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form englannista suomeksi

  1. rakenne

  2. luokka

  3. muoto

  4. muodostaa

  5. muotoilla

  6. muovata

  7. vire, kunto

  8. mallinukke

  9. kanta

  10. muotti

  11. hahmo

  12. tyyppi, laji

  13. lomake

  14. siirtää

  15. muodostua

  1. Substantiivi

  2. muoto

  3. lomake, kaavake

  4. muoto, sanamuoto

  5. Verbi

  6. muotoilla, muodostaa, muovata

  7. muodostua

  8. muodostaa

form englanniksi

  1. To do with shape.

  2. The shape or visible structure of a thing or person.

  3. 1699, (w), ''Heads designed for an essay on conversations''

  4. Study gives strength to the mind; conversation, grace: the first apt to give stiffness, the other suppleness: one gives substance and form to the statue, the other polishes it.
  5. (quote-book)

  6. {{quote-journal|en|date=2013-05-10|author=Audrey Garric|volume=188|issue=22|page=30

  7. A thing that gives shape to other things as in a mold.

  8. Regularity, beauty{{, or elegance.

  9. The inherent nature of an object; that which the mind itself contributes as the condition of knowing; that in which the essence of a thing consists.

  10. Characteristics not involving atomic components. (rfex)

  11. A long bench with no back.

  12. (quote-book)&93;|title=Wills and Inventories from the Registry at Durham. Part II|series=The Publications of the (w)|seriesvolume=XXXVIII|location=Durham|publisher=Published for the Society by George Andrews, Durham; London: Whittaker and Co., 13 (w); T. and W. Boone, 29 Street|New Bond Street; Edinburgh: (publishing house)|Blackwood and Sons|year=1585–1586 January 18&8203;|year_published=1860|page=132|pageurl=|oclc=931289584|passage=''In the hall.'' One large table, with frame. 10s. ij cobbordes 8s. j fourme, j chaire, and j kenninge measure, 12d.

  13. 1981, (w), ''(w)'', New York 2007, page 10:

  14. I can see the old schoolroom yet: the broken-down desks and the worn-out forms with knots in that got stuck into your backside(nb..).
  15. 2010, (w), ''(w)'':

  16. The prefect grabbed me by the shoulders and steered me down a passageway, and down another and finally through a door that led into a long, low dining-room crowded with loudly breakfasting boys sitting on long, shiny oak forms, as benches used to be called.
  17. The boundary line of a material object. In painting, more generally, the human body.

  18. The combination of planes included under a general crystallographic symbol. It is not necessarily a closed solid.

  19. To do with structure or procedure.

  20. An order of doing things, as in religious ritual.

  21. Established method of expression or practice; fixed way of proceeding; conventional or stated scheme; formula.

  22. (RQ:Dryden Aenei)

  23. Those whom form of laws Condemned to die.
  24. Constitution; mode of construction, organization, etc.; system.

  25. (ux)

  26. Show without substance; empty, outside appearance; vain, trivial, or conventional ceremony; conventionality; formality.

  27. (RQ:Shakespeare King Lear)

  28. A class or rank in society.

  29. (RQ:Burnet Histor)

  30. ladies of a high form
  31. A record; loosely, past history (in a given area).

  32. 2011, Jane Martinson, ''The Guardian'', 4 May:

  33. It's fair to say she has form on this: she has criticised David Cameron's proposal to create all-women shortlists for prospective MPs, tried to ban women wearing high heels at work as the resulting pain made them take time off work, and tried to reduce the point at which an abortion can take place from 24 to 21 weeks.
  34. Level of performance.

  35. ''The team's form has been poor this year.''

    ''The orchestra was on top form this evening.''

  36. A class or year of school pupils (often preceded by an number to specify the year, as in (m)).

  37. 1928, George Bickerstaff, ''The mayor, and other folk''

  38. One other day after afternoon school, Mr. Percival came behind me and put his hand on me. "Let me see, what's your name? Which form are you in?(nb..)"
  39. 1976, Ronald King, ''School and college: studies of post-sixteen education''

  40. From the sixth form will come the scholars and the administrators.
  41. A blank document or template to be filled in by the user.

  42. A specimen document to be copied or imitated.

  43. A grouping of words which maintain grammatical context in different usages; the particular shape or structure of a word or part of speech.

  44. The den or home of a hare.

  45. (RQ:Montaigne Florio Essayes).

  46. (RQ:Burton Melancholy), I.iii.1.2:

  47. The Egyptians therefore in their hieroglyphics expressed a melancholy man by a hare sitting in her form, as being a most timorous and solitary creature.
  48. 1974, (w), ''(w)'', Faber & Faber 1992, p.275:

  49. Hares left their snug ‘forms’ in the cold grass.
  50. A window or box.

  51. 1998, Gary Cornell, ''Visual Basic 6 from the ground up'' (p.426)

  52. While it is quite amazing how much one can do with Visual Basic with the code attached to a single form, to take full advantage of VB you'll need to start using multiple forms and having the code on all the forms in your project interact.
  53. 2010, Neil Smyth, ''C Essentials''

  54. Throughout this chapter we will work with a form in a new project.
  55. An infraspecific rank.

  56. The type or other matter from which an impression is to be taken, arranged and secured in a chase.

  57. A quantic.

  58. A specific way of performing a movement.

  59. To assume (a certain shape or visible structure).

  60. (quote-journal)| passage=Earless ghost swift moths become “invisible” to echolocating bats by forming mating clusters close (less than half a meter) above vegetation and effectively blending into the clutter of echoes that the bat receives from the leaves and stems around them.

  61. To give (a shape or visible structure) to a thing or person.

  62. To take shape.

  63. (quote-journal)| title=Stents to Prevent Stroke| passage=As we age, the major arteries of our bodies frequently become thickened with plaque, a fatty material with an oatmeal-like consistency that builds up along the inner lining of blood vessels. The reason plaque forms isn’t entirely known, but it seems to be related to high levels of cholesterol inducing an inflammatory response, which can also attract and trap more cellular debris over time.

  64. To put together or bring into being; assemble.

  65. To create (a word) by inflection or derivation.

  66. To constitute, to compose, to up.

  67. (RQ:Burke Regicide Peace)who formed by far the majority

  68. (RQ:Jefferies Amateur Poacher)The linen-press and a chest on the top of it formed, however, a very good gun-carriage; and, thus mounted, aim could be taken out of the window at the old mare feeding in the meadow below by the brook, and a 'bead' could be drawn upon Molly, the dairymaid, kissing the fogger behind the hedge,(nb..).

  69. 1948 May, Stanley Pashko, “The Biggest Family”, in ''(w)'', Volume 38, Number 5, Boy Scouts of America, ISSN 0006-8608, p.10:

  70. Insects form the biggest family group in nature's kingdom, and also the oldest.
  71. To mould or model by instruction or discipline.

  72. 1731–1735, (w), ''Moral Essays''

  73. 'Tis education forms the common mind.
  74. (RQ:Dryden Georgics)

  75. Thus formed for speed, he challenges the wind.
  76. To provide (a hare) with a form.

  77. (RQ:Drayton Poly-Olbion)

  78. The melancholy hare is formed in brakes and briers.
  79. To treat (plates) to prepare them for introduction into a storage battery, causing one plate to be composed more or less of spongy lead, and the other of lead peroxide. This was formerly done by repeated slow alternations of the charging current, but later the plates or grids were coated or filled, one with a paste of lead and the other with litharge, introduced into the cell, and formed by a direct charging current.

  80. (l) (gl) (zh-mw)

  81. a class or year of students (zh-mw)

  82. to (l); to shape

  83. to (l) (q); to assemble

  84. (l)

  85. shape

  86. mould

  87. tin (gloss)

  88. (verb form of)

  89. (verb form of)

  90. a form, shape (q)

  91. (quote-book)|title=Samlede Digterverker III|page=50|passage=himlen virker af skyers flor et slør om jordens mægtigste form|t=the sky works by the bloom of clouds a veil over the mightiest form of the earth

  92. (quote-book)|title=Brand|page=200|passage=hvilken ædel stil i værket! Og hvilken mægtighed der bor i formerne|t=what a noble style in the work! And what power resides in the forms

  93. (quote-book)|title=Der vildmarken suser|page=87|passage=mosen la sig villig for skoene hans og tok form efter dem|t=the moss lay willingly for his shoes and took shape after them

  94. (quote-book)|title=Blåmann|page=24|passage=skyene på himmelen … delte seg, fløt sammen igjen og dannet nye former|t=the clouds in the sky… split, floated together again and formed new shapes

  95. (quote-book)|title=Fantasien|page=163|passage=slo seg ikke tiltaals med de former, som naturen stiller frem for os|t=did not strike himself with the forms that nature presents to us

  96. (quote-book)|title=Indre anliggender|page=|passage=munnens bevegelser, leppenes form, tennenes stilling|t=the movements of the mouth, the shape of the lips, the position of the teeth

  97. (quote-book)|title=Blåmann|page=69|passage=det hendte at lengselen tok form inne i ham, i et syn som steg opp i ham|t=it happened that the longing took shape inside him, in a vision that rose up in him

  98. (quote-book)|title=Ludwig Wittgenstein|page=|passage=Wittgensteins etikk tok form tidlig og endret seg ikke grunnleggende|t=Ludwig Wittgenstein's ethics took shape early and did not change fundamentally

  99. (quote-book)|title=Ved foten av kunnskapens tre|page=|passage=anlegget i Sørvika begynner å ta form av en ubåthavn|t=the facility in Sørvika is beginning to take the form of a submarine port

  100. (quote-book)|title=Fall|page=|passage=langsomt fant forholdet sin form som vennskap|t=slowly the relationship took shape as a friendship

  101. curves (q)

  102. (quote-book)|title=Peer Gynt|page=151|passage=hun er sandelig lækker, den taske. Hun har noget extravagante former|t=she is truly delicious, that hag. She has somewhat extravagant curves

  103. (quote-book)|title=Morgen i appelsingult|page=34|passage=badedrakten skjuler ikke noe som helst av hennes former|t=the swimsuit not hide any of her curves

  104. (quote-book)|title=Sauermugg|page=159|passage=så mye snakk det er om å «ta seg sammen» og «holde på formene» og «stramme seg opp»|t=so much talk there is about "getting together" and "keeping in shape" and "tightening up"

  105. a shape, form (q)

  106. (quote-book)|title=Samlede Digterverker I|page=91|passage=form betyder … maaden, hvorved det mangfoldige forbinder sig til et heelt|t=form means… the way in which the manifold connects to a whole

  107. (quote-journal)

  108. (quote-book)|title=Det hendte igår|page=160|passage=bygger man … en moderne storby-bygning eller en bensinstasjon à la gresk tempel får man ikke den riktige organiske sammenheng mellem stoffet og formen som er kjennetegnet for den ekte kunst, den ekte stil|t=if you build a modern metropolitan building or a gas station à la grecque temple, you will not get the right organic connection between the fabric and the shape that is characteristic of the real art, the real style

  109. form (q)

  110. (quote-book)|title=Av hans efterladte papirer 1847–1868|page=145|passage=formen skal jo hæve indholdet, men ikke oversukre det, saa man ikke seer, hvad meel der er i maden|t=the form should raise the contents, but not sugary it, so you do not see what flour is in the food

  111. (quote-book)|title=Kejser og Galilæer|page=75|passage=gavnlig lære for livet fremsættes i en sindrig og tiltrækkende form|t=beneficial doctrine for life is presented in an ingenious and appealing form

  112. (quote-book)|title=Den ny-norske Sprog- og Nationalitetsbevægelse|page=112|passage=det er sædvanligt hos os … nordmænd dette at mangle sans for formens betydning og derimod holde os til stoffet|t=it is customary with us Norwegians to lack a sense of the meaning of form and instead stick to the substance

  113. (quote-book)|title=Efterladte Skrifter I|page=396|passage=hvad er skjønhed? Overensstemmelse mellem indhold og form|t=what is beauty? Consistency between content and form

  114. (quote-book)|title=Videre i passgang|page=13|passage=folkene i dette avsidesliggende strøket holder enno på de gamle formene|t=the people of this remote area still hold on to the old forms

  115. (quote-book)|title=Berlusconis Italia|page=|passage=Silvio Berlusconis suksess var basert på form, ikke på innhold|t=Silvio Berlusconi's success was based on form, not content

  116. (syn)

  117. a form, design (q)

  118. (quote-book)|title=Samlede Digterverker I|page=91|passage=form betyder ialmindelighed den skikkelse, hvorunder en vis kraft ytrer sig|t=design generally means the figure under which a certain force manifests itself

  119. (quote-book)|title=Efterladte Skrifter I|page=292|passage=i al fald klæder påtrængenheden sig her i en så troskyldig form at den snarere vækker morskab end forargelse|t=in any case, the intrusion dresses here in such a faithful design that it arouses amusement rather than indignation

  120. (quote-book)|title=Artikler og taler|page=73|passage=enhver nations konst er fra folkesangen gjennem de små former i tidernes løb vandret over i de større, fyldigere, mere combinerede. Havde Kjerulf pleiet store former, som sonaten, symphonien, da havde han forsøgt en opgave, som ikke tilkom ham|t=every nation's art is from the folk song through the small forms over time horizontal to the larger, fuller, more combined. Had Kjerulf nurtured great designs, such as the sonata, the symphony, then he would have tried a task that did not belong to him

  121. (quote-book)|title=Min kamp 1|page=262|passage=det var ikke slik at jeg nøt smaken av kaffe eller følelsen av røyk …, poenget var å ha det gjort, det var en rutine, og som med alle rutiner, lå det hele i formen|t=it was not like I enjoyed the taste of coffee or the feeling of smoke…, the point was to have it done, it was a routine, and as with all routines, it was all in form

  122. (quote-book)|title=Enmannsorkester|page=|passage=utilslørte trusler i brevs form|t=undisguised threats in the form of letters

  123. (quote-book)|title=Norske malere og billedhuggere II|page=372|passage=medgangen kom i form af et par stipendier|t=the success came in the form of a few scholarships

  124. a state (q)

  125. a level below species in the classification of organisms, where there is a less systematic variation between individuals of the same species

  126. a type, kind, form (q)

  127. (quote-book)|title=Et velsignet barn|page=|passage=en eller annen form for antibiotika|t=some kind of antibiotic

  128. (quote-book)|title=Bakenfor alle farger|page=|passage=det var ulike former for sting, ulike teknikker som krevde perfeksjon og håndlag|t=there were different types of stitches, different techniques that required perfection and craftsmanship

  129. a form (q)

  130. (quote-book)|title=Fantasien|page=163|passage=den formløse materie fortæller os ikke noget; formen alene gir den liv … Platon saa stoffet bli levende ved formens magt|t=the formless matter tells us nothing; form alone gives it life… Plato so that matter becomes alive by the power of form

  131. the formal cause (q)

  132. (quote-book)|title=Sofies verden|page=|passage=mens det er hønas «form» å kakle, å flakse med vingene samt å legge egg, er det steinens form å falle til jorden|t=while it is the hen's "form" to cackle, to flap its wings and to lay eggs, it is the stone's form to fall to the ground

  133. (quote-book)|title=Undringens labyrinter|page=17|passage=Aristoteles skilte mellom fire forskjellige årsaker: form, stoff, bevegelse og hensikt|t=Aristotle distinguished between four different causes: form, matter, movement, and purpose

  134. form (q)

  135. (quote-book)|title=Brød og vin|page=15|passage=jeg er bundet til min tankes former|t=I am bound to the forms of my mind

  136. a norm (q)

  137. (quote-book)|title=En Hanske|page=71|passage=så er det bare en form, da!|t=so it's just a norm, then!

  138. (quote-book)|title=Brand|page=158|passage=helgen skal jeg ordne alt, hvad formen gjælder, og sætte sagen glat ivej|t=weekend I have to fix everything that applies to the norm and put the matter off smoothly

  139. (quote-book)|title=Peter van Heeren mottar opdrag av enhver art|page=129|passage=det er mere en form og dessuten en form som folk har tillit til|t=it is more a form and moreover a form that people trust

  140. etiquette (q)

  141. (quote-book)|title=Kærlighedens komedie|page=56|passage=De vil ej tåle formens snørliv lagt om Deres hjerte, frit må det pulsere|t=You will not tolerate the etiquette life laid around your heart, it must pulsate freely

  142. (quote-book)|title=En Hanske|page=7|passage=Svava overser aldrig formerne som din mor|t=Svava never overlooks etiquette like your mother

  143. (quote-book)|title=Efterladte Skrifter I|page=81|passage=som en ærbar og sædelig mø holder jeg strængt på form og dekorum|t=as an honorable and moral maiden, I strictly adhere to form and decorum

  144. (quote-book)|title=Drømmen og hjulet|page=29|passage=vi lever i en brytningstid, hvor gamle former må falle|t=we live in a time of upheaval where old forms must fall

  145. (quote-book)|title=Uår|page=|passage=en rekke tabuer og konvensjoner var i ferd med å bli innholdsløse, stivnet form løste seg opp|t=a number of taboos and conventions were becoming meaningless, solidified form dissolved

  146. (quote-book)|title=Reise-Erindringer og Reise-Indberetninger 1842−1847|page=133|passage=opmærksomheden henvendes mest paa de distrikter, som enten ved sin beliggenhed eller paa grund af nærmere efterretning kunne formodes at have beholdt mest af de gamle nationale ord og former|t=attention is drawn mostly to those districts which, either by their location or by closer examination, could be presumed to have retained most of the old national words and forms;

  147. a form, mold (q)

  148. (quote-book)|title=Hva er det med mor|page=106|passage=hun skulle skrape kaken ut av formen med en brødkniv|t=she was going to scrape cake out of the mold with a bread knife

  149. a printing form (q)

  150. an extruder (q)

  151. shape, form (q)

  152. (quote-book)|title=Rose-boka|page=60|passage=det gjaldt å finne tilbake til «formen»|t=it was a matter of finding back the "form"

  153. (quote-book)|title=Det hendte igår|page=6|passage=et glass gulrotsaft eller annen råkost er efter manges mening … en ufravikelig bestanddel av kosten hvis man skal holde sig «i form» – et uttrykk som for øvrig 1933 neppe ennu er sivet inn i familiens dagligtale fra sports-jargonen|t=a glass of carrot juice or other raw food is in the opinion of many… an inalienable component of the diet if one is to stay «in shape» - an expression which by the way 1933 has hardly yet seeped into the family's everyday speech from sports jargon

  154. (quote-book)|title=Det hendte igår|page=134|passage=ungdommen har sans for å holde kroppen i form|t=youth has a sense of keeping body in shape

  155. (quote-book)|title=De aller nærmeste|page=|passage=hun var ikke i form til å snakke|t=she was not in shape to speak

  156. (imperative of)

  157. a (l) (q)

  158. a form, a shape

  159. a form, a mold, a dish, a tray, a tin, a piece of ovenware