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marine englannista suomeksi

  1. meri-

  2. merellinen

  3. merijalkaväen

  4. meren

  5. merijalkaväen sotilas

  1. merellinen, meri-

  2. Substantiivi

  3. merijalkaväen sotilas">merijalkaväen sotilas, rannikkojääkäri

  4. Verbi

marine englanniksi

  1. Marine

  1. Belonging to or characteristic of the sea; existing or found in the sea; formed or produced by the sea.

  2. (quote-journal)

  3. Relating to or connected with the sea (in operation, scope, etc.), especially as pertains to shipping, a navy, or naval forces.

  4. Used or adapted for use at sea.

  5. Inhabiting the seas; oceanic; pelagic. (q) or (m)

  6. Belonging to or situated at the seaside; maritime.

  7. A soldier, normally a member of a corps, trained to serve on board or from a ship

  8. ''He was a marine in World War II.''

  9. (sense) A corps.

  10. ''He fought with the Marines in World War II.''

  11. A painting representing some marine subject.

  12. To adapt for use in a marine environment.

  13. (quote-book)

  14. To temporarily inundate with water and/or other marine substances.

  15. To equip (a boat) with sailors and other personnel required for an ocean voyage.

  16. A navy

  17. An armed navy (naval branch of armed forces)

  18. (feminine singular of)

  19. navy

  20. Marine (gl)

  21. (inflection of)

  22. marine (i)

  23. (feminine plural of)

  24. (monikko) it|marina

  25. (ja-romanization of)

  26. (monikko) nb|marin

  27. a navy

  28. (monikko) nn|marin

  29. (pt-verb-form-of)

  30. marine (gloss)

  31. (es-verb form of)