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instant englannista suomeksi

  1. pakottava

  2. hetki

  3. kuluvan kuun

  4. välitön

  5. ajankohta

  1. hetki

  2. pikaruoka, pikakahvi

  3. välitön

  4. välitön, kiireellinen

  5. hetkellinen

  6. pika-

  7. tämän kuun">tämän kuun

  8. Substantiivi

  9. Verbi

instant englanniksi

  1. A very short period of time; a moment.

  2. (ux)

  3. (quote-journal)|text="On receiving the baton, steam was again turned on, and the train passed on to the bridge... when the train had got about 200 yards from the cabin the signal box, he observed sparks flying from the wheels; and after they had continued about three minutes, there was a sudden bright flash of light, and in an instant there was total darkness, the tail lamps of the train, the sparks, and flash of light, all, he said disappearing at the same instant."

  4. A single, usually precise, point in time.

  5. A beverage or food which has been pre-processed to reduce preparation time, especially coffee.

  6. (senseid) (ellipsis of).

  7. Impending; imminent.

  8. (syn)

  9. 1703, (w), ''an Ode to Colonel George Villiers''

  10. Impending death is thine, and instant doom.
  11. Urgent; pressing; acute.

  12. Insistent; persistent.

  13. (RQ:KJV)

  14. Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer.
  15. January 2, 1827, (w), ''letter to Mrs. Carlyle, Scotsbrig''

  16. I am beginning to be very instant for some sort of occupation.
  17. Present; current; extant.

  18. December 28, 2019 Attorney Jeffery S. Levin, quoted in ''Boston Globe|The Boston Globe'', p. 3

  19. He received just two disciplinary reports prior to committing the instant offense, one in March 2019 for activating an alarm during a non-emergency situation, and one in May 2019 for failing to provide a urine specimen.
  20. Occurring immediately; immediate; present.

  21. (RQ:Fuller Good Thoughts)

  22. (quote-book)

  23. Lasting for a short moment; momentary; short-lived.

  24. Very quickly and easily prepared.

  25. Of the current month.

  26. once|At once; immediately.

  27. 1819, Lord Byron, ''Don Juan'', I.182:

  28. He left the room for his relinquished sword, / And Julia instant to the closet flew.
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  30. pressing, insistent

  31. instant, minute, moment

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  34. instant (gloss)

  35. instant (gloss)

  36. instantly