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suit englannista suomeksi

  1. juttu, kanne

  2. asu, puku

  3. sopia, käydä

  4. olla sopiva, pukea

  5. liituraitamies, pukumies

  6. anomus

  7. maa

  8. soveltua

  9. kosiskelu

  1. Substantiivi

  2. puku, kokopuku

  3. puku

  4. pukumies

  5. haarniska

  6. purjekerta

  7. maa, väri

  8. järjestys

  9. syyttäminen act of suing; pyrintö pursuit of a goal

  10. sarja; sviitti hotel suite

  11. Verbi

  12. sovittaa

  13. sopia

  14. pukeutua, sovittautua

  15. sopia, miellyttää

suit englanniksi

  1. A set of clothes to be worn together, now especially a man's matching jacket and trousers (also suit or suit), or a similar outfit for a woman.

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  3. {{quote-journal|en|date=2013-08-03|volume=408|issue=8847|magazine=The Economist

  4. (ux)

  5. A garment or set of garments suitable and/or required for a given task or activity: suit, suit, protective suit, swimsuit.

  6. A person who wears matching jacket and trousers, especially a boss or a supervisor.

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  8. A full set of armour.

  9. The attempt to gain an end by legal process; a process instituted in a court of law for the recovery of a right or claim; a lawsuit.

  10. Petition, request, entreaty.

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  12. (sense) The act of following or pursuing; pursuit, chase.

  13. Pursuit of a love-interest; wooing, courtship.

  14. 1725, (w), ''(w)'' (original by (w))

  15. Rebate your loves, each rival suit suspend, Till this funereal web my labors end.
  16. The act of suing; the pursuit of a particular object or goal.

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  18. The full set of sails required for a ship.

  19. (senseid) Each of the sets of a pack of cards distinguished by color and/or specific emblems, such as the spades, hearts, diamonds{{, or clubs of traditional Anglo, Hispanic{{, and French playing cards.

  20. {{quote-text|en|year=1785|author=William Cowper|title=The Task

  21. Regular order; succession.

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  23. Every five and thirty years the same kind and suit of weather comes again.

  24. A company of attendants or followers; a retinue.

  25. A group of similar or related objects or items considered as a whole; a suite (of rooms etc.)

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  27. To make proper or suitable; to adapt or fit.

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  29. To be suitable or apt for one's image.

  30. To be appropriate or apt for.

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  33. Raise her notes to that sublime degree / Which suits song of piety and thee.
  34. (RQ:Hough Purchase Price) it is not fair of you to bring against mankind double weapons ! Dangerous enough you are as woman alone, without bringing to your aid those gifts of mind suited to problems which men have been accustomed to arrogate to themselves.”

  35. (quote-song) / Going where the weather suits my clothes

  36. To dress; to clothe.

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  38. To please; to make content; to fit one's taste.

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  40. To agree; to be fitted; to correspond (usually followed by ''to'', archaically also followed by ''with'')

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  42. (RQ:Addison Cato)

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  45. climbing

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