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defeat englannista suomeksi

  1. tehdä tyhjäksi

  2. tappio

  3. lyödä

  1. voittaa, päihittää

  2. tehdä tyhjäksi">tehdä tyhjäksi, kumota, mitätöidä, poistaa

  3. mitätöidä, kumota

  4. tappio, häviö

  5. voitto

defeat englanniksi

  1. To overcome in battle or contest.

  2. ''Wellington defeated Napoleon at Waterloo.''

  3. To reduce, to nothing, the strength of.

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  5. He finds himself naturally to dread a superior Being that can defeat all his designs, and disappoint all his hopes.
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  7. In one instance he defeated his own purpose.
  8. To nullify

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  10. The escheators (..) defeated the right heir of his succession.
  11. The act or instance of being defeated, of being overcome or vanquished; a loss.

  12. ''Licking their wounds after a temporary defeat, they planned their next move.''

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  14. The act or instance of defeating, of overcoming, vanquishing.

  15. ''The inscription records her defeat of the country's enemies in a costly war.''

  16. Frustration (by prevention of success), stymieing; nullification.

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  18. ... is subsequently issued to him, in accordance with his perfect equity thus acquired, by a legal fiction which the law creates for the protection, but not for the defeat, of his title.
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  20. She could see no justice in being forced into a position that promised to end in further humiliation and defeat of her hopes.
  21. Destruction, ruin.

  22. 1599, Shakespeare|William Shakespeare, ''Ado About Nothing|Much Ado About Nothing'', Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare)|act 4, scene 1:

  23. and made defeat of her virginity