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worth englannista suomeksi

  1. väärti, samanarvoinen

  2. arvoinen

  3. arvo

  1. arvoinen

  2. arvoinen, väärti

  3. arvo

  4. kyvyt (monikko) , arvo

  5. arvo, omaisuus

worth englanniksi

  1. Worth

  1. Having a value of; proper to be exchanged for.

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  3. Deserving of.

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  5. Valuable, worthwhile.

  6. Making a fair equivalent of, repaying or compensating.

  7. Value.

  8. ''They have proven their worths as individual fighting men and their worth as a unit.''

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  10. Merit, excellence.

  11. ''Our new director is a man whose worth is well acknowledged.''

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  13. Wealth, fortune, riches, property, possessions.

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  15. An amount that could be achieved or produced in a specified time.

  16. High social standing, noble rank.

  17. (RQ:Jack Straw)No my good Lord, they bee men of no great account,For they bee none but Tylers, Thatchers, Millers, and ſuch like.

  18. To be, become, betide.

  19. (RQ:King James Version)

  20. (RQ:Carlyle Past and Present)

  21. (ux) (May good fortune befall you, my friend.)

  22. Valuable, worth while.