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period englannista suomeksi

  1. kuukautiset

  2. loppu

  3. piste

  4. periodi, aikakausi, vaihe

  5. jakso

  6. erä

  7. kausi

  1. Substantiivi

  2. jakso, ajanjakso, aika

  3. kestoaika

  4. päätepiste

  5. aika, ajanjakso

  6. lause

  7. piste

  8. jakso, jaksonaika

  9. hetki, ajankohta

  10. kausi

  11. tunti

  12. erä

  13. jakso

  14. geeni">period-geeni

  15. periodi

  16. Verbi

period englanniksi

  1. (senseid) A length of time. (defdate)

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  4. (senseid) A length of time in history seen as a single coherent entity; an epoch, era. (defdate)

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  6. (senseid) The punctuation mark “.” (indicating the ending of a sentence or marking an abbreviation).

  7. (quote-book)

  8. (senseid) A decisive end to something; a stop.

  9. (RQ:Haggard She)

  10. (senseid) The length of time during which the same characteristics of a periodic phenomenon recur, such as the repetition of a wave or the rotation of a planet. (defdate)

  11. (senseid) Female menstruation; an episode of this. (defdate)

  12. (senseid) The set of symptoms associated with menstruation, even if not accompanied by menstruation; an episode of these symptoms.

  13. (senseid) A section of an artist's, writer's (etc.) career distinguished by a given quality, preoccupation etc. (defdate)

  14. (senseid) Each of the divisions into which a school day is split, allocated to a given subject or activity. (defdate)

  15. (senseid) Each of the intervals, typically three, of which a game is divided. (defdate)

  16. (senseid) One or more additional intervals to decide a tied game, an overtime period.

  17. (senseid) The length of time for a disease to run its course. (defdate)

  18. (senseid) An end or conclusion; the final point of a process, a state, an event, etc. (defdate)

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  25. (quote-book)and yet this is but the ἀρχή ὠδίνων, the Beginning of those evils which shall never End till eternity hath a period(..)

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  27. (senseid) A complete sentence, especially one expressing a single thought or making a balanced, rhythmic whole. (defdate)

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  33. (senseid) A specific moment during a given process; a point, a stage. (defdate)

  34. 1720, Alexander Pope, translating Homer, ''Iliad'', Book IV (note 125):

  35. The Death of Patroclus was the most eminent Period; and consequently the most proper Time for such Games.
  36. (senseid) A row in the table of the elements. (defdate)

  37. (senseid) A geochronologic unit of millions to tens of millions of years; a subdivision of an era, and subdivided into epochs.

  38. (senseid) A (m) gene, the product of which is involved in regulation of the rhythm.

  39. (quote-journal)

  40. (senseid) Two phrases (an phrase|antecedent and a phrase|consequent phrase).

  41. (senseid) The length of an interval over which a function, periodic sequence or decimal repeats; often the least such length.

  42. Designating anything from a given historical era. (rfex)

  43. ''a period car''

    ''a period TV commercial''

  44. Evoking, or appropriate for, a particular historical period, especially through the use of elaborate costumes and scenery.

  45. {{quote-book|en|year=2004|author=Mark Singer|title=Somewhere in America|publisher=Houghton Mifflin|page=70

  46. That's final; that's the end of the matter (analogous to a period ending a sentence); of story.

  47. ''I know you don't want to go to the dentist, but your teeth need to be checked, period!''

  48. To come to a period; to conclude.

  49. (RQ:Feltham Resolves)

  50. To put an end to.

  51. To menstruate; to excrete menstrual blood.

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  55. (l) (of time)

  56. a (l), a limited amount of time

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