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pip englannista suomeksi

  1. kaikupiste, kaikumerkki, piste, merkki

  2. kivi, siemen

  3. ampua

  4. pikkuvika

  5. voittaa

  6. kuvio

  7. lintunuha

  1. siemen orange, apple, kivi peach

  2. piste

  3. piippaus, piippi

  4. Substantiivi

  5. Verbi

pip englanniksi

  1. Any of various respiratory diseases in birds, especially infectious coryza. (defdate)

  2. Of humans, a disease, malaise or depression.

  3. 1912, (w), letter to Edward Garnett

  4. I've got the pip horribly at present.
  5. (quote-book)

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  7. A pippin, seed of any kind.

  8. A seed inside certain fleshy fruits (compare stone/pit), such as a peach, orange, or apple.

  9. (ux)

  10. Something or someone excellent, of high quality.

  11. 2006, Thomas Pynchon, ''Against the Day'', Vintage 2007, p. 612:

  12. She sure is a pip, that one. You need company?
  13. P in (w).

  14. To remove the pips from.

  15. ''Peel and pip the grapes.''

  16. One of the spots or symbols on a card, domino, die, etc.

  17. One of the stylised version of the (w) worn on the shoulder of a uniform to denote rank, e.g. of a soldier or a fireman.

  18. A spot; a speck.

  19. A spot of light or an inverted V indicative of a return of radar waves reflected from an object; a blip.

  20. A piece of rhizome with a dormant shoot of the of the valley plant, used for propagation

  21. To the better of; to defeat by a narrow margin

  22. *(quote-web) faced much scrutiny after Spurs pipped the Gunners to Champions League football on the final day of last season, with opposite number (w) deservedly hailed for the transformation he had overseen in just a few months at the helm.

  23. To hit with a gunshot

  24. To peep, to chirp

  25. To make the initial hole during the process of hatching from an egg

  26. One of a series of very short, electronically produced tones, used, for example, to count down the final few seconds before a given time or to indicate that a caller using a payphone needs to make further payment to continue the call.

  27. 1982 John Banville, ''The Newton Letter''

  28. I could clearly hear the frequent cataclysms of the upstairs lavatory, and my day began with the pips for the morning news in Charlotte Lawless's kitchen.
  29. The smallest price increment between two currencies in exchange (forex) trading.

  30. (quote-book)|year=2015|section=part II (Timing the Trade with Technical Analysis)|page=157|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=FR_YCQAAQBAJ&pg=PA157|isbn=978-1-118-99865-6|passage=The set-and-forget trader is playing fundamental direction and is seeking very large moves of 150 to 300 pips. This trader doesn't want to sit and watch the screen but play the longer moves and forces behind forex.

  31. to peep, to chirp

  32. sprout, shoot

  33. pipe, tube

  34. chirp, peep, tweet

  35. bleep

  36. nonsense, gibberish, madness

  37. 2015, (w), ''Tårnet ved verdens ende: En poetisk mosaik-roman om den yngste ungdom'', Gyldendal A/S (ISBN)

  38. Sådan noget pip!
  39. 1975, Manfred Spliedt, ''Sådan en dum knægt''

  40. Sikke noget pip.
  41. 1975, (w), ''Minner fra andre dager''

  42. Jeg var forarget over saadan noget Pip ...
  43. Pip (any of various respiratory diseases in birds, especially infectious coryza).

  44. Of humans, a disease (particularly the cold or the flu), malaise or depression.

  45. peep

  46. squeak

  47. peeping sound

  48. act of producing a single peeping sound

  49. (ngd).

  50. resolve

  51. peepee, penis

  52. beep

  53. squeak, peep

  54. (sv-verb-form-imp)

  55. pipe (for smoking)