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firm englannista suomeksi

  1. kiinteä

  2. vankka

  3. tiukentua, vahvistua, lujittua

  4. vankkumaton

  5. vakaa

  6. yritys, firma

  7. tiukentaa, kiinnittää lujasti

  8. luja

  9. tukeva

  10. lujana

  1. toiminimi

  2. yritys; a informal

  3. a

  4. vakaa, vankka, jämerä

  5. vakuuttunut

  6. vankka, luja, tukeva

  7. lujittaa

  8. varmistaa, kiinnittää lujasti">kiinnittää lujasti

  9. lujittua

  10. vahvistua

  11. Substantiivi

firm englanniksi

  1. A business partnership; the name under which it trades.

  2. A business enterprise, however organized.

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  4. A criminal gang, especially based around hooliganism.

  5. Steadfast, secure, solid (in position)

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  7. Fixed (in opinion)

  8. ''He was firm that selling his company would a good choice and didn't let anyone talk him out of it.''

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  10. Durable, rigid (material state)

  11. ''firm flesh; firm muscles, firm wood; firm land (i.e. not soft and marshy)''

  12. To make firm or strong; fix securely.

  13. To make compact or resistant to pressure; solidify.

  14. To become firm; stabilise.

  15. To improve after decline.

  16. To shorten (of betting odds).

  17. To select (a education institution) as one's preferred choice, so as to enrol automatically if one's grades match the conditional offer.

  18. experienced, well versed

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