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stingy englannista suomeksi

  1. nuuka, kitsas, saita

  2. vajavainen

  1. nuuka, itara, kitsas, pihi, saita

  2. pistävä

stingy englanniksi

  1. Unwilling to spend, give, or share; ungenerous; mean

  2. 1909, (w), ''Anne of Avonlea'' Chapter XVIII

  3. "Well, I'm doing my best to grow," said Davy, "but it's a thing you can't hurry much. If Marilla wasn't so stingy with her jam I believe I'd grow a lot faster."
  4. Small, scant, meager, insufficient

  5. (quote-journal)|date=7 September 2014|passage=As the moon wheels around Earth every 28 days and shows us a progressively greater and then stingier slice of its sun-lightened face, the distance between the moon and Earth changes, too. At the nearest point along its egg-shaped orbit, its perigee, the moon may be 26,000 miles closer to us than it is at its far point.

  6. Stinging; able or inclined to sting.

  7. 2015, Kelvin Smith, ''Four Little Soldiers'' (page 33)

  8. Bumble bee – Bumble bee / I send to you this sonnet, / But please don't be – Bumble bee / The stingy bee in my bonnet.