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eleven englannista suomeksi

  1. yksitoista

  1. yksitoista

  2. Substantiivi

  3. Verbi

eleven englanniksi

  1. The number occurring after ten and before twelve. Represented as 11 in Arabic digits.

  2. A cricket team of eleven players. Hence first eleven - the team of best cricket players (at a school), second eleven - the "B" team, etc.

  3. A football team of eleven players; the lineup.

  4. Used instead of ! to amplify an exclamation, imitating someone who forgets to press the shift key while typing exclamation points.

  5. A: ''SUM1 Hl3p ME im alwyz L0ziN!!?!''

    B: ''y d0nt u just g0 away l0zer!!1!!one!!one!!eleven!!1!''

  6. A number the charts of a hypothetical scale of one to ten.

  7. An exceptional specimen, a physically attractive person.

  8. A very high level of intensity.

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  18. eleven