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home englannista suomeksi

  1. kotona, kotiin, kotio

  2. kotimaa, kotiseutu

  3. hoitolaitos

  4. koti

  5. koti-

  6. kotipaikka

  7. pohjaan asti

  8. kotipesä

  9. maaliin

  10. perhe

  11. palata asuinsijoilleen

  12. kotimaan

  13. antaa koti

  1. Substantiivi

  2. koti, colloquial hima, colloquial kotitalo

  3. kotimaa, kotiseutu

  4. lapsuudenkoti

  5. koti

  6. elinpaikka, kotipaikka

  7. kotihakemisto, kotikansio

  8. Verbi

  9. hakeutua

  10. kotona

  11. kotiin

home englanniksi

  1. mildew

  2. rhizopus

  3. twig blight

  4. stripe blight

  5. mold, mould

  1. ''A dwelling.''

  2. One’s own dwelling place; the house or structure in which one lives; especially the house in which one lives with one's family; the habitual abode of one’s family; also, one’s birthplace.

  3. (RQ:Tyndale NT)

  4. 1808, (w), (w) (editor), ''The Works of John Dryden'':

  5. Thither for ease and soft repose we come: / Home is the sacred refuge of our life; / Secured from all approaches, but a wife.
  6. 1822, (w), ''(w)'':

  7. Home! home! sweet, sweet home! / There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.
  8. (quote-book)

  9. (quote-journal)|title=High and wet

  10. Rock-filled torrents smashed vehicles and homes, burying victims under rubble and sludge.
  11. The place where a person was raised; childhood or parental home; home of one’s parents or guardian.

  12. 2004, Jean Harrison, ''Home'':

  13. The rights listed in the UNCRC cover all areas of children's lives such as their right to have a home and their right to be educated.
  14. The abiding place of the affections, especially of the domestic affections.

  15. 1821, (w), ''Don Juan'', canto III:

  16. He enter’d in the house—his home no more, / For without hearts there is no home;(..)
  17. A house that has been made home-like, to suit the comfort of those who live there.

  18. (ux)

  19. A place of refuge, rest or care; an asylum.

  20. ''Instead of a store, get your new dog from the local dogs’ home''.

  21. The grave; the final rest; also, the native and eternal dwelling place of the soul.

  22. 1769, King James Bible, Oxford Standard text, (King James)/Ecclesiastes|Ecclesiastes 12:5:

  23. (..)because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets: (..)
  24. One’s native land; the place or country in which one dwells; the place where one’s ancestors dwell or dwelt.

  25. 1863, (w), ''Our Old Home: A Series of English Sketches'':

  26. Visiting these famous localities, and a great many others, I hope that I do not compromise my American patriotism by acknowledging that I was often conscious of a fervent hereditary attachment to the native soil of our forefathers, and felt it to be our own Old Home.
  27. (RQ:Ferguson Zollenstein)

  28. So this was my future home, I thought! Certainly it made a brave picture. I had seen similar ones fired-in on many a Heidelberg stein. Backed by towering hills,(..)a sky of palest Gobelin flecked with fat, fleecy little clouds, it in truth looked a dear little city; the city of one's dreams.
  29. 1980, (w), song, ''(w)'':

  30. I've been to cities that never close down / From New York to Rio and old London town / But no matter how far or how wide I roam / I still call Australia home.
  31. The locality where a thing is usually found, or was first found, or where it is naturally abundant; habitat; seat.

  32. 1706, (w), ''An Ode, Humbly Inscribed to the Queen, on the ẛucceẛs of Her Majeẛty's Arms, 1706'', as republished in 1795, Robert Anderson (editor), ''The Works of the British Poets'':

  33. (..)Flandria, by plenty made the home of war, / Shall weep her crime, and bow to Charles r'estor'd,(nb..)
  34. 1849, (w), ''Memoriam A. H. H.|In Memoriam A. H. H.'':

  35. Her eyes are homes of silent prayer, / Nor other thought her mind admits / But, he was dead, and there he sits, / And he that brought him back is there.
  36. (quote-journal)|title=Nodding acquaintance

  37. Africa is home to so many premier-league diseases (such as AIDS, childhood diarrhoea, malaria and tuberculosis) that those in lower divisions are easily ignored.
  38. ''A focus point.''

  39. The ultimate point aimed at in a progress; the goal.

  40. plate|Home plate.

  41. The place of a player in front of an opponent’s goal; also, the player.

  42. The landing page of a website; the site's homepage.

  43. The chord at which a melody starts and to which it can resolve.

  44. (lbl) (clipping of)

  45. To return to its owner.

  46. ''The dog homed.''

  47. To seek or aim for something.

  48. ''The missile was able to home in on the target.''

  49. 2008 July, Ewen Callaway, ''New Scientist'':

  50. Much like a heat-seeking missile, a new kind of particle homes in on the blood vessels that nourish aggressive cancers, before unleashing a cell-destroying drug.
  51. Of, from, or pertaining to one’s dwelling or country; domestic; not foreign (defdate)

  52. That strikes home; direct, pointed. (defdate)

  53. Personal, intimate. (defdate)

  54. 1778, (w), ''Journals & Letters'', Penguin 2001, p. 91:

  55. I hardly knew what I answered him, but, by degrees I ''tranquillised'', as I found he forbore distressing me any further, by such ''Home'' strokes .
  56. Relating to the team (the team at whose venue a game is played). (defdate)

  57. (ant)

  58. To one's home

  59. To one's place of residence or one's customary or official location

  60. 1863, (w), ''Our Old Home: A Series of English Sketches'',

  61. He made no complaint of his ill-fortune, but only repeated in a quiet voice, with a pathos of which he was himself evidently unconscious, "I want to get home to Ninety-second Street, Philadelphia."
  62. (RQ:Besant Ivory Gate)

  63. To one's place of birth

  64. To the place where it belongs; to the end of a course; to the full length

  65. (RQ:Shakespeare Othello)

  66. 1988, Roald Dahl, ''Matilda''

  67. Eventually she managed to slide the lid of the pencil-box right home and the newt was hers. Then, on second thoughts, she opened the lid just the tiniest fraction so that the creature could breathe.
  68. To the page

  69. At or in one's place of residence or one's customary or official location; home

  70. (co)

  71. To a full and intimate degree; to the heart of the matter; fully, directly.

  72. 1625, (w), dedication to the Duke of Buckingham, in ''Essays Civil and Moral'',

  73. I do now publish my Essays; which of all my other works have been most current : for that, as it seems, they come home to men's business and bosoms.
  74. (RQ:South Twelve Sermons )

  75. (RQ:Richardson Clarissa)

  76. into the goal

  77. 2004, Tottenham 4-4 Leicester, Sport|BBC Sport: February,

  78. Walker was penalised for a picking up a Gerry Taggart backpass and from the resulting free-kick, Keane fired home after Johnnie Jackson's initial effort was blocked.
  79. into the right, proper or stowed position

  80. man

  81. person

  82. husband

  83. (syn)

  84. (obsolete spelling of)

  85. humanly

  86. mildew, mold

  87. human; person

  88. mankind

  89. (uxi)

  90. man (gloss)

  91. male human

  92. man! (non-gloss definition)

  93. mould

  94. home (gloss)

  95. (alt form)

  96. (alt form) (nn-fcon)

  97. man (male adult human being)

  98. man (mankind; ''Homo sapiens'')

  99. vassal; manservant

  100. (alternative form of)

  101. (alternative form of)