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value englannista suomeksi

  1. pitää arvossa

  2. arvo

  3. aika-arvo

  4. rahallinen arvo

  5. arvostaa

  6. valööri, valoisuusarvo

  7. arvioida

  8. arvottaa

  1. Substantiivi

  2. arvo

  3. painoarvo, arvo

  4. hinta-laatusuhde, hinta–laatu-suhde

  5. aika-arvo

  6. valööri, valoisuusarvo

  7. Verbi

  8. arvioida

  9. arvioida, määrittää arvo">määrittää arvo

  10. arvostaa, pitää arvossa

value englanniksi

  1. The quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable.

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  4. The degree of importance given to something.

  5. (quote-av)|(w)|3|26|episode=Third Parties|network=HBO||Okay, for the record, and this is probably obvious, those three departments do actually do things of value, assuming that you find Pell grants, mortgage insurance, low-income housing programs, the National Weather Service, the Patent and Trademark Office, and the Census Bureau to be of some value. And if it comes as news to you that that’s what those departments do, well then, hi Gary, I’m excited you’re watching the show. Uh, quick piece of advice, please stop trying to fuck mountains!

  6. That which is valued or highly esteemed, such as one's morals, morality, or system.

  7. ''He does not share his parents' values.''

    ''family values''

  8. (quote-journal)| volume=188| issue=26| page=18| magazine=(w)| title=Hypocrisy lies at heart of Manning prosecution| passage=WikiLeaks did not cause these uprisings but it certainly informed them. The dispatches revealed details of corruption and kleptocracy that many Tunisians suspected, . They also exposed the blatant discrepancy between the west's professed values and actual foreign policies.

  9. The amount (of money or goods or services) that is considered to be a fair equivalent for something else.

  10. 1825, (w), ''Principles of Political Economy ''

  11. An article may be possessed of the highest degree of utility, or power to minister to our wants and enjoyments, and may be universally made use of, without possessing exchangeable value.
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  13. (quote-journal)| title=Boundary problems| passage=Economics is a messy discipline: too fluid to be a science, too rigorous to be an art. Perhaps it is fitting that economists’ most-used metric, gross domestic product (GDP), is a tangle too. GDP measures the total value of output in an economic territory. Its apparent simplicity explains why it is scrutinised down to tenths of a percentage point every month.

  14. The relative duration of a musical note.

  15. The relative darkness or lightness of a color in (a specific area of) a painting etc.

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  17. When pigments of equal value are mixed together, the resulting color will be a darker value. This is the result of subtraction.
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  19. Shadows and light move very quickly when you are painting on location. Use Cobalt Blue to quickly establish the painting's values.
  20. Any definite numerical quantity or other mathematical object, determined by being measured, computed, or otherwise defined.

  21. Precise meaning; import.

  22. (RQ:Mitford Greec)

  23. Yet that learned and diligent annotator has , in a following note , shown his sense of the value of a passage of Livy , marking , in a few words , most strongly the desolation of Italy under the Roman republic
  24. The valuable ingredients to be obtained by treating a mass or compound; specifically, the metals contained in rock, gravel, etc.

  25. Esteem; regard.

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  28. My relation to the person was so near, and my value for him so great.
  29. Valour; (n-g) valew.

  30. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  31. And him with equall valew countervayld
  32. To estimate the value of; judge the worth of something.

  33. (quote-journal)

  34. To fix or determine the value of; assign a value to, as of jewelry or art work.

  35. To regard highly; think much of; place importance upon.

  36. To hold dear.

  37. (feminine singular past participle of)

  38. Material or monetary worth.