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  1. päätellä

  1. Verbi

  2. johtaa, päätellä, vetää johtopäätös">vetää johtopäätös

deduce englanniksi

  1. To reach (a conclusion) by applying rules of logic or other forms of reasoning to given premises or known facts.

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  3. (quote-book)?&93;|chapter=The Second Parte of This Letter Conteyning Certaine Considerations of State vppon the Former Relation|translator=&91;(w)&93;|title=Nevves from Spayne and Holland Conteyning an Information of Inglish Affayres in Spayne vvith a Conferrence Made theruppon in Amsterdame of Holland.(nb...)|location=publisher=A. Conincx|date=11 September 1593|section=folio &91;29&93;, recto and verso|sectionurl=|oclc=287035935|passage=The puritan buyldeth directly vpon the proteſtants firſt groundes in religion, & deduceth therof clearly and by ordinary conſequence al his concluſions, which the proteſtant cannot deny by divinity, but only by pollicy & humane ordination, or by turning to catholique anſwers contrary to ther owne principles: (..)

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  6. (RQ:Hobbes Leviathan), is where a man ſaith, ''Doe'', or ''Doe not this'', and deduceth his reaſons from the benefit that arriveth by it to him to whom he ſaith it. And from this it is evident, that he that giveth Counſell, pretendeth onely (whatſoever he intendeth) the good of him, to whom he giveth it.

  7. (quote-journal)|journal=Transactions of the Royal Society|Philosophical Transactions: Giving Some Accompt of the Present Undertakings, Studies and Labours of the Ingenious in Many Considerable Parts of the World|location=Oxford, Oxfordshire|publisher=(...) Samuel Smith (nb...); and Henry Clements(nb...)|date=24 April 1685|year_published=20 May 1685 &91;calendar; 30 May 1685&93;|volume=XV|issue=171|page=1007|pageurl=|doi=10.1098/rstl.1685.0033|oclc=630046584|passage=From the comparative weight or lightneſs of the ''Air'' at different times, he deduceth alſo the riſing and falling of Vapours in it.

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  9. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=(...) Jacob Robinson,(nb...)|year=1756|section=section IV|page=39|pageurl=|oclc=62428299|passage=Now Principles, ''when deduced'' by Diſcourſe of ſound Reaſon, may, from the Content of Mankind, take the Name and Force of a ''Law''; but the Faculty ''which deduceth'' thoſe Principles, cannot with the leaſt Propriety be deemed a ''Law''. This is confounding Cauſes with Effects, and attributing the Property to the Faculty creating, which only belongs to the Subject created.

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  11. To examine, explain, or record (something) in an orderly manner.

  12. (RQ:Jonson Staple of News) (..) Sir, I haue drawne / A ''Pedigree'' for her ''Grace'', though yet a Nouice / In that ſo noble ſtudy. (..) I haue deduc'd her.— (..)

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  17. To obtain (something) from some source; to derive.

  18. (RQ:Pope Works)''’s ſtern decree, / And ''(w)'' ſearching round the ſpacious ſea?

  19. (quote-journal)?&93;|title=Apostrophe to the River (London)|New River|editor=Sylvanus Urban pseudonym|magazine=The Gentleman's Magazine|The Gentleman’s Magazine: And Historical Chronicle|location=London|publisher=(...) Nichols (printer)|John Nichols and Son,(nb...); and sold by John Harris and Son (successors to Mrs. Elizabeth Newbery),(nb...); and by Perthes and Besser,(nb...)|month=July|year=1821|volume=XCI, part 2 (New Series, volume XIV)|issue=|page=66|pageurl=|column=2|oclc=192374019|passage=The Spring whence thou &91;(w)&93; deduced'st the ample stream, / The Poet's and Historian's theme, / Trenching thy mighty aqueduct a way, / 'Till as the humble plains, the aspiring hills obey.

  20. (quote-book)|location=New York, N.Y.|publisher=& Taylor|The Baker & Taylor Co.,(nb...)|year=1888|page=123|pageurl=|lines=832–834|oclc=776605665|passage=Do not, my children, O do not accustom yourselves to such warfares, / Nor on your country's vitals thus turn your invincible valor: / Sooner refrain thou, thou who deducest thy race from Olympus!

  21. To be derived or obtained from some source.

  22. (RQ:Blackstone Commentaries) it is enacted, that, after the death of the pretender, and his ſons, no attainder for treaſon ſhall extend to the diſinheriting any heir, nor the prejudice of any perſon, other than the offender himſelf: which proviſions have indeed carried the remedy farther, than was required by the hardſhip above complained of; which is only the future obſtruction of deſcents, where the pedigree happens to be deduced through the blood of an attainted anceſtor.

  23. To away (something); to deduct, to subtract (something).

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  25. (RQ:Jonson Magnetic Lady) Well, Sir, the ''Contract'' / Is with this Gentleman, ten thouſand pound. (..) ''Int''''erest''. And what I have furniſh'd him with all o' the by, / To appeare, or ſo: A matter of foure hundred, / To be deduc'd upo' the payment—.

  26. To lead (something) forth.

  27. (RQ:Drayton Poly-Olbion)

  28. (inflection of)

  29. to infer, (l) (to conclude by reasoning or deduction, as from premises or evidence)

  30. (es-verb form of)