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fair englannista suomeksi

  1. kaunis

  2. oikeudenmukaisesti

  3. kunniallinen

  4. markkinat

  5. päällystää muotolevyllä

  6. keskinkertainen, kohtalainen

  7. messut, näyttely

  8. oikeudenmukainen, puolueeton, laillinen

  9. maatalousnäyttely

  10. sääntöjenmukainen

  11. puhtaaksikirjoitettu

  12. kirkas

  13. reilu, kelvollinen

  14. vaalea

  15. myyjäiset

  16. viehkeä

  1. viehkeä, kaunis

  2. puhdas, viaton, nuhteeton

  3. vaalea, kalpea

  4. reilu, rehellinen, oikeudenmukainen, puolueeton, tasapuolinen, rehti

  5. kohtuullinen, kohtalainen, kelvollinen, riittävän hyvä">riittävän hyvä

  6. myötäinen

  7. selkeä, poutainen, pouta-">pouta-, pilvetön, sateeton

  8. irti

  9. tasoittaa

  10. kohdistaa, rihdata

  11. tasoittaa, virtaviivaistaa

  12. markkina (monikko) / markkinat

  13. messu / messut, näyttely, päivät

  14. kiertävä tivoli">kiertävä tivoli

  15. Verbi

fair englanniksi

  1. (senseid) Beautiful, of a pleasing appearance, with a pure and fresh quality.

  2. (syn)


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  7. (senseid) Unblemished (figuratively or literally); clean and pure; innocent.

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  10. (..) I have observ’d, that putting fair Water (whether Rain-water or Pump-water, or ''May-dew'', or Snow-water, it was almost all one) I have often observ’d, I say, that this Water would, with a little standing, tarnish and cover all about the sides of the Glass that lay under water, with a lovely green (..)
  11. (senseid) Light in color, pale, particularly with regard to skin tone but also referring to blond hair.

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  14. (senseid) Just, equitable.

  15. (senseid) Adequate, reasonable, or decent, but not excellent.

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  18. (senseid) Favorable to a ship's course.

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  20. Favorable, pleasant.

  21. (senseid) Not overcast; cloudless; clear.

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  23. (senseid) Free from obstacles or hindrances; unobstructed; unencumbered; open; direct; said of a road, passage, etc.

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  25. (senseid) Without sudden change of direction or curvature; smooth; flowing; said of the figure of a vessel, and of surfaces, water lines, and other lines.

  26. (senseid) Between the baselines.

  27. (senseid) Taken direct from an opponent's foot, without the ball touching the ground or another player.

  28. (senseid) Not a ball.

  29. (senseid) Of a coin or die, having equal chance of landing on any side, unbiased.

  30. Something which is fair (in various senses of the adjective).

  31. A woman, a member of the ‘sex’; also as a collective singular, women.

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  35. Fairness, beauty.

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  37. A fair woman; a sweetheart.

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  39. Good fortune; good luck.

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  41. (senseid) To smoothen or even a surface (especially a connection or junction on a surface).

  42. To bring into perfect alignment (especially about rivet holes when connecting structural members).

  43. To make an animation smooth, removing any jerkiness.

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  45. To construct or design with the aim of producing a smooth outline or reducing air drag or water resistance.

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  47. To make fair or beautiful.

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  49. Clearly, openly, frankly, civilly, honestly, favorably, auspiciously, agreeably.

  50. A community gathering to celebrate and exhibit local achievements.

  51. An event for public entertainment and trade, a market.

  52. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp) It was nearly eleven o'clock now, and he strolled out again. In the little fair created by the costers' barrows the evening only seemed beginning; and the naphtha flares made one's eyes ache, the men's voices grated harshly, and the girls' faces saddened one.

  53. An event for professionals in a trade to learn of new products and do business, a fair.

  54. A travelling park (called a funfair in British English and a (travelling) carnival in US English).

  55. (l) (gloss).

  56. A (l) (gloss).

  57. A funfair, carnival.

  58. fair (gloss)

  59. (ant)


  60. to do

  61. (l) (gloss)

  62. to watch

  63. (infl of)

  64. (l) (gl)

  65. fairly (gl)