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libra englanniksi

  1. Libra

  1. A Roman unit of weight equal to about 327 grams.

  2. Any of various units of weight in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries approximately equal to 460 grams or a little more than a US or UK pound.

  3. (alternative spelling of), an Italian unit of weight.

  4. pound (gloss)

  5. pound

  6. a Roman of measure, equal to twelve ounces; a pound (''abbreviated'' lb.)

  7. a pair of scales, balance

  8. a level (gloss)

  9. Any of various units of weight and of currency, particularly the pound, livre, and (l).

  10. (inflection of)

  11. pound (unit of mass)

  12. pound (unit of sterling or other currency)

  13. (syn)

  14. Libra (gloss)

  15. (es-verb form of)