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at englannista suomeksi

  1. kip

  1. -lla, -llä adessive case, -ssa, -ssä inessive case, genetive + luona, genetive + tykönä

  2. -lta, -ltä ablative case, -na, -nä essive case

  3. -lle allative case, kohti

  4. à unit price

  5. -ssa, -ssä inessive case; + genitive parissa

  6. Substantiivi

  7. Verbi

at englanniksi

  1. At

  1. In, near, or in the general vicinity of a particular place.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Ferguson Zollenstein)

  4. “My Continental prominence is improving,” I commented dryly. Von Lindowe cut at a furze bush with his silver-mounted rattan. “Quite so,” he said as dryly, his hand at his mustache. “I may say if your intentions were known your life would not be worth a curse.”
  5. 1919, Plutarch,*.html ''Parallel Lives'', "The Life of Cicero", 43 (Bernadotte Perrin, trans.)

  6. "Hirtius and Pansa, who were good men and admirers of Cicero, begged him not to desert them, and undertook to put down Antony if Cicero would remain at Rome."
  7. (RQ:Schuster Hepaticae)

  8. 2016, VOA Learning English (public domain)

  9. Today my friend Marsha is at her friend's house.
    : (audio)
  10. (qualifier) (n-g)

  11. 1838, ''The Family Magazine''

  12. Lafayette was major-general in the American army at the age of 18 (..)
  13. {{quote-journal|en|date=April 19, 2012|author=Josh Halliday|work=the Guardian

  14. 2016, VOA Learning English (public domain)

  15. Hi, Anne. Are you busy? — Hi, Anna. Yes. At 10 a.m. I am writing.
  16. In the direction of (often in an unfocused or uncaring manner).

  17. (senseid) (n-g)

  18. Occupied in (activity).

  19. In a state of.

  20. (non-gloss definition)

  21. Because of.

  22. (n-g)

  23. (quote-book)

  24. Holding a given speed or rate.

  25. On the subject of; regarding.

  26. 2015, ''Sanyan Stories: Favorites from a Ming Dynasty Collection'' (ISBN), page 157:

  27. She's good at playing musical instruments, singing and dancing, chess, calligraphy, and painting.
  28. Bothering, irritating, causing discomfort to

  29. 1995 Keith Wood, quoted in David Hughes, "Wood odds-on to take one against the head", in ''The Independent'' (London) 18 January:

  30. I think `Jesus, my back is at me'. Then I get the ball. Off you go for 10 yards and you don't feel a thing. Then you stop and think: `Jesus, it's at me again'.
  31. 2014 Marian Keyes "Antarctic Diary - Part 2" personal website (January 2014):

  32. He seems to be saying. “Ah, go on, you’re making the other lads feel bad.” But the 4th fella says, “No. Don’t be ‘at’ me. I’m just not in the form right now, I’ll stay where I am, thanks.”
  33. (senseid) The sign (@).

  34. (rare form of) to reply to or talk to someone, either online or face-to-face. (q)

  35. (alt form)

  36. 1860, Robert Gordon Latham, ''Song of Solomon'', as spoken in Durham Thomas Moore, in ''A hand-book of the English language'':

  37. Tak us t' foxes, t' little foxes at spoils t' veynes: fer our veynes hev tender grapes.
  38. (alt form) (gloss)

  39. horse (c)

  40. knight

  41. (inflection of)

  42. boy

  43. (l) (q) functioning as the subject, object or predicative of a verb, or as the object of a prepositional phrase

  44. *1986, Knud Erik Larsen, ''Bare ikke om søndagen'' /

  45. Knud hørte, at bedstefaren lagde værktøjet fra sig
    :Knud heard that his grandfather put down the tool.
  46. *1876, J.P. Jacobsen, ''Fru Marie Grubbe'', vol. 1, p. 67 /

  47. Hun var overbevist om at det var sandt.
    :She was convinced that it was true.
  48. (l), (l), (l) (q) stating the purpose

  49. *1856, Christian Winther, ''Hr. Peder Jernskjæg'', from ''Hjortens Flugt'' /

  50. Og Hjorten vil jeg fange, | At Korset jeg kan faae.
    :And the deer, I will catch, that I may win the cross.
  51. *1987, Thomas Bruun, ''Et paradisisk blik. Humoresker og grotesker'':

  52. det er helvedes svært, at du bare ved det.
    :it is damned difficult, just that you know it.


  53. (l), (l) (q) stating the result, normally after a demonstrative adverb or pronoun

  54. *1902, Karin Michaëlis, ''Barnet'' /

  55. Jeg er saa fattig, at jeg sulter paa Sjæl og Legeme.
    :I am so poor that I starve in my soul and my body.
  56. (l), (l) (q), expressing passion, surprise, anger, or joy

  57. *1901, Herman Bang, ''Det graa Hus'' /

  58. At De kan synge saa tidligt om Morgenen.
    :That you can sing that early in the morning.
  59. (non-gloss definition), (l), (l)

  60. *2009, Frank Colding, Sejleren, p. 32 /

  61. Forbavset aner min forstand, | at denne scenes sære magt | kun begribes, hvis at man | bevæger sig i dansetakt.
    :Astonished, my mind senses that the strange power of this scene can only be understood if one moves in dance steps.
  62. (l) (q)

  63. (non-gloss definition))

  64. *1992, Thøger Birkeland, ''Bette Nielses krig'':

  65. Mon de da ikke snart skulle til at hjemad!
    :Aren't they going to go home soon!
  66. (nl-verb form of)

  67. water

  68. (egy-alt)

  69. (l), towards, to

  70. that

  71. to (non-gloss definition)

  72. act, action, deed

  73. at, at-sign

  74. (syn)

  75. Symbol for (m), a non-SI unit of pressure used until 1978.

  76. (cot)

  77. (romanization of)

  78. fight

  79. swelling

  80. (RQ:ga-Finck)

  81. ''tā at ə l̄āv m inīnə.''
    : (small) (l)
    :: My daughter has a swelling on her hand.
    ''tā šȧxt n-at i n-ə wunāl.''
    :: He has seven swellings on his neck.
    ''kiŕ də lāv ə n̄-isḱə leš n̥ t-at ə wȳlū.''
    :: Put your hand in water to reduce the swelling.
  82. (verbal noun of)

  83. swell

  84. ''tā ə h-ēdn̥ atī.''
    :: Her face is swollen.
    ''tā mə lāv atī.''
    :: My hand is swollen.
  85. bloat

  86. heave

  87. act

  88. action

  89. work

  90. but, yet

  91. whereas

  92. (liv-conjugation of)

  93. at

  94. to (gl)

  95. that

  96. conflict, fight, battle

  97. since, because, as

  98. to (gloss)

  99. at, to

  100. to swell

  101. (l)

  102. swelling, tumour

  103. protuberance, prominence

  104. swell, fester, up, become tumid

  105. swell, as in the sea

  106. (cln) (l)

  107. steed

  108. Arabian (q)

  109. and

  110. away

  111. heart

  112. horse

  113. horse

  114. name

  115. this

  116. eight

  117. to, towards

  118. for

  119. by

  120. if

  121. year

  122. that, which

  123. to eat, ate