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length englannista suomeksi

  1. pituus

  2. etäisyys

  1. Substantiivi

  2. pituus

  3. pituus, kesto

  4. hevosenmitta

  5. mitta; pätkä especially a short one

  6. Verbi

length englanniksi

  1. The distance measured along the longest dimension of an object.

  2. Duration.

  3. 1941, (w), ''(w)''

  4. Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.
  5. The length of a horse, used to indicate the distance between horses at the end of a race.

  6. Distance between the two ends of a line segment.

  7. The distance down the pitch that the ball bounces on its way to the batsman.

  8. Total extent.

  9. (ux)

  10. Part of something that is long; a physical piece of something.

  11. A unit of script length, comprising 42 lines.

  12. 1890, Henry Austin, ''Address of Henry Austin Before the Second Nationalist Club'' (page 38)

  13. (..) open your book of the play, which you have previously carefully perused, and at the same time marked with the proper calls, as thus: a length (or 42 lines) before an entrance, with a pen make a figure on the margin, (..)
  14. 1960, J. L. Hodgkinson, ‎Rex Pogson, ''The Early Manchester Theatre'' (page 45)

  15. The boy was engaged to write out parts at a penny a length (42 lines) for Chetwood, who then charged the manager, (..)
  16. The number of cards held in a particular suit.

  17. 1999, Edwin B. Kantar, ''Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense'' (page 191)

  18. An artificial bid doesn't necessarily show length in the suit being bid, it has an altogether different meaning.
  19. To lengthen.

  20. (RQ:Passionate Pilgrim) XIV. 30:

  21. (quote)
  22. 1552, (w), "Ladies of Destinie" in ''Abecedarium Anglico-Latinum''

  23. Was never man such favour could off atall ladies fynde, To cause them lengthe or shorte the day which they to hym assynde.
  24. a. 1608, (w), ''Allegorical Personages described in Hell''

  25. He knows full well life doth but length his pain.