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orderly englannista suomeksi

  1. huoliteltu

  2. sotilaspalvelija

  3. rauhallinen

  4. lääkintävahtimestari

  1. järjestynyt

  2. Substantiivi

  3. sairaala-apulainen

  4. sotilaspalvelija

orderly englanniksi

  1. Neat and tidy; possessing order.

  2. ''He has always kept an orderly kitchen, with nothing out of place.''

  3. Methodical or systematic.

  4. ''We live in an orderly universe, where rules govern both the movements of planets and the binding of molecules.''

  5. Peaceful; well-behaved.

  6. ''An orderly gathering of citizens stood on the corner awaiting the bus.''

  7. Being on duty; keeping order; conveying orders.

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  9. A hospital attendant given a variety of non-medical duties.

  10. A soldier who carries out minor tasks for a superior officer.

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  12. According to good order or practice; appropriately, in a well-behaved or (l) way. (defdate)

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  16. In order; in a particular order or succession; with a suitable arrangement. (defdate)

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