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do englannista suomeksi

  1. riittää, kelvata, välttää, olla hyväksyttävää, käydä päinsä

  2. toteuttaa

  3. tehdä

  4. toimia tehtävässä

  5. juhlat, pirskeet

  6. kammata

  7. tuottaa

  8. kärsiä tuomio, saada kakku

  9. suorittaa

  10. do

  11. käyttää

  12. menetellä

  13. menestyä

  14. kulkea

  1. Verbi

  2. Substantiivi

do englanniksi

  1. DO

  2. doh, ut

  1. (non-gloss definition)

  2. (non-gloss definition).

  3. (ux)

  4. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)

  5. (quote-book)|chapter=7| title= Mr. Pratt's Patients| passage=“I don't know how you and the ‘head,’ as you call him, will get on, but I do know that if you call my duds a ‘livery’ again there'll be trouble. It's bad enough to go around togged out like a life saver on a drill day, but I can stand that 'cause I'm paid for it. (..)

  6. 1950, C. S. Lewis, ''The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe''

  7. "Do stop it," said Susan; "it won't make things any better having a row between you two. Let's go and find Lucy."
  8. (non-gloss definition), though it can be in AAVE.

  9. (q) (ux)

  10. 1930, Gershwin|George Gershwin and Gershwin|Ira Gershwin, “You|Embraceable You

  11. Don't be a naughty baby,
    Come to papa, come to papa, do!
    My sweet embraceable you.
  12. To perform; to execute.

  13. (syn)

  14. (quote-journal)| volume=189| issue=2| page=48| magazine=(w)| title=The tao of tech| passage=The dirty secret of the internet is that all this distraction and interruption is immensely profitable. Web companies like to boast about , or offering services that let you "stay up to date with what your friends are doing",(..)and so on. But the real way to build a successful online business is to be better than your rivals at undermining people's control of their own attention.

  15. To cause, make (someone) (do something).

  16. (quote-book)|termlang=en

  17. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  18. (RQ:Spenser Complaints)

  19. (RQ:King James Version)Oreouer, brethren, wee do you to wit we make you to know of the grace of God beſtowed on the Churches of Macedonia,(..)

  20. To suffice.

  21. (quote-book)|passage="Here," she said, "take your old Bunny! He'll do to sleep with you!" And she dragged the Rabbit out by one ear, and put him into the Boy's arms.

  22. To be reasonable or acceptable.

  23. To have (as an effect).

  24. To fare, perform (well or poorly).

  25. (quote-journal)| title=Welcome to the plastisphere| passage=Plastics are energy-rich substances, which is why many of them burn so readily. Any organism that could unlock and use that energy would do well in the Anthropocene. Terrestrial bacteria and fungi which can manage this trick are already familiar to experts in the field.

  26. To have as one's job.

  27. To perform the tasks or actions associated with (something).

  28. To cook.

  29. (quote-book)| Three Men In a Boat| passage=It seemed, from his account, that he was very good at doing scrambled eggs.

  30. (quote-journal)

  31. (quote-book)

  32. To travel in, to tour, to make a circuit of.

  33. (RQ:Alcott Little Women)

  34. (quote-book)

  35. To treat in a certain way.

  36. {{quote-journal|en|1894|journal=Harper's Magazine|Harper's New Monthly Magazine|url=|page=59|column=1|volume=87

  37. (quote-book)|passage=Upon my word, although he host certainly did me uncommonly well, I began to feel I'd be more at ease among the bushmen.

  38. To work for or on, by way of caring for, looking after, preparing, cleaning, keeping in order, etc.

  39. To act or behave in a certain manner; to conduct oneself.

  40. (RQ:King James Version), neither doe they after their Statutes, or after their Ordinances, or after the Law and Commaundement which the (smc) commaunded the children of Iacob, whom hee named Iſrael,(..)

  41. To spend (time) in jail. (''See also time'')

  42. To impersonate or depict.

  43. To copy or emulate the actions or behaviour that is associated with the person or thing mentioned.

  44. To kill.

  45. (RQ:Gibson Neuromancer)

  46. (quote-av)|episode=Dreams (The Wire)|Bad Dreams|season=2|number=11|time=43:27|actor=(w)|role=(w)|text=About a year ago, a boy name Brandon got got here in Baltimore. Stuck and burned before he passed. (..) Wasn't no need for y'all to do him the way y'all did.|writer=(w)|medium=television production|network=HBO

  47. To with for good and all; to finish up; to undo; to ruin; to for.

  48. 1870, (w), ''Put Yourself in His Place''

  49. Sometimes they lie in wait in these dark streets, and fracture his skull, (..) or break his arm, or cut the sinew of his wrist; and that they call doing him.
  50. To punish for a misdemeanor.

  51. To have sex with. (''See also'' (m-lite))

  52. (RQ:Shakespeare Titus Andronicus Q1)

  53. (quote-book) one day I did her on the kitchen table, and several times on the dining-room table.

  54. To cheat or swindle.

  55. 1852, (w), ''Sir William Hamilton''

  56. He was not to be done, at his time of life, by frivolous offers of a compromise that might have secured him seventy-five per cent.
  57. To convert into a certain form; especially, to translate.

  58. To finish.

  59. To work as a domestic servant (with ''for'').

  60. Used to form the progressive of verbs.

  61. To cash or to advance money for, as a bill or note.

  62. To make or provide.

  63. To injure (one's own body part).

  64. (quote-web)

  65. "Defender Kolo Toure admitted Given will be a loss, but gave his backing to Nielsen. 'I think he's done his shoulder,' said the Ivorian."
    "Watto will spend the entire winter stretching and doing Pilates, and do a hamstring after bending down to pick up his petrol cap after dropping it filling his car at Caltex Cronulla."
    "'I knew straight away I'd done my ACL, I heard the sound - it was very loud and a few of the boys said they heard it as well,' Otten said."
  66. To take drugs.

  67. To exist with a purpose or for a reason.

  68. A party, celebration, social function.

  69. (quote-song)|passage=She was into French cuisine but I ain't no Cordon Bleu / This was at some do in Palmers Green, I had no luck with her

  70. (quote-web); this aside, though, neon forever the moniker of trash, this is a posh do, in an opera house full of folk in tuxes.

  71. (senseid) A hairdo.

  72. Something that can or should be done (usually in the phrase ''dos and don'ts'').

  73. (ant)

  74. Ado; bustle; stir; to-do; A period of confusion or argument.

  75. (RQ:Selden Table Tal)

  76. A great deal of do, and a great deal of trouble.
  77. A cheat; a swindler.

  78. An act of swindling; a fraud or deception.

  79. A syllable used in solfège to represent the first and eighth tonic of a scale.

  80. (abbreviation of)(cite news )

  81. The number occurring after el and before one in a duodecimal system. Written 10, decimal value 12.

  82. (infl of)

  83. two

  84. group

  85. water

  86. one

  87. gift

  88. talent

  89. do (first note of diatonic scale)

  90. (ca-verb form of)

  91. here; there; in this or that place

  92. then; back then (gloss)

  93. thou; you (singular)

  94. into, in (gloss)

  95. (uxi)

  96. to, in (gloss)

  97. until (gloss)

  98. by (gloss)

  99. to, to (gloss)

  100. 2|do, the musical note

  101. C, the musical note

  102. (Latn-def)

  103. (senseid) therefore, then, so (with conclusion), indeed, however

  104. (contraction of)

  105. do

  106. 2|do, the note 'C'

  107. of the; from the; 's

  108. bird

  109. back

  110. here

  111. then; so

  112. so, therefore

  113. (n-g)

  114. (uxi)

  115. to, for

  116. (non-gloss definition)

  117. (uxi).

    (uxi) were being overthrown.

  118. your (singular)

  119. do (musical note)

  120. C (musical note or key)

  121. (ja-romanization of)

  122. behind

  123. before (time)

  124. I give

  125. (ux)''|A third possibility is not given: P \or \neg P .

  126. (Q)

  127. I impart, offer, render, present with

  128. c. 200 BC, (w) ''(w)'' ("the captives") (English and Latin text)

  129. (ux)
  130. (Q) (l-lite) (l-lite) dedit|t=he rendered the circumstances less strange

  131. I afford, grant

  132. (Q)|, 1.22.7|year=44 BCE|quote=Non igitur provocatio ista lege datur, sed duae maxime salutares leges quaestionesque tolluntur. Quid est aliud hortari adulescentis ut turbulenti, ut seditiosi, ut perniciosi cives velint esse?|trans=It is not, therefore, a right of appeal that is afforded by that law, but two most salutary laws and modes of judicial investigation that are abolished. And what is this but exhorting young men to be turbulent, seditious, mischievous citizens?

  133. (Q)|, 1.23.4|year=44 BCE|quote=Quid, quod obrogatur legibus Cæsaris, quae iubent ei qui de vi itemque ei qui maiestatis damnatus sit aqua et igni interdici? quibus cum provocatio datur, nonne acta Cæsaris rescinduntur? Quae quidem ego, patres conscripti, qui illa numquam probavi, tamen ita conservanda concordiae causa arbitratus sum ut non modo, quas vivus leges Cæsar tulisset, infirmandas hoc tempore non putarem, sed ne illas quidem quas post mortem Cæsaris prolatas esse et fixas videtis.|trans=What more? Is not this a substitution of a new law for the laws of Cæsar, which enact that every man who has been convicted of violence, and also every man who has been convicted of treason, shall be interdicted from fire and water? And, when those men have a right of appeal granted them, are not the acts of Cæsar rescinded? And those acts, O conscript fathers, I, who never approved of them, have still thought it advisable to maintain for the sake of concord; so that I not only did not think that the laws which Cæsar had passed in his lifetime ought to be repealed, but I did not approve of meddling with those even which since the death of Cæsar you have seen produced and published.

  134. I bestow, confer (''on'' or ''upon'')

  135. I concede, surrender, yield

  136. I put

  137. I adduce (gloss)

  138. of the (q)

  139. to, into

  140. 1998, Erwin Hannusch, ''Niedersorbisch praktisch und verständlich'', Bauzten: Domowina, (ISBN), p. 30:

  141. {{quote|dsb|Jana chójźi hyšći do šule, wóna jo wuknica.
  142. there, in that place

  143. blood

  144. a toilet, a loo

  145. do (the musical note)

  146. anyhow, still, nevertheless

  147. (senseid) (l), a syllable used in solfège to represent the second note of a scale.

  148. (nn-fcon) (infl of)

  149. (n-g)

  150. (RQ:sga:Glosses)

  151. {{quote|sga|Is peccad díabul lesom .i. fodord doïb di dommatu, ⁊ du·fúairthed ní leu fora sáith din main, ⁊ todlugud inna féulæ ɔ amairis nánda·tibérad Día doïb, ⁊ nach coimnacuir ⁊ issi dano insin ind frescissiu co fochaid.
  152. (alt sp)

  153. to, towards (non-gloss)

  154. into, in (non-gloss)

  155. for, to (non-gloss)

  156. to (non-gloss)

  157. until, till, to

  158. to, many as

  159. by (non-gloss)

  160. (senseid) (contraction of); of the; from the (masculine singular)

  161. (RQ:mul:Rowling Harry Potter)

  162. (inflection of)

  163. then

  164. thy, your (singular)

  165. to

  166. for

  167. only, except

  168. around, approximately

  169. to, because of

  170. to, to, until, far as, by

  171. before (= (m)/(m))

  172. beside, next (to)

  173. to one; interested in; like

  174. dale, small valley

  175. into, in, to, until

  176. by (some time before the given time)

  177. till

  178. do (musical note)

  179. where

  180. fire

  181. C (musical note)

  182. by

  183. of; to

  184. though, although, though

  185. yes

  186. indeed

  187. (infl of)

  188. (soft mutation of)

  189. you; ''informal second-person singular pronoun''

  190. pigeon, dove

  191. to find

  192. to obtain, hold of

  193. to receive

  194. (alt form)

  195. The syllable used to represent the low-tone and its diacritic (`)

  196. to fuck

  197. to settle; to found a settlement

  198. to colonise

  199. airan

  200. mecate, rope made of maguey or hair fiber