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cook englannista suomeksi

  1. kokki, keittäjä

  2. vääristellä

  3. kypsyä

  4. keittää

  5. laittaa ruokaa, tehdä ruokaa

  6. kokata

  1. kokki, in a mass kitchen keittäjä

  2. keittää, laittaa ruokaa">laittaa ruokaa, colloquial kokata, tehdä ruokaa">tehdä ruokaa

  3. kypsyä

  4. paistua

  5. Substantiivi

cook englanniksi

  1. Cook

  1. A person who prepares food.

  2. (hypo)


  3. The head cook of a house

  4. The degree or quality of cookedness of food

  5. One who manufactures certain illegal drugs, especially meth.

  6. (quote-book)

  7. A session of manufacturing certain illegal drugs, especially meth.

  8. A fish, the European striped wrasse, (taxlink).

  9. To prepare food for eating by heating it, often combining with other ingredients.

  10. ''I'm cooking bangers and mash.''

    ''He's in the kitchen, cooking.''

  11. (quote-book)|publisher= Plum|url= |isbn= 9781845698232 |passage= You could just use ordinary shop-bought kecap manis to marinade the meat, but making your own is easy, has a far more elegant fragrance and is, above all, such a great brag! Flavouring kecap manis is an intensely personal thing, so try this version now and next time cook the sauce down with crushed, split lemongrass and a shredded lime leaf.

  12. To be cooked.

  13. ''The dinner is cooking on the stove.''

  14. To be uncomfortably hot.

  15. ''Look at that poor dog shut up in that car on a day like today - it must be cooking in there.''

  16. To execute by chair.

  17. To hold on to a grenade briefly after igniting the fuse, so that it explodes almost immediately after being thrown.

  18. ''I always cook my frags, in case they try to grab one and throw it back.''

  19. To concoct or prepare.

  20. To tamper with or alter; to up.

  21. To play or improvise in an inspired and rhythmically exciting way. (From 1930s jive talk.)

  22. ''Watch this band: they cook!''

    ''Crank up the Coltrane and start cooking!''

  23. 1957, (w) quoted by (w), liner notes to ''(w)'', Prestige LP 7094:

  24. This album is called Cookin’ at Miles’ request. He said, “After all, that’s what we did – came in and cooked.”
  25. To play music vigorously.

  26. ''On the Wagner piece, the orchestra was cooking!''

  27. 2012, ''(w)'', "Revie Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra won't stand still":

  28. The tempos were swift. The orchestra cooked, reading conductor Kahane's mind and swinging with him as one.
  29. To make the noise of the cuckoo.

  30. To throw.

  31. (l), chef, restauranteur

  32. nourisher, nourishment