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ancient englannista suomeksi

  1. muinais-, ammoinen, muinainen

  2. vanhin

  3. ikivanha

  4. patriarkka, ukko

  1. ikivanha, ikiaikainen, hyvin vanha">hyvin vanha

  2. muinainen, ammoinen

  3. antiikki / antiikin

ancient englanniksi

  1. Having lasted from a remote period; having been of long duration; of great age, very old.

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  3. (quote-book)’s Golden Ass|Golden Ass.(nb...)|location=London|publisher=Printed for T. Cooper,(nb...)|year=1749|page=119|pageurl=|oclc=5211642|passage=Put the Caſe that the Nobleman of the ancienter Family does not indeed diſgrace his Dignity, but adds nothing to it; having nothing extraordinary to recommend him or diſrecommend him: Whereas the other, by his perſonal Merit, has rais'd himſelf to an equal Dignity. Which of the two in this Suppoſition deſerves the greater Eſteem?

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  5. Existent or occurring in time long past, usually in remote ages; belonging to or associated with antiquity; old, as opposed to modern.

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  8. Relating to antiquity as a primarily European historical period; the time before the Ages.

  9. Experienced; versed.

  10. 1550, (w), ''A Defence of the True and Catholick Doctrine of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ; with a Confutation of sundry Errors concerning the same, grounded and stablished upon God's Holy Word, and approved by the consent of the most ancient Doc. tors of the Church''

  11. approved by the consent of the moste ancient doctors of the Churche of the book title
  12. Former; sometime.

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  14. A person who is very old.

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  16. A person who lived in ancient times.

  17. One of the senior members of the Inns of Court or of Chancery.

  18. A senior; an elder; a predecessor.

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  20. Junius and Andronicus (..) in Christianity (..) were his ancients.
  21. A flag, banner, standard or ensign.

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  24. the bearer of a flag; ensign