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student englannista suomeksi

  1. oppinut

  2. opiskelija

  1. Substantiivi

  2. opiskelija, tutkija

  3. opiskelija, ylioppilas

  4. Verbi

student englanniksi

  1. A person who studies or learns about a particular subject.

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  3. (RQ:Shakespeare Twelfth Night)

  4. (quote-book) a great many changes have taken place during the past century that have modified the characters of the plant and animal communities of the seashore.|year=1966|author=E. Yale Dawson|page=6|isbn=0520003004|year_published=1975|lccn=66-19103|publisher=University of California Press|edition=third printing|location=Berkley|pageurl=

  5. A person who is formally enrolled at a school, a college or university, or another educational institution.

  6. (quote-book)|chapter=Essay XII|title=The Miscellaneous Works of Dr. Goldsmith|volume=III|location=Edinburgh|publisher=Geo. Mudie|year_published=1792|page=71|pageurl=|passage=In general, alſo, it may be obſerved, that a greater degree of gentility is affixed to the character of a ſtudent in England than elſewhere ; by which means our clergy have an opportunity of ſeeing better company while young, and of ſooner wearing off thoſe prejudices which they are apt to imbibe even in the beſt regulated univerſities, and which may be juſtly termed the vulgar errors of the wiſe.

  7. (quote-book)|title=Autobiography|quoted_in=“Spiritual Growth”, in ''A Life of Francis Parkman''|location=Toronto|publisher=George N. Morang and Company|year_published=1900|page=321|pageurl=|passage=In behalf of manhood and common sense, he would protest against such a conclusion ; and if any pale student, glued to his desk here, seek an apology for a way of life whose natural fruit is that pallid and emasculate scholarship of which New England has had too many examples, it will be far better that this sketch had not been written.

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  9. A person who is enrolled at a college or university (q).

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  12. a person who has graduated from (l)

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  15. A (l) at an institute for secondary or tertiary education.

  16. A (l) at an institute for academic tertiary education.

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  18. a (l) (q)

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  20. college (l)

  21. a (l); someone who studies an academic subject

  22. a person enrolled at a university

  23. person with a diploma from a ''(l)'' (upper secondary school)

  24. person who has finished studies at a gymnasium