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go englannista suomeksi

  1. tehdä siirto, olla vuoro

  2. ottaa suunta, ryhtyä, hoitaa, noudattaa, lähestyä

  3. kuulua jollekulle, mennä jollekulle

  4. kulua, tulla käytetyksi

  5. lähteä

  6. sujua, luistaa

  7. käydä

  8. kulkea

  9. lakata olemasta, poistaa käytöstä

  10. kuluttaa loppuun

  11. päätyä jhk

  12. go

  13. poistua keskuudesta

  14. mennä

  15. aloittaa

  16. kuulua

  17. johtaa

  18. äännellä, sanoa

  19. sopia yhteen

  20. olla

  21. yritys

  22. käydä läpi

  23. sisältyä

  24. hajota

  25. mennä eteenpäin

  26. tulla, muuttua jksik, tulla jksik

  27. sopia

  28. toimia

  29. esso

  30. vuoro

  1. mennä||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  2. toimia||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  3. pelata|langname=Finnish|interwiki=1 vuoro|langname=Finnish|interwiki=1, käyttää|langname=Finnish|interwiki=1 vuoro|langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  4. tulla||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  5. olla||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  6. kadota||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1, mennä|langname=Finnish|interwiki=1 pois|langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  7. tuhoutua||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  8. päteä||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  9. sanoa||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  10. päästää|langname=Finnish|interwiki=1 (ääni|langname=Finnish|interwiki=1), äännellä||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1, sanoa||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1, dialectal panna||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  11. sopia||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  12. kuulua||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  13. seurustella||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  14. olla||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1, toimia||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  15. vuoro||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1, siirto||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  16. yritys||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  17. lupa||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

  18. go||langname=Finnish|interwiki=1, go-peli||langname=Finnish

  19. Substantiivi

  20. Verbi

go englanniksi

  1. To move:

  2. To move through space (especially to or through a place). (qualifier)

  3. (quote-book)|chapter=6|title=http://openlibrary.org/works/OL5535161W Mr. Pratt's Patients|passage=She was so mad she wouldn't speak to me for quite a spell, but at last I coaxed her into going up to Miss Emmeline's room and fetching down a tintype of the missing Deacon man.

  4. 2005, David Neilson, ''Standstill'' (ISBN), page 159:

  5. ... there was a general sense of panic going through the house; ...
  6. 2013, Mike Vouri, ''The Pig War: Standoff at Griffin Bay'' (ISBN), page 177

  7. Telegrams to London went by wire to Halifax, Nova Scotia, thence by steam mail packet to Liverpool, ...
  8. 2016, VOA Learning English (public domain)

  9. ''I have to go now.''
    : (audio)


  10. To move or travel through time (either literally—in a fictional or hypothetical situation in which travel is possible—or in one's mind or knowledge of the historical record). (qualifier)

  11. 2002 September 18, ''Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the 107th Congress, second session; Senate'', page 17033:

  12. You have to go all the way back to Herbert Hoover to see a performance in the Standard & Poors 500 equal to what we are experiencing right now.
  13. 2010, Charlotte Sadler, ''Time for One More Dance'' (ISBN), page 162:

  14. "I don't know how to tell you this, Aubrey, but you can't go back to 1938 ... the program won't accept any date that I input before 1941." ... "Well, I'll go to 1941, then."

    ''Yesterday was the second-wettest day on record; you have to go all the way back to 1896 to find a day when more rain fell.''

    ''Fans want to see the Twelfth Doctor go to the 51st century to visit River in the library.''

  15. To navigate (to a file or folder on a computer, a site on the internet, a memory, etc).

  16. 2009, David J. Clark, ''The Unofficial Guide to Microsoft Office Word 2007'' (ISBN), page 536:

  17. To access Office-related TechNet resources, go to www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/office.
  18. 2009, Lisa W. Coyne, Amy R. Murrell, ''The Joy of Parenting'' (ISBN):

  19. Go to your earliest memory and to your favorite one, then to one that's difficult to consider.
  20. 2012, Glen E. Clarke, Edward Tetz, ''CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One For Dummies'' (ISBN), page 280

  21. Go to drive C: through My Computer (or Computer in Windows 7 and Vista) and double-click the c:\data folder.
  22. To move (a particular distance, or in a particular fashion).

  23. 2003, Harrison E. Salisbury, ''The 900 Days: The Siege of Leningrad'' (ISBN), page 307:

  24. The car went a short distance, then halted. There was something wrong with the carburetor.
  25. To move or travel in order to do something, or to do something while moving.

  26. To leave; to move away.

  27. (syn)


  28. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  29. To walk; to travel on one's feet. (defdate)

  30. 1485, (w), ''(w)'', Book XII:

  31. ‘As for that,’ seyde Sir Trystram, ‘I may chose othir to ryde othir to go.’
  32. 1624, John Smith, ''Generall Historie'', in Kupperman 1988, page 129:

  33. Master Piercie our new President, was so sicke hee could neither goe nor stand.
  34. (quote-book)|(w)|chapter=Battle with Giant Slay-good|section=wikisource:The Pilgrim's Progress (unsourced)/Part II/Section 3|Part II Section 3|passage=Other brunts I also look for; but this I have resolved on, to wit, to run when I can, to go when I cannot run, and to creep when I cannot go.

  35. To work or function (properly); to move or perform (as required).

  36. 1997, ''New Scientist'', volume 154, page 105:

  37. 'Although the lemon is now black and shrivelled the motor is still going strong. If I can make my small motor run for month after month on a single lemon, just imagine how much "juice" there must be in a whole sackful', Mr Ashill said.
  38. 2008, Michael Buckley, ''Shangri-La: A Practical Guide to the Himalayan Dream'' (ISBN), page 146

  39. ... though his publisher swears black and blue that Kelder is still going strong and still remains an intensely private person.
  40. To start; to begin (an action or process).

  41. 2001 June 18, a prophecy, quoted in ''Mary and the Unity of the Church'' (ISBN), page 49:

  42. Be listening for my voice. Go when you hear my voice say go.
  43. To take a turn, especially in a game.

  44. To attend.

  45. To proceed:

  46. To proceed (often in a specified manner, indicating the perceived quality of an event or state).

  47. (RQ:Shakespeare Macbeth)

  48. 1727, (w), ''Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights and Measures. Explain'd and exemplify'd in several dissertations''

  49. I think, as the world goes, he was a good sort of man enough.
  50. 1724, (w), ''Logick, or The Right Use of Reason in the Enquiry After Truth With a Variety of Rules to Guard Against Error in the Affairs of Religion and Human Life, as well as in the Sciences.''

  51. Whether the cause goes for me or against me, you must pay me the reward.
  52. 1986, ''The Opera Quarterly'', volume 4, issues 3-4, page 24:

  53. I certainly won't mention it to Ben, and will go carefully if he mentions it to me.
  54. To proceed (especially to do something foolish).

  55. 2011, Debra Glass, ''Scarlet Widow'' (ISBN), page 96:

  56. And even if she had believed the story about a John Smith, she might go telling everyone in town about what she'd seen.
  57. To follow or travel along (a path):

  58. To follow or proceed according to (a course or path).

  59. (quote-book)|1951?|Gunther Olesch et al.|Siddhartha|passage=I'm repeating it: I wish that you would go this path up to its end, that you shall find salvation!

  60. ''She was going that way anyway, so she offered to show him where it was.''

  61. To travel or pass along.

  62. 2010, Luke Dixon, ''Khartoum'' (ISBN), page 60:

  63. A shady promenade went the length of the street and the entrance to the hotel was a few steps back in the darkness, away from the glaring sunshine.
  64. To extend (from one point in time or space to another).

  65. 1946, ''Hearings Before the Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Congress of the United States, Seventy-ninth Congress, First Session'', page 2459:

  66. I think those figures start from 1932 and go to 1941, inclusive, ...
  67. 2007, ''Math for All: Differentiating instruction, grades K-2'' (ISBN), page 38:

  68. Even though they can give a basic fact such as 4 4, I don't know that this knowledge goes very deep for them.
  69. To lead (to a place); to give access to.

  70. 2013, ''Without Delusion''(ISBN), page 191:

  71. “Where does this door go?” Bev asked as she pointed to a door painted a darker green than the powder green color of the carpet. Janet answered. “That door goes to the back yard.”
  72. To become. (qualifier)

  73. 2001, Saverio Giovacchini, ''Hollywood Modernism: Film and Politics'' (ISBN), page 18

  74. Referring to the American radicals who went Hollywood in the 1930s, Abraham Polonsky argues that "you can't possibly explain the Hollywood communists away ..."
  75. To assume the obligation or function of; to be, to serve as.

  76. 1912, ''The Bookseller, Newsdealer and Stationer'', volume 36, page 17:

  77. There is scarcely a business man who is not occasionally asked to go bail for somebody.
  78. (quote-book)

  79. To continuously or habitually be in a state.

  80. To come to (a certain condition or state).

  81. To change (from one value to another) in the meaning of wend.

  82. To out, to result; to come to (a certain result).

  83. 2014, Tim Harris, ''Politics Under the Later Stuarts'' (ISBN), page 195

  84. When Wharton had to relinquish his seat in Buckinghamshire on his elevation to the peerage in 1696, he was unable to replace himself with a suitable man, and the by-election went in favour of a local Tory, Lord Cheyne.
  85. To tend (toward a result).

  86. To contribute to a (specified) end product or result.

  87. 1839, ''A Challenge to Phrenologists; Or, Phrenology Tested'', page 155:

  88. What can we know of any substance or existence, but as made up of all the qualities that go to its composition: extension, solidity, form, colour; take these away, and you know nothing.
  89. 1907, Patrick Doyle, ''Indian Engineering'', volume 41, page 181:

  90. The avoirdupois pound is one of 7,000 grains, and go to the pound.
  91. To pass, to be used up:

  92. To elapse, to pass; to slip away. (qualifier)

  93. 1850, ''Sketches of New England Character'', in ''Holden's Dollar Magazine'', volumes 5-6, page 731:

  94. But the days went and went, and she never came; and then I thought I would come here where you were.
  95. 2008, Sue Raymond, ''Hidden Secrets'' (ISBN), page 357:

  96. The rest of the morning went quickly and before Su knew it Jean was knocking on the door ...
  97. To end or disappear. (qualifier)

  98. To be spent or up|used up.

  99. 2011, Ross Macdonald, ''Black Money'' (ISBN), page 29:

  100. All I have is a sleeping bag right now. All my money goes to keep up the cars.
  101. To die.

  102. (RQ:Scott Marmion)

  103. To be lost or out:

  104. To be lost.

  105. To be out.

  106. To break down or apart:

  107. To collapse or give way, to break apart.

  108. (quote-book)| Pilgrim at Tinker Creek| page=157| url=http://books.google.com/books?id=82mHTKXpSl0C|isbn=0060953020|passage=I wonder if I hopped up and down, would the bridge go?

  109. 2011, Shaunti Feldhahn, ''The Lights of Tenth Street'' (ISBN):

  110. Sober-eyed commentators safe in their television studios interviewed engineers about the chances that the rest of the dam could go.
  111. 2012, Carolyn Keene, ''Mardi Gras Masquerade'' (ISBN), page 38:

  112. Jackson shook his head. "The contractor said those panes could go at any moment." "Right. Just like the wiring could go at any moment, and the roof could go at any moment."
  113. To down or decay.

  114. To be sold.

  115. To be discarded or disposed of.

  116. To be given, especially to be assigned or allotted.

  117. To survive or by; to last or persist for a stated length of time.

  118. 1983, ''Princeton Alumni Weekly'', volume 84, page 48:

  119. Against the Big Green, Princeton went the entire first and third quarters without gaining a first down, ...
  120. (quote-journal)

  121. 2011, H. R. F. Keating, ''Zen there was Murder'' (ISBN):

  122. 'Surely one cannot go for long in this world to-day without at least a thought for St Simon Stylites?'
  123. To have a certain record.

  124. To be authoritative, accepted, or valid:

  125. To have (final) authority; to be authoritative.

  126. To be accepted.

  127. (RQ:KJV)

  128. The man went among men for an old man in the days of Saul.
  129. (RQ:Locke Valu)

  130. The money which remains should go according to its true value.
  131. To be valid.

  132. 2014, Shayna Lance King, ''If You'd Read This Book: You'd Be Employed By Now'' (ISBN), page 22

  133. job interviews, wear muted colors. No pink or paisley (that goes for you too, guys!) ...
  134. To say (something), to make a sound:

  135. To say (something, aloud or to oneself). (qualifier)

  136. To make the (specified) sound.

  137. To sound; to make a noise.

  138. 1992 June 24, (w), Diary:

  139. At 4pm, the phone went. It was (w): 'We hear your daughter's been expelled for cheating at her school exams...'She'd made a remark to a friend at the end of the German exam and had been up|pulled up for talking.As they left the exam room, she muttered that the teacher was a 'twat'. He heard and flipped(mdas)a pretty stupid thing to do, knowing the kids were tired and tense after exams. Instead of dropping it, the teacher complained to the Head and Deb was carpeted.
  140. To be expressed or composed (a certain way).

  141. To resort (to).

  142. To apply or subject oneself to:

  143. To apply oneself; to undertake; to have as one's goal or intention. (qualifier)

  144. (RQ:Sidney Arcadia)

  145. 1990, Celestine Sibley, ''Tokens of myself'' (ISBN), page 73:

  146. Now I didn't go to make that mistake about the record-breaking drought of more than fifty years ago, but, boy, am I glad I made it. Otherwise, I wouldn't have heard from Joe Almand.
  147. To make an effort, to subject oneself (to something).

  148. To work (through or over), especially mentally.

  149. To fit (in a place, or together with something):

  150. To fit.

  151. To be compatible, especially of colors or food and drink.

  152. (synonyms)


  153. To belong (somewhere).

  154. To date.

  155. To (begin to) date or sex with (a particular race).

  156. 2010, Marty Nazzaro, ''The City of Presidents'', FriesenPress ((ISBN)), page 131:

  157. “I could give a flying fuck less if Ronnie dated a Martian, but the fact of the matter is that it would not be cool for him to go Asian. He knows it and I know it.” Ronnie did not respond at all. Shit, he wanted to date Tai in the worst way, (..)
  158. (quote-book)(..)Now, let me get this straight, Eb, you've gone white?”

  159. To attack:

  160. To fight or attack.

  161. (quote-av)|Firefly|episode=Objects in Space|passage=You wanna go, little man?

  162. To fight.

  163. {{quote-book|en|year=1900|title=Frank Merriwell's Tricks: Or True Friends and False|author=Burt L. Standish

  164. To attack.

  165. 2002, (w), ''I am the Voice Left from Drinking'', going|went+him%22+australia+-intitle:%22%22+-inauthor:%22%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=U_VdT_r5D4PYmAWZ4cS4Dw&redir_esc=yv=onepage&q=%22go|going|went%20him%22%20australia%20-intitle%3A%22%22%20-inauthor%3A%22%22&f=false unnumbered page:

  166. Then I′m sure I heard him mutter ‘Why don′t you get fucked,’ under his breath.
    It was at that moment that I became a true professional. Instead of going him, I announced the next song.
  167. 2005, Joy Dettman, ''One Sunday'', going|went+him%22+australia+-intitle:%22%22+-inauthor:%22%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=EPRdT9f_B6_kmAWlx9mjDw&redir_esc=yv=onepage&q=%22go|going|went%20him%22%20australia%20-intitle%3A%22%22%20-inauthor%3A%22%22&f=false page 297,

  168. Tom stepped back, considered the hill, and taking off down it. She was going to go him for blowing that flamin′ whistle in her ear all day.
  169. To be in general; to be usually.

  170. ''As sentences go, this one is pretty boring.''

  171. To take (a particular part or share); to participate in to the extent of.

  172. (RQ:L'Estrange Fables of Aesop)

  173. To yield or weigh.

  174. To offer, bid or bet an amount; to pay.

  175. To enjoy. (qualifier)

  176. To urinate or defecate.

  177. (n-g)

  178. The act of going.

  179. 1993, Francis J. Sheed, ''Theology and Sanity'' (''(ISBN)''):

  180. The Apostles were to be the first of a line. They would multiply successors, and the successors would die and their successors after them, but the line would never fail; and the come and go of men would not matter, since it is the one Christ operating through all of them.
  181. A turn at something, or in something (e.g. a game).

  182. An attempt, a try.

  183. An approval or permission to do something, or that which has been approved.

  184. 1894, (w), ''Sheriff of Siskyou|The Sheriff of Siskyou''

  185. "Well, Tom, is it a go? You can trust me, for you'll have the thousand in your pocket before you start...."
  186. 2009, Craig Nelson, ''Rocket Men: The Epic Story of the First Men on the Moon'' (ISBN)

  187. And as soon as we gave them the go to continue, we lost communication.
  188. An act; the working or operation.

  189. 1598, (w), ''Pigmalion'', ''The Metamorphosis of Pigmalions Image and Certaine Satyres'', 1856, J. O. Halliwell (editor), ''The Works of John Marston: Reprinted from the Original Editions'', Volume 3, page 211,

  190. Let this suffice, that that same happy night, / So gracious were the goes of marriage ...
  191. A circumstance or occurrence; an incident, often unexpected.

  192. 1839, (w), ''(w)'', in 1868, ''The Works of Charles Dickens'', Volume 2: Nicholas Nickleby, Martin Chuzzlewit, American Notes, page 306,

  193. “Well, this is a pretty go, is this here! An uncommon pretty go!
  194. 1869, ''Punch'' (volume 57, page 257)

  195. “Ain't this a rum go? This is a queer sort of dodge for lighting the streets.”
  196. The fashion or mode.

  197. 1852, Jane Thomas (née Pinhorn), ''The London and Paris ladies' magazine of fashion'' (page 97)

  198. We are blowing each other out of the market with cheapness; but it is all the go, so we must not be behind the age.
  199. Noisy merriment.

  200. 1820, Thomas Moore, W. Simpkin, R. Marshall, ''Jack Randall's Diary of Proceedings at the House of Call for Genius''

  201. Gemmen (says he), you all well know / The joy there is whene'er we meet; / It's what I call the primest go, / And rightly named, 'tis—'quite a treat,' (..)
  202. A glass of spirits; a quantity of spirits.

  203. 1868 March, ''In a City Bus'', in the ''Eclectic Magazine'', new series volume VII, number 3:

  204. “Then, if you value it so highly,” I said, “you can hardly object to stand half a go of brandy for its recovery.”
  205. Power of going or doing; energy; vitality; perseverance.

  206. The situation where a player cannot play a card which will not carry the aggregate count above thirty-one.

  207. A period of activity.

  208. 1995, William Noel, ''The Harley Psalter'' (ISBN), page 65

  209. This could mean that the artist traced the illustration in two goes, as it were, or that the Utrecht Psalter slipped while he was tracing, but I do not think that the relative proportions are consistent enough to demonstrate this.
  210. A dandy; a fashionable person.

  211. (quote-book)| url=https://archive.org/details/tomjerrylifeinlo1881egan| chapter=VII| page=136| passage=That TOM, who was the GO among the GOES, in the very centre of fashion in London, should have to encounter the ''vulgar stare'' of this village; or, that the dairy-maid should leave off skimming her cream to take a peep at our hero, as he mounted his courser, is not at all surprising: and TOM only smiled at this ''provincial'' sort of rudeness.

  212. (seeSynonyms)

  213. Working correctly and ready to commence operation; approved and able to be put into action.

  214. 1962, United States. Congress, ''Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress'', page 2754:

  215. John Glenn reports all systems are go.
  216. 1964, ''Instruments and Control Systems''

  217. "Life support system is go," said the earphone.
  218. 2011, Matthew Stover, ''Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor: Star Wars Legends'', Del Rey ((ISBN))

  219. “Green One has four starts and is go.”
  220. (senseid) A strategic game, originally from China, in which two players (black and white) attempt to control the largest area of the board with their counters.

  221. to (i)

  222. (uxi), (l), (l), (l))'' schaffe.|I am going to work.


  223. to, towards (i), (l)

  224. (i) and causing an omission of participle (l)

  225. to go, to walk, step (i)

  226. to away, away , step away

  227. to enter; to step in(side), walk in(side), step in(side) (i) ((l)); a room, house, building

  228. to be in motion, to work

  229. to flow (i)

  230. tall

  231. go

  232. (Latn-def)

  233. go (gloss)

  234. go (board game)

  235. (alternative form of)

  236. kweng, girl

  237. (quote-song)|artist=Agression Verbale|album=Ce n’est que l’début|year=1998|title=Agrévolution|passage=Georgetown pète le champagne, y’a du son, y’a des go et le sunshineTu vois y’a pas de fringues, en caleçon et débardeursAvec une bande de démarreurs, des go qui me disent “t’es speed comme Schumacher”

  238. that (qualifier)

  239. (non-gloss definition)

  240. until, till

  241. to (with places), till, until

  242. compare: (uxi)

  243. far, distant

  244. (ja-romanization of)

  245. (alt form)

  246. when

  247. when, as

  248. since, because

  249. than

  250. ''emphasis marker''

  251. cow, ox, bull

  252. to go; to leave; to go to; to go toward

  253. {{quote-book

  254. (inflection of)

  255. go

  256. go (gloss)

  257. naked, nude, bare

  258. To (l)

  259. go, leave

  260. to maintain, nurture, incubate

  261. gills

  262. (quote-book); có da trơn trụi lông; thường có 4 chân; hầu hết đẻ trứng.|translation=4° Amphibians ( Batraciens ) are ectothermic; they have three-chambered hearts and undergo metamorphosis, as when they are juvenile, they have gills to breathe underwater but lose their gills for lungs in order to breathe air; their skin is smooth and furless; they are often quadruped; most are oviparous.

  263. woof, weft

  264. absolutely

  265. pretty, bit, fairly

  266. excellent

  267. able

  268. tasty

  269. easily done

  270. friendly, honest

  271. well, good

  272. (alt form)

  273. to cover or put something in a coop; usually referring to birds

  274. (n-g)

  275. song

  276. brother

  277. male relative outside of one's family, of the same generation{{, and older than oneself; brother-in-law or cousin