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nine englannista suomeksi

  1. ysi

  2. baseball-joukkue

  3. yhdeksän

  1. yhdeksän

  2. Substantiivi

  3. yhdeksikkö, ysi slang

nine englanniksi

  1. Code word for the digit ''9'' in the NATO/spelling alphabet

  2. (cln) A numerical value equal to 9; the number following eight and preceding ten.

  3. (n-g)

  4. ''A cat has nine lives''.

  5. The digit or figure (m).

  6. A playing card with nine pips.

  7. A nine-millimeter semi-automatic pistol.

  8. A statistical unit of proportion (of reliability, purity, etc.).

  9. ''They guaranteed that our Web site would have 99.99% uptime, or four nines.''

  10. A baseball club, team, or lineup (composed of nine players).

  11. 1877, ''Chicago Times,'' July 8, 1877:Peter Morris,

  12. ''A Game of Inches: The Stories Behind the Innovations That Shaped Baseball,'' 15.1.3 Rain Checks, pp. 411–412
    The St. Louis club is the only nine in the league which gives its patrons the right to see a full game or no pay.
  13. nine

  14. (alt form)

  15. female

  16. (ux)

  17. (cln) (l)

  18. you, you all; (n-g)

  19. grandmother