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as englannista suomeksi

  1. yhtä, kuin

  1. yhtä

  2. kuten

  3. kun

  4. kun, välin, kun">välin, kun

  5. kun, sitä mukaa kuin

  6. koska

  7. kuin

  8. -na essive case

  9. as, assi

  10. Substantiivi

  11. Verbi

as englanniksi

  1. AS

  2. As

  1. (SI-unit-abb)

  2. arcsecond

  3. To such an extent or degree; to the same extent or degree.

  4. (ux)

  5. (RQ:Ferguson Zollenstein)

  6. “My Continental prominence is improving,” I commented dryly. ¶ Von Lindowe cut at a furze bush with his silver-mounted rattan. ¶ “Quite so,” he said as dryly, his hand at his mustache. “I may say if your intentions were known your life would not be worth a curse.”
  7. (quote-book)|title=(w)

  8. Considered to be, in relation to something else; in the relation (specified).

  9. 1865, ''The Act of Suicide as Distinct from the Crime of Self-Murder: A Sermon''

  10. 1937, Tobias Matthay, ''On Colouring as Distinct from Tone-inflection: A Lecture'' (London: Oxford University Press)

  11. example|For example; instance. (qualifier).

  12. 1820, John Strype, ''The Life of the Learned Sir Thomas Smith'' (page 48)

  13. Likewise many other indulgences were by virtue hereof granted; as, to have a portatile altar, to receive the Sacrament privately; (..)
  14. 1913, "Aboriginal", in ''Webster's Unabridged Dictionary'':

  15. First; original; indigenous; primitive; native; as, the aboriginal tribes of America.
  16. In the (same) way or manner that; to the (same) degree that.

  17. 2001, Jason Manning, ''Mountain Honor'', Signet Book ((ISBN)):

  18. "But he's good as dead, and I ain't about to waste a bullet."
  19. (n-g) or (m) to introduce a comparison.

  20. (n-g) with the result that it is.

  21. 1868, ''Proceedings and Debates of the York Constitutional Convention Held in 1867 and 1868 in the City of Albany'', page 2853:

  22. ... that the Board of Regents had fallen into disrepute; that intelligent men inquired what the board was; he said that it was a quiet body, and kept out of the newspapers — and so quiet as to lead many to suppose tho board had ceased to exist.
  23. 2006, Eric Manasse, ''The Twenty-First Man'', iUniverse ((ISBN)), page 7:

  24. It was a talent he had developed; he could actually be so quiet as to be practically invisible. In class, he was rarely called upon to answer any questions. In the crowded hallways, he could slip in and out without offending any of the local bullies ...
  25. 2011, Herwig C. H. Hofmann, Gerard C. Rowe, Alexander H. Türk, ''Administrative Law and Policy of the European Union'', Oxford University Press ((ISBN)), page 507:

  26. Under most circumstances, it will be possible to draw a distinction sufficiently clear as to allow an unambiguous allocation to one or other category.
  27. (n-g) though.

  28. 1843 (first published), (w), ''Essays''

  29. We wish, however, to avail ourselves of the interest, transient as it may be, which this work has excited.
  30. 2009, Matthew Friedman, Laurie B. Slone, J Friedman, ''After the War Zone'' ((ISBN)):

  31. If this happens, be patient and, difficult as it may be, try not to take these reactions personally.
  32. At the time that; during the time when:

  33. At the same instant or moment that: when.

  34. At the same time that, during the same time when: while.

  35. Varying through time in the same proportion that.

  36. Being that, considering that, because, since.

  37. (non-gloss definition) though, if. (defdate)

  38. (RQ:Dryden Spanish Fryar)

  39. I start as from some dreadful dream.
  40. 1526, (w), trans. ''Bible'', Acts 2:

  41. And sodenly there cam a sounde from heven as it had bene the commynge off a myghty wynde (..)
  42. c. 1616, (w), ''King Henry VI part 2'', First Folio 1623, I.1:

  43. Oft haue I seene the haughty Cardinall, / More like a Souldier then a man o'th' Church, / As stout and proud as he were Lord of all (..)
  44. (quote-journal)

  45. (n-g); specifically.

  46. (ux) (makes explicit that the case is continued between other parties to the litigation)

    (ux) (makes explicit that it is continued against some other defendant)

  47. (n-g) that, which, who. (q) (defdate)

  48. (circa) William Shakespeare, ''Romeo and Juliet'':

  49. Now will he sit under a medlar tree,
    And wish his mistress were that kind of fruit,
    As maids call medlars, when they laugh alone.
  50. (RQ:Burton Melancholy)

  51. 1854 (w), Times/First Book/Chapter II|Hard Times, Book I, Chapter II:

  52. ‘Sissy is not a name,’ said Mr. Gradgrind. ‘Don’t call yourself Sissy. Call yourself Cecilia.’‘It’s father as calls me Sissy, sir,’ returned the young girl in a trembling voice, and with another curtsey.
  53. 2016, (w), ''Jerusalem'', Liveright 2016, page 99:

  54. “If I had, if I could hold me head up with the better folk, perhaps I'd think again, but I don't reckon as that's very likely now.”
  55. Than.

  56. 1655, (w), ''The Church History of Britain''

  57. The king was not more forward to bestow favours on them as they free to deal affronts to others their superiors.
  58. (quote-book)

  59. (non-gloss definition)

  60. (RQ:Belloc Lowndes Lodger)

  61. A great bargain also had been the excellent Axminster carpet which covered the floor; as, again, the arm-chair in which Bunting now sat forward, staring into the dull, small fire.
  62. In the role of.

  63. 2000, Tom Pendergast, Sara Pendergast, ''St. James encyclopedia of popular culture'', volume 2, page 223:

  64. Directed by Howard Hawks, ''Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'' starred Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei and Jane Russell as Dorothy.
  65. {{quote-journal|en|year=2013|month=July-August|author=Catherine Clabby

  66. way of

  67. ''I bought you a new toy as a special treat.''

  68. A libra.

  69. Any of several coins of Rome, coined in bronze or later copper; or the equivalent value.

  70. (monikko) en|a (compare with aes)

  71. hell|As hell or fuck; very much; extremely.

  72. ''You saw him? That's metal as, girl.''

  73. water

  74. ash

  75. ashes

  76. axle

  77. axis

  78. if

  79. when

  80. like

  81. the

  82. An ace. (gloss)

  83. An 2|as or a libra. (gloss)

  84. An 2|as (gloss).

  85. One of the Æsir.

  86. Contraction of the preposition (m) with the salty article (m).

  87. (inflection of)

  88. if

  89. one of the Æsir

  90. A-flat (A♭)

  91. (senseid)ash

  92. (senseid)axis

  93. (alternative spelling of)

  94. ''eive ... as'': (l) ... (l)

  95. A-flat

  96. ace (gloss)

  97. (l) (gloss)

  98. board

  99. the

  100. flat

  101. (l), (l)

  102. (syn)

  103. propeller shaft in fishing boat.

  104. (l):

  105. card with a single spot.

  106. point scored without the opponent hitting the ball.

  107. a (l).

  108. of

  109. from (qualifier)

  110. off

  111. (inflection of) (gloss)

  112. off (gloss)

  113. out (gloss)

  114. shoe

  115. milk

  116. (archaic form of)

  117. an as; a Roman coin originally made of bronze and weighing one pound, but later made of copper and reduced to two ounces, one ounce, and eventually half an ounce.

  118. a penny, a copper (gl)

  119. pound as a unit of weight

  120. any undivided unit of measurement

  121. a whole estate

  122. a circular flap or valve

  123. any circular object; a slice, disk (gl)

  124. and

  125. as

  126. ace (gl)

  127. The lowest possible throw in dice.

  128. luck

  129. to sit

  130. oh: (non-gloss definition)

  131. ace

  132. (inflection of)

  133. fermentation

  134. unrest, noice

  135. (nn-verb-form of)

  136. a score of one on a die

  137. (alternative form of) ("to the")

  138. (infl of)

  139. milk

  140. (RQ:sga:TBFr)

  141. (quote)
  142. I, the first-person singular pronoun

  143. god

  144. the runic character (lang) ((IPAchar) or (IPAchar))

  145. as

  146. As ich des Poscht schreib...

    As I write this post...

  147. than

  148. but

  149. which

  150. who

  151. Leit as nix zu duh hen

    People who have nothing to do

  152. ace (skilled pilot)

  153. (senseid) (inflection of)

  154. (RQ:mul:Rowling Harry Potter)

  155. (senseid) them (''as a direct object''; ''the corresponding indirect object is lhes''; ''the form used after prepositions is elas'').

  156. ace

  157. as

  158. Creates the superlative when preceding the comparative form of an adjective or an adverb.

  159. (m)(m)

  160. swollen

  161. An ace; in a game of cards.

  162. An ace; somebody very proficient at an activity.

  163. an ace (gloss)

  164. an ace, a hotshot (gloss)

  165. an asNoun (gloss)

  166. I

  167. *(RQ:xsv:Narew) — aſ|I

  168. *(RQ:xsv:Narew) (l) — aſ irm|I am

  169. Carrion, carcass (''of an animal killed by a predator'').

  170. An inconsiderate or otherwise contemptible person.

  171. One of the Æsir, a Norse God.

  172. buttocks, backside

  173. bottom, base

  174. reason, meaning, motivation

  175. beginning, source

  176. ermine

  177. weasel

  178. (l)

  179. woman

  180. if, that

  181. as, like (qualifier)

  182. axle (gloss)

  183. a small (gloss)