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reason englannista suomeksi

  1. päätellä, järkeillä

  2. perustella

  3. perustelu

  4. syy

  5. järjen käyttö, järkevyys

  6. järki

  7. peruste

  1. Substantiivi

  2. syy

  3. syy, tekosyy

  4. järki, tolkku

  5. kohtuus

  6. Verbi

  7. pohtia, järkeillä

  8. järkeillä

reason englanniksi

  1. A cause:

  2. That which causes something: an cause, a cause.

  3. (ux)

  4. 1996, (w), ''(w): Evolution and the Meanings of Life'', page 198:

  5. There is a reason why so many should be symmetrical: The selective advantage in a symmetrical complex is enjoyed by all the subunits(..)
  6. A motive for an action or a determination.

  7. 1806, Anonymous, Select Notes to Book XXI, in, (w), translator, ''The (w) of (w)'', volume 6 (London, F.J. du Roveray), page 37:

  8. This is the reason why he proposes to offer a libation, to atone for the abuse of the day by their diversions.
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  10. An excuse: a thought or a consideration offered in support of a determination or an opinion; that which is offered or accepted as an explanation.

  11. 1966, (w), ''(w)'' ((w) edition, (ISBN), page 14:

  12. I have forgotten the reason he gave for not travelling by air. I felt sure that it was not the correct reason, and that he suffered from a heart trouble which he kept to himself.
  13. A premise placed after its conclusion.

  14. Rational thinking (or the capacity for it); the cognitive faculties, collectively, of conception, judgment, deduction and intuition.

  15. (quote-book)|publisher=William Heinemann|location=London|page=113|passage=The tremendous tragedy in which he had been involved - it was evident he was a fugitive from Weybridge - had driven him to the very verge of his reason.

  16. 1970, (w), ''On Violence'' (ISBN), page 62:

  17. And the specific distinction between man and beast is now, strictly speaking, no longer reason (the ''lumen naturale'' of the human animal) but science(..)
  18. (quote-journal)

  19. Something reasonable, in accordance with thought; justice.

  20. 16th century (w), ''Lines on his Promised Pension''

  21. I was promised, on a time, To have reason for my rhyme.
  22. Ratio; proportion.

  23. To deduce or come to a conclusion by being rational

  24. 1892, Arthur Conan Doyle, ''The Adventure of the Speckled Band''

  25. "I had," said he, "come to an entirely erroneous conclusion which shows, my dear Watson, how dangerous it always is to reason from insufficient data. (..)"
  26. To perform a process of deduction or of induction, in order to convince or to confute; to argue.

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  28. To converse; to compare opinions.

  29. To arrange and present the reasons for or against; to examine or discuss by arguments; to debate or discuss.

  30. ''I reasoned the matter with my friend.''

  31. 1901, Ralph Connor, ''The Man from Glengarry'' Chapter 9

  32. The talk was mainly between Aleck and Murdie, the others crowding eagerly about and putting in a word as they could. Murdie was reasoning good-humoredly, Aleck replying fiercely.
  33. To support with reasons, as a request.

  34. To persuade by reasoning or argument.

  35. (RQ:Austen Emma)

  36. To overcome or conquer by adducing reasons.

  37. ''to reason down a passion''

  38. To find by logical process; to explain or justify by reason or argument.

  39. ''to reason out the causes of the librations of the moon''