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major englannista suomeksi

  1. merkittävä, tärkeä

  2. vakava

  3. majuri

  4. suuri, duuri-

  5. pääaine

  6. vanhempi

  7. pääaineopiskelija

  8. opiskella jtak pääaineenaan

  9. täysi-ikäinen

  1. tärkeä, merkittävä

  2. suurin

  3. täysi-ikäinen

  4. duuri

  5. suuri

  6. Substantiivi

  7. majuri

  8. pääaine

  9. pääaineopiskelija

  10. Verbi

  11. opiskella pääaineena">opiskella pääaineena

major englanniksi

  1. Major

  1. :

  2. Greater in dignity, rank, importance, significance, or interest.

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  4. Greater in number, quantity, or extent.

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  6. Notable or conspicuous in effect or scope.

  7. Prominent or significant in size, amount, or degree.

  8. Involving great risk, serious, life-threatening.

  9. Of full legal age, having attained majority.

  10. Of or relating to a subject of academic study chosen as a field of specialization.

  11. (q) Having intervals of a semitone between the third and fourth, and seventh and eighth degrees.

  12. (q) Equivalent to that between the tonic and another note of a scale, and greater by a semitone than the corresponding interval.

  13. Having a third above the root.

  14. (q) Based on a scale, tending to produce a bright or joyful effect.

  15. Bell changes rung on eight bells.

  16. Indicating the elder of two brothers, (ngd).

  17. (q) Occurring as the predicate in the conclusion of a categorical syllogism.

  18. (q) Containing the major term in a categorical syllogism.

  19. A rank of officer in the army and the US force, between captain and colonel.

  20. An officer in charge of a section of band instruments, (ngd).

  21. (meronyms)

  22. A person of age.

  23. (ant)

  24. (ellipsis of).

  25. A system of change-ringing using eight bells.

  26. A large, commercially successful company, especially a label that is bigger than an indie.

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  28. The principal subject or course of a student working toward a degree at a college or university.

  29. A student at a college or university specializing on a given area of study.

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  31. A touchdown, or score.

  32. A goal.

  33. An elder brother (especially at a school).

  34. A large ant that acts as a soldier, defending the nest.

  35. (alternative form of) and (l).

  36. (phrasal verb)

  37. larger (superlative: ''el major / la major''—largest)

  38. older (superlative: ''el major / la major''—oldest)

  39. main, principal

  40. (l)

  41. age, adult

  42. (l)

  43. (l) (gloss)

  44. (l), the upper rank of French non-commissioned officers

  45. (l), the commissioned field officer rank

  46. farm

  47. ((comparative of)) bigger

  48. (alt sp).

  49. major (gl)

  50. (l) (gloss)

  51. a (l)(R:Utrikes namnbo)

  52. a Leader (in the British Royal Air Force)