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ten englannista suomeksi

  1. kymmenen

  2. kymppi

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kymmenen ryhmä, kasa, nippu etc.">attribute, use with ryhmä, kasa, nippu etc.

  3. kymppi

  4. täysi kymppi">täysi kymppi

  5. kybä

  6. Verbi

ten englanniksi

  1. (cln) The number occurring after nine and before eleven, represented in numerals (base ten) as 10 and in numerals as X.

  2. A set or group with ten elements.

  3. ''We divided the chocolates into tens to hand out to Hallowe'en visitors.''

  4. An inexact quantity, typically understood to be between 20 and 100.

  5. ''Our houses are tens of meters apart, so we don't have to worry about noise from our neighbours.''

    ''tens of thousands of voters''

  6. A card in a given suit with a value of ten.

  7. A denomination of currency, such as a banknote, with a value of ten unit|units. ''See also (m).''

  8. ''Can you give me two tens for this twenty?''

  9. A perfect specimen, a physically attractive person.

  10. A high level of intensity. (rfex)

  11. The act of rowing ten strokes out.

  12. 1911, ''The Cambridge Review'' (volume 32, page 486)

  13. At the 1,000-metres post we gave a ten, which raised our lead to 1⅔ lengths; the Belgians were rowing hard, but one felt that they still had plenty of spurting power.
  14. 1982, Stanley French, ''Aspects of Downing history'' (page 105)

  15. Morris gave a ten, and an unbelievable surge ran through the boat, one that I had never felt before.
  16. ten

  17. ten

  18. (hard mutation of)

  19. (mixed mutation of)

  20. the; this; that

  21. to the, at the (qualifier)

  22. (ux)

  23. (inflection of)

  24. (ja-romanization of)

  25. to have

  26. to possess

  27. there

  28. this

  29. (contraction of)

  30. (monikko) enm|tothe

  31. (cln) ten

  32. A. L. Mayhew, M. A. Synopsis of Old English Phonology, 123

  33. mouth

  34. edge, brim

  35. opening

  36. on the edge, outside

  37. this (nearby)

  38. (cln) ten

  39. this (nearby)

  40. (es-verb form of)

  41. (topics) time

  42. a rod, a stick (of metal or wood)

  43. woman

  44. ten

  45. skin

  46. body

  47. vulva of a cow

  48. tin (chemical element)

  49. ''joʈ båʈi teɳęɳ''

    made out of tin