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historical englannista suomeksi

  1. historiallinen

  2. kulttuurihistoriallinen

  1. historiallinen

  2. Substantiivi

historical englanniksi

  1. Of, concerning, or in accordance with recorded history, (''particularly'') opposed to legends, myths, and fictions.

  2. (ante) ''Higden's Polychronicon'', volume I, chapter 5:

  3. For in the contexte historicalle Latin: ''In historico... contextu'', the rewle off lyvenge and forme of vertues moralle and the incentiue of manhode ȝiffe grete resplendence thro the diligence of croniclers.


  4. About history; depicting persons or events from history.

  5. (quote-web)

  6. Of, concerning, or in accordance with the past generally.

  7. 1521, Henry Bradshaw, ''The Holy Lyfe and History of Saynt Werburge'', Ballad 1:

  8. Sith thou gaue to vs a floure most riall Redolent in cronicles with historicall syght.
  9. Set in the past.

  10. Former, erstwhile; lapsed, nominal.

  11. 1886, Jacob Boehme translated by John Ellistone in https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=GxsRAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA39 ''Works'', volume 1, epistle 2, §49, page 39:

  12. But concerning some persons of your ''neighbourhood''... their ''Confession'' ''of Faith'' is rather an ''opinion'' than a true and sincere earnestness, for all of them are not that which they boast and glory to be; there may be many honest hearts among them; but many of them are only historical and ''titular'', and desire only to show themselves, and to be ''applauded'' ...
  13. One of various tenses or moods used to tell about past events, historic (tense).

  14. (quote-book)

  15. (synonym of) ''or'' evolutionary.

  16. Of, concerning, or in accordance with the scholarly discipline of history.

  17. Done in the manner of a historian: written as a development over time or in accordance with the method.

  18. 2003 June, Denise E. DeLorme & al., "Journalists' Hostility towards Public Relations" in ''Public Relations Review'', volume 23, No. 2:

  19. ...No studies have investigated the problem’s historic roots. Thus, this paper explores the perspective of “early insiders” through an historical analysis of autobiographies, biographies, and magazine articles written by and about early US newspaper reporters and editors.
  20. (synonym of): important or likely to be important to history and historians.

  21. (non-gloss definition)

  22. A historical romance.

  23. 1999, Anne K. Kaler, Rosemary E. Johnson-Kurek, ''Romantic Conventions'', page 63:

  24. However, as regular romance readers know, the romance novels that appear on the best-seller lists are not Harlequins at all, but rather historicals and contemporaries, which vary widely from the Harlequin pattern in style, plot, and character.