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college englannista suomeksi

  1. college

  1. Substantiivi

  2. ammattikunta

  3. kollegio

  4. akatemia, yliopisto, tiedekunta

  5. korkeakoulu, yliopisto

  6. korkeakoulu, ammattikorkeakoulu

  7. opiskelu

  8. opisto, oppilaitos

  9. korkeakoulu

  10. tiedekunta

  11. opisto

  12. opisto, ammattikorkeakoulu

  13. toisen asteen oppilaitos">toisen asteen oppilaitos

  14. opisto, oppilaitos, aikuisoppilaitos

  15. asuntola

college englanniksi

  1. A corporate group; a group of colleagues.

  2. A group sharing common purposes or goals.

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  5. An college.

  6. An academic institution. (defdate)

  7. A specialized division of a university.

  8. An institution of education teaching undergraduates.

  9. A university.

  10. A postsecondary institution that offers vocational training and/or associate's degrees.

  11. A non-specialized, semi-autonomous division of a university, with its own faculty, departments, library, etc.

  12. An institution of education at an intermediate level; form.

  13. An institution for adult education at a basic or intermediate level (teaching those of any age).

  14. A school or secondary school.

  15. A private (non-government) school|primary or school.

  16. A residential hall associated with a university, possibly having its own tutors.

  17. A government school, short for college.

  18. A bilingual school.

  19. A collegial board, either advisory (committee) or as an authority.

  20. A school, a school, especially in Catholic education.

  21. An academic lecture, class.

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  24. A group of clergymen (gloss).

  25. A group of teachers and students; a university or part of one.

  26. A group of colleagues; a team or organisation.

  27. An institution or organization (gloss):

  28. A monastery or convent; a monastic institution.

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  30. institution; organization (gloss)

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