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equal englannista suomeksi

  1. tasa-arvoinen, tasavertainen

  2. vertainen

  3. vastata, olla yhtä suuri, olla yhtä paljon kuin, tehdä

  4. yhdenmukaistaa

  5. olla yhdenvertainen

  6. vastaava

  1. sama, samanlainen

  2. samansuuruinen, identtinen

  3. tasapuolinen

  4. riittävän hyvä">riittävän hyvä, riittävä

  5. tasainen

  6. mies / mies- male, nais- female

  7. Verbi

  8. olla yhtä suuri (kuin)">olla yhtä suuri (kuin)

  9. vastata following noun in partitive

  10. Substantiivi

  11. vertainen

equal englanniksi

  1. The same in all respects.

  2. (ux)

  3. 1705, (w), ''The Philosophical Principles of Religion Natural and Revealed''

  4. They who are not disposed to receive them may let them alone or reject them; it is equal to me.
  5. (wikipedia) Exactly identical, having the same value.

  6. (quote-book)| title=(w)| chapter=10| passage=The skipper Mr. Cooke had hired at Far Harbor was a God-fearing man with a luke warm interest in his new billet and employer, and had only been prevailed upon to take charge of the yacht after the offer of an emolument equal to half a year's sea pay of an ensign in the navy.

  7. Fair, impartial.

  8. (quote-text)|title=(w)| passage=it could not but much redound to the lustre of your milde and equall Government, when as private persons are hereby animated to thinke ye better pleas'd with publick advice, then other statists have been delighted heretofore with publicke flattery.

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  10. Are not my ways equal?
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  12. Adequate; sufficiently capable or qualified.

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  15. her comprehension was certainly more equal to the covert meaning, the superior intelligence, of those five letters so arranged.
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  18. much less is it in my power to make my commendations equal to your merits.
  19. 1842, (w), ''Threnody''

  20. (..)whose voice an equal messenger / Conveyed thy meaning mild.
  21. Not variable; equable; uniform; even.

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  23. an equal temper
  24. Intended for voices of one kind only, either all male or all female; not mixed.

  25. To be equal to, to have the same value as; to correspond to.

  26. To make equivalent to; to cause to match.

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  28. To have as its consequence.

  29. A person or thing of equal status to others.

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  31. Those who were once his equals envy and defame him.
  32. State of being equal; equality.

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