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norm englannista suomeksi

  1. normi

  2. standardi

  1. normi

  2. Substantiivi

norm englanniksi

  1. That which is normal or typical.

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  6. A rule that is imposed by regulations and/or socially enforced by members of a community.

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  8. A sentence with non-descriptive meaning, such as a command, permission{{, or prohibition.

  9. (senseid) A function, generally denoted v\mapsto\left|v\right| or v\mapsto\left\|v\right\|, that maps vectors to non-negative scalars and has the following properties: Category:en:Functions

  10. if v\ne0 then \left\|v\right\|\ne0;

  11. given a scalar k, \left\|kv\right\|=\left|k\right|\cdot\left\|v\right\|, where \left|k\right| is the value of k;

  12. given two vectors v,w, \left\|v+w\right\|\le\left\|v\right\|+\left\|w\right\| (the inequality).

  13. A high level of performance in a chess tournament, several of which are required for a player to receive a title.

  14. To endow (a space, etc.) with a norm.

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  16. A (l), (l).

  17. (l) (''that which is normal'')

  18. A (l) (''that which is normal'').

  19. norm (''that which is normal'')

  20. norm (''in analysis'')

  21. A clearing (among trees).