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ounce englannista suomeksi

  1. unssi

  2. lumileopardi

  1. unssi

  2. Substantiivi

ounce englanniksi

  1. An ounce, weighing (frac) of an pound, or 28.349523125 grams.

  2. A ounce, weighing (frac) of a pound, or 480 grains, or 31.1034768 grams.

  3. A US ounce, with a volume of (frac) of a US pint, 1.804688 cubic inches or 29.5735295625 millilitres.

  4. A British imperial ounce, with a volume of (frac) of an pint, 1.733871 cubic inches or 28.4130625 millilitres.

  5. Any small amount, little bit.

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  7. A large wild feline, such as a lynx or cougar. (defdate)

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  10. (synonym of), (taxfmt). (defdate)

  11. (synonym of), a particularly aggressive cougar or jaguarundi in Mexican folklore.

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  13. An (l) (gloss)

  14. A shekel (gloss)

  15. A minuscule or insignificant amount or quantity.

  16. An eight-minute unit for measuring time.

  17. A three-inch unit for measuring length.

  18. an ounce

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