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school englannista suomeksi

  1. koulu, oppilaitos

  2. kouluttaa

  3. koulukunta

  4. parvi

  5. uida parvessa

  1. koulu

  2. yliopisto

  3. koulukunta

  4. kouluttaa

  5. parvi, kalaparvi

school englanniksi

  1. An institution dedicated to teaching and learning; an educational institution.

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  3. An institution providing education|primary and education, prior to education (college or university).

  4. (quote-journal)| title=Denied an education by war| passage=One particularly damaging, but often ignored, effect of conflict on education is the proliferation of attacks on schools(..)as children, teachers or school buildings become the targets of attacks. Parents fear sending their children to school. Girls are particularly vulnerable to sexual violence.

  5. At (w), a period or session of teaching.

  6. Within a larger educational institution, an organizational unit, such as a department or institute, which is dedicated to a specific subject area.

  7. An movement, a community of artists.

  8. (qualifier) The followers of a particular doctrine; a particular way of thinking or particular doctrine; a of thought.

  9. (quote-book)| title=(w)| chapter=3| url=| passage=Here the stripped panelling was warmly gold and the pictures, mostly of the English school, were mellow and gentle in the afternoon light.

  10. (RQ:Taylor The Worthy Communican)

  11. Let no man be less confident in his faith (..) by reason of any difference of judgment , which is in the several schools of Christians.
  12. The time during which classes are attended or in session in an educational institution.

  13. The room or hall in English universities where the examinations for degrees and honours are held.

  14. The canons, precepts, or body of opinion or practice, sanctioned by the authority of a particular class or age.

  15. ''He was a gentleman of the old school.''

  16. 1883, (w), ''But Yet a Woman''

  17. His face pale but striking, though not handsome after the schools.
  18. An establishment offering specialized instruction, as for driving, cooking, typing, coding, etc.

  19. To educate, teach, or train (often, but not necessarily, in a school).

  20. To defeat emphatically, to teach an opponent a harsh lesson.

  21. (quote-journal ) |passage=A blind law graduate who put the National Conference of Bar Examiners to the test got schooled in federal court.

  22. {{quote-book|en|2006|Steve Smith|Forever Red: Confessions of a Cornhusker Football Fan|page=67

  23. {{quote-book|en|year=2007|author=Peter David|author2=Alvin Sargent|title=Spider-Man 3|pageurl=|page=216|publisher=Simon and Schuster|isbn=1416527214

  24. (quote-journal)

  25. To control, or compose, one’s expression.

  26. (senseid) A group of fish or a group of marine mammals such as porpoises, dolphins, or whales.

  27. ''The divers encountered a huge school of mackerel.''

  28. A multitude.

  29. To form into, or travel in, a school.

  30. A school, educational institution that provides education, whether combined with research or not

  31. A thematic educational institute within a larger one, such as in a university for a single research field.

  32. Any organisation providing instruction.

  33. A movement or stylistic trend.

  34. A school, group of fish or other aquatic animals.

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