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spin englannista suomeksi

  1. kutoa

  2. pyöriä

  3. pyörähdellä

  4. kierre

  5. kiepauttaa

  6. ajelu

  7. kehrätä

  8. pyörintä

  9. pitkittää

  10. sävy

  11. sävyttää

  12. tarinoida, keksiä juttuja

  13. pyörähdys

  1. pyöriä, kieppua intransitive, continuous; pyörittää, kieputtaa transitive, continuous; pyörähtää, kiepahtaa intransitive, momentane; pyöräyttää, kiepauttaa transitive, momentane

  2. kehrätä

  3. kaunistella; johtaa harhaan, kieputtaa

  4. lyödä kierre">lyödä kierre

  5. kiertyä

  6. kutoa spider; kehrätä silkworm

  7. kiitää

  8. suihkuta

  9. pyöriä

  10. pyörintä, pyörivä liike">pyörivä liike

  11. spin

  12. kieputus

  13. kierre

  14. syöksykierre

  15. Substantiivi

spin englanniksi

  1. To rotate, revolve, gyrate (usually quickly); to partially or completely rotate to face another direction.

  2. (ux)

  3. To enter, or remain in, a spin (abnormal stalled flight mode).

  4. To cause one's aircraft to enter or remain in a spin (abnormal stalled flight mode).

  5. (quote-book)|chapter=Hiawatha’s Fasting|title=(w)|location=Boston|publisher=Ticknor and Fields|page=76|pageurl=https://archive.org/stream/hiawathasongof00longrichpage/76|passage=Round about him spun the landscape, / Sky and forest reeled together, / And his strong heart leaped within him, / As the sturgeon leaps and struggles / In a net to break its meshes.

  6. To make yarn by twisting and winding fibers together.

  7. (quote-book)|chapter=Solomon on the Vanity of the World|title=Poems on Several Occasions|volume=II|location=Dublin|publisher=George Grierson|year_published=1738|section=book I|page=115|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=E4ZAByEHbQUC&pg=PA115|passage=Along the Sunny Bank, or Wat’ry Mead, / Ten thouſand Stalks their various Bloſſoms ſpread : / Peaceful and lowly in their native Soil, / They neither know to ſpin, nor care to toil ; / Yet with confeſs’d Magnificence deride / Our vile Attire, and Impotence of Pride.

  8. To present, describe, or interpret, or to introduce a bias or slant, so as to give something a favorable or advantageous appearance.

  9. (syn)

  10. {{quote-journal|en|date=February 9, 2006|title=The Politics of Science|work=The Washington Post|url=http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/02/08/AR2006020801991.html|page=A22

  11. (quote-journal) Republicans completed their journey through the looking-glass, spinning a new counternarrative of that deadly day.

  12. To make the ball move sideways when it bounces on the pitch.

  13. To move sideways when bouncing.

  14. To form into thin strips or ribbons, as with sugar

  15. To form (a web, a cocoon, silk, etc.) from threads produced by the extrusion of a viscid, transparent liquid, which hardens on coming into contact with the air; said of the spider, the silkworm, etc.

  16. To shape, as malleable sheet metal, into a hollow form, by bending or buckling it by pressing against it with a smooth hand tool or roller while the metal revolves, as in a lathe.

  17. To move swiftly.

  18. To stream or issue in a thread or a small current or jet.

  19. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 5)

  20. To wait in a loop until some condition becomes true.

  21. To play (vinyl records, etc.) as a jockey.

  22. 2002, ''CMJ New Music Report'' (volume 70, number 12)

  23. However, for the past six years he has been spinning his novel blend of progressive house and trance music and is finally on the brink of becoming the next luminary DJ.
  24. To use an bicycle, especially as part of a gym class.

  25. To ride a bicycle at a fast cadence.

  26. To search rapidly.

  27. 2013, Nick Oldham, ''Psycho Alley''

  28. But then again, unless someone struck lucky in those first few hours, there weren't even enough detectives to spin a drum house.
  29. Rapid circular motion.

  30. ''The car went into a spin''.

    ''The skaters demonstrated their spins''.

    ''He put some spin on the cue ball.''

  31. A quantum angular momentum associated with subatomic particles, which also creates a moment.

  32. A favourable comment or interpretation intended to bias opinion on an otherwise unpleasant situation.

  33. (quote-journal)

  34. Rotation of the ball as it flies through the air; sideways movement of the ball as it bounces.

  35. A condition of flight where a stalled aircraft is simultaneously pitching, yawing and rolling in a spinning motion.

  36. An abnormal condition in bearings where the bearing seizes to the rotating shaft and rotates inside the journal, destroying both the shaft and the journal.

  37. A brief trip by vehicle, especially one made for pleasure.

  38. A bundle of spun material; a mass of strands and filaments.

  39. (RQ:Lawrence Sons and Lovers)

  40. A single play of a record by a radio station.

  41. 1996, ''Billboard'' (volume 108, number 12, page 37)

  42. Although the Loveless title showed the smallest increase in airplay in the top 10, its number of detections outpaced the nearest bulleted title by more than 350 spins.
  43. A search of a prisoner's cell for forbidden articles.

  44. 2002, (w), ''(w)''

  45. Mr Weedon explains that this is a cell search - known by prisoners as a spin - and for obvious reasons it has to be carried out without any warning.
  46. An unmarried woman; a spinster.

  47. 1893, (w), "To Let" in ''"To Let" etc.'', Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1906, p. 1, https://archive.org/details/toletcroker00crok

  48. Some years ago, when I was a slim young spin, I came out to India to live with my brother Tom (..)
  49. The use of an bicycle, especially as part of a gym class.

  50. (short for)

  51. 2021 22 April, “jdale” (username), ''Course for Catastrophe'', chapter 4:

  52. “Frank!” Joe yelled. “Run the spin halyard to the cabin-top winch and pass me the free end!”
  53. interest|Special interest of an autistic person.

  54. spider, member of the order Araneae

  55. particle spin

  56. political (l), media spin

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  58. sperm

  59. spin

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  61. thorn bush

  62. sesame

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  64. spin (gl)

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  68. thorn

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  70. (topics) spider