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still englannista suomeksi

  1. yhä, edelleen

  2. pysäyttää

  3. vielä

  4. hiljaisuus

  5. stillkuva, stilli, pysäytyskuva

  6. lievittää

  7. liikkumatta

  8. hiljentää

  9. sittenkin

  10. tyyni

  11. äänetön

  12. liikkumaton

  13. kuplimaton

  14. asetelma-

  15. tislauslaite

  16. vaientaa

  17. tislaamo

  1. liikkumaton not moving, tyyni calm

  2. kuplaton, kuplimaton

  3. hiljainen

  4. vakaa

  5. jatkuva

  6. hiljaa, paikallaan

  7. vielä, edelleen, yhä

  8. vielä

  9. silti, vielä

  10. aina vain">aina vain, aina

  11. tyven, tyyneys calm; hiljaisuus silence

  12. pysäytyskuva, stilli

  13. jyrkänne

  14. tislauspannu

  15. vesipannu

  16. tyynnyttää, rauhoittaa

  17. tiputella

  18. Verbi

  19. Substantiivi

still englanniksi

  1. Not moving; calm.

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  3. Not effervescing; not sparkling.

  4. Uttering no sound; silent.

  5. {{quote-text|en|year=c. 1711|author=Joseph Addison|title=How are thy Servants blest, O Lord!

  6. Having the same stated quality continuously from a past time

  7. (quote-journal)

  8. Comparatively quiet or silent; soft; gentle; low.

  9. (RQ:King James Version) a still small voice.

  10. Constant; continual.

  11. (RQ:Shakespeare Titus Andronicus)

  12. (RQ:Tennyson In Memoriam) A lifelong tract of time reveal’d;⁠The fruitful hours of still increase;⁠Days order’d in a wealthy peace,And those five years its richest field.

  13. Without motion.

  14. Up to a time, as in the preceding time.

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  17. (RQ:Schuster Hepaticae)

  18. To an even greater degree. (non-gloss definition)

  19. (RQ:Shakespeare Lucrece)

  20. Nevertheless.

  21. {{quote-text|en|year=1817|author=Thomas Moore|title=Lalla-Rookh

  22. (quote-web) and (w) Blunder through a Heavy Heist in J. C. Chandor’s ''Triple Frontier''|url=|work=The A.V. Club|date=3 July 2019|passage=Given the thorny intelligence of C. Chandor|J. C. Chandor’s previous films (which also include (w) and (w)), it's hard to believe that he thought it was a good idea to play (w)'s "(w)" over a sequence of Pope telling the others that he can't do this job without them, or to accompany shots of the men running through the jungle with (w)'s "Through the Jungle|Run Through The Jungle." (Okay, they're stealthily walking. But still.)

  23. Always; invariably; constantly; continuously.

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  26. (RQ:Spectator)

  27. (RQ:Tennyson In Memoriam)

  28. Even, yet.

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  32. A period of calm or silence.

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  34. A photograph, as opposed to movie footage.

  35. A single frame from a film.

  36. A resident of the Islands.

  37. (senseid) A device for distilling liquids.

  38. A large water boiler used to make tea and coffee.

  39. The area in a restaurant used to make tea and coffee, separate from the main kitchen.

  40. A building where liquors are distilled; a distillery.

  41. To down, to quiet.

  42. (quote-book) withholding myself from toil that would, at least, have stilled an unquiet impulse in me.

  43. To trickle, drip.

  44. To cause to fall by drops.

  45. To expel spirit from by heat, or to evaporate and condense in a refrigeratory; to distill.

  46. (RQ:Tusser Good Husbandrie)

  47. quiet, silent

  48. (uxi)

  49. quietly, silently

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