  30. (RQ:Hough Purchase Price). Even such a boat as the ''Mount Vernon'' offered a total deck space so cramped as to leave secrecy or privacy well out of the question, even had the motley and democratic assemblage of passengers been disposed to accord either.

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  32. A position on the staff or stave bounded by lines. (defdate)

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  35. A gap in text between words, lines etc., or a digital character used to create such a gap. (defdate)

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  38. A piece of metal type used to separate words, cast lower than other type so as not to take ink, especially one that is narrower than one en (compare ''quad''). (defdate)

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  42. A gap; an empty place. (defdate)

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  45. A set of points, each of which is uniquely specified by a number (the dimensionality) of coordinates.

  46. A generalized construct or set whose members have some property in common; typically there will be a geometric metaphor allowing these members to be viewed as "points". Often used with a restricting modifier describing the members (e.g. ''space''), or indicating the inventor of the construct (e.g. ''space''). (defdate)

  47. A field, area, or sphere of activity or endeavour.

  48. (quote-book)|publisher=Simon and Schuster|isbn=9781507209332|page=269|pageurl=|text=CNBC has shown a greater commitment to the crypto space than most other mainstream outlets, providing daily updates on bitcoin or other very large cryptocurrencies.

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  50. Anything analogous to a physical space in which one can interact, such as an online room.

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  52. To roam, walk, wander.

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  54. To set some distance apart.

  55. ''Faye had spaced the pots at 8-inch intervals on the windowsill.''

    ''The cities are evenly spaced.''

  56. To insert or utilise spaces in a written text.

  57. ''This paragraph seems badly spaced.''

  58. To eject into space, usually without a suit.

  59. ''The captain spaced the traitors.''

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  62. To travel into and through space.

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