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worth englannista suomeksi

  1. väärti, samanarvoinen

  2. arvoinen

  3. arvo

  1. arvoinen

  2. arvoinen, väärti

  3. arvo

  4. kyvyt (monikko) , arvo

  5. arvo, omaisuus

worth englanniksi

  1. Worth

  1. Having a value of; proper to be exchanged for.

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  3. Deserving of.

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  6. Valuable, worth while.

  7. Making a fair equivalent of, repaying or compensating.

  8. Value.

  9. ''I’ll have a dollar's worth of candy, please.''

    ''They have proven their worths as individual fighting men and their worth as a unit.''

    ''stocks having a worth of two million pounds''

  10. Merit, excellence.

  11. ''Our new director is a man whose worth is well acknowledged.''

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  13. Wealth, fortune, riches, property, possessions.

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  15. An amount that could be achieved or produced in a specified time.

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  17. To be, become, betide.

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  19. 1843, Carlyle|Thomas Carlyle, ''and Present (book)|Past and Present'', book 2, ch. 3, "Landlord Edmund"

  20. For, adds our erudite Friend, the Saxon ''weorthan'' equivalent to the German ''werden'', means to grow, to become; traces of which old vocable are still found in the North-country dialects, as, ‘What is word of him?’ meaning ‘What is become of him?’ and the like. Nay we in modern English still say, ‘Woe worth the hour.’ ''Woe befall the hour''

    ''Woe worth the man that crosses me.''

    (ux) (May good fortune befall you, my friend.)

  21. Valuable, worth while.