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banner englannista suomeksi

  1. mainosbanneri, banderolli, mainoskangas, julistekangas, banneri

  2. kokosivun otsikko

  3. menestyksekäs, oivallinen

  4. standaari

  1. sotalippu

  2. banderolli, mainoskangas

  3. banderolli, julistekangas, julistenauha

  4. tunnus, lippu

  5. banneri, mainosbanneri, mainospalkki

  6. standaari

  7. poikkeuksellinen

  8. Substantiivi

banner englanniksi

  1. A flag or standard used by a military commander, monarch or nation.

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  3. The military unit under such a flag or standard.

  4. A military or administrative subdivision.

  5. Any large sign, especially when made of soft material or fabric.

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  7. A large piece of cloth with a slogan, motto, or emblem carried in a demonstration or other procession or suspended in some conspicuous place.

  8. A cause or purpose; a campaign or movement.

  9. The title of a newspaper as printed on its front page; the nameplate; masthead.

  10. A type of advertisement on a page or on television, usually taking the form of a graphic or animation above or alongside the content.

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  12. The principal standard of a knight.

  13. A type of administrative division in Mongolia and Tuva, made during the divisions of Mongolia during Qing|Qing dynasty; at that time, Mongolia and part of Xinjiang were also divided into banners.

  14. (w), Bayannur, Mongolia, China

  15. Exceptional; very good.

  16. 2016, David M. Kennedy, Lizabeth Cohen, Mel Piehl, ''The Brief American Pageant: A History of the Republic'' (page 73)

  17. The Zenger decision was a banner achievement for freedom of the press. It pointed the way to the kind of open public discussion required by the diverse society that colonial New York already was and that all America was to become.
  18. To adorn with a banner.

  19. To display as a banner headline.

  20. 2008, Howard Rosenberg, Charles S. Feldman, ''No Time To Think''

  21. At 8:11, bannering the headline “Cheney in Charge?” the Drudge Report runs a story speculating that the president may be incapacitated.
  22. One who bans something.

  23. 1963, ''The Australian Library Journal'' (volumes 1-14, page 69)

  24. How ridiculous the banners of some of the books at present on the list will appear in the future.
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  30. banner, flag

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