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near englannista suomeksi

  1. lähi-

  2. lähellä, lähettyvillä, lähelle

  3. lähes

  4. keino-

  5. läheinen

  6. vasemmanpuoleinen

  7. pihi

  8. lähetä, lähestyä

  9. läheisesti muistuttava

  1. läheinen, lähellä oleva">lähellä oleva; lähellä adverb

  2. lähellä adverb

  3. läheinen, lähi-

  4. läheinen

  5. täpärä

  6. lähes, melkein adverbs

  7. matkustajan puoleinen">matkustajan puoleinen

  8. ajajan viereinen">ajajan viereinen

  9. lähellä, lähettyvillä

  10. lähellä case">+ case

  11. lähellä

  12. Verbi

  13. lähestyä, lähentyä

  14. Substantiivi

near englanniksi

  1. Physically close.

  2. ''I can't see near objects very clearly without my glasses.''

    ''Stay near at all times.''



  3. Close in time.

  4. (ux)

  5. Closely connected or related.

  6. ''The deceased man had no near relatives.''

  7. (RQ:KJV)

  8. Close to one's interests, affection, etc.; intimate; dear.

  9. ''A matter of near consequence to me''.

  10. Close to anything followed or imitated; not free, loose, or rambling.

  11. So as barely to avoid or pass injury or loss; close; narrow.

  12. Approximate, almost.

  13. On the side nearest to the kerb (the left-hand side if one drives on the left).

  14. Next to the driver, when he is on foot; on the left of an animal or a team.

  15. Immediate; direct; close; short.

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  17. Stingy; parsimonious. (defdate)

  18. ''Don't be near with your pocketbook.''

  19. 1782, (w), ''Cecilia'', II.iii.1:

  20. To let you know, Miss, he's so near, it's partly a wonder how he lives at all: and yet he's worth a power of money, too.”
  21. At or towards a position close in space or time. (rfex)

  22. Nearly; almost.

  23. ''He was near unconscious when I found him.''

    ''I jumped into the near-freezing water.''

    ''I near ruptured myself trying to move the piano.''

  24. 1666, (w), ''Diary and Correspondence'', (1867)

  25. (..) he hears for certain that the Queen-Mother is about and hath near finished a peace with France (..)
  26. 1825, (w), (w), ''The History of England'', page 263

  27. Sir John Friend had very near completed a regiment of horse.
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  30. Thinking about those pounds and pence, I near forgot my wound.
  31. 2004, (w), ''A Salty Piece of Land'' page 315

  32. "I damn near forgot." He pulled an envelope from his jacket.
  33. 2006, Juliet Marillier, ''The Dark Mirror'', page 377

  34. The fire was almost dead, the chamber near dark.
  35. (senseid) Physically close to, in close proximity to.

  36. 1820, (w), ''s:Maurice, or The Fisher's Cot|Maurice, or The Fisher's Cot'':

  37. He entered the inn, and asking for dinner, unbuckled his wallet, and sat down to rest himself near the door.
  38. (quote-book)|chapter=17| title=The Mirror and the Lamp| passage=This time was most dreadful for Lilian. Thrown on her own resources and almost penniless, she maintained herself and paid the rent of a wretched room near the hospital by working as a charwoman, sempstress, anything.

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  40. It shied, balked, and whinnied, and in the end he could do nothing but drive it into the yard while the men used their own strength to get the heavy wagon near enough the hayloft for convenient pitching.
  41. {{quote-journal|en|date=2013-08-16| author=John Vidal

  42. Close to in time.

  43. Close to in nature or degree.

  44. ''His opinions are near the limit of what is acceptable.''

  45. To come closer to; to approach.

  46. (quote-journal)

  47. The left side of a horse or of a team of horses pulling a carriage etc.

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  50. (qualifier)'' (lv-inflection of)

  51. a phase of an moon, i.e. period of time in which the moon is waning

  52. never