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football englannista suomeksi

  1. jenkkifutis, amerikkalainen jalkapallo

  2. jalkapallo, australialainen jalkapallo

  1. Substantiivi

  2. jalkapallo

  3. australialainen jalkapallo

  4. rugby league

  5. Verbi

football englanniksi

  1. A sport played foot in which teams attempt to get a ball into a goal or zone defended by the other team.

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  3. football|Association football: a game in which two teams each contend to get a round ball into the other team's goal primarily by kicking the ball. Known as soccer in Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

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  5. football: a game played on a field of 100 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide in which two teams of 11 players attempt to get an ovoid ball to the end of each other's territory.

  6. football: a game played on a field of 110 yards long and 65 yards wide in which two teams of 12 players attempt to get an ovoid ball to the end of each other's territory.

  7. rules football.

  8. football: a field game played with similar rules to hurling, but using hands and feet rather than a stick, and a ball, similar to, yet smaller than a soccer ball.

  9. league.

  10. union.

  11. The ball used in any game called "football".

  12. Practice of these particular games, or techniques used in them.

  13. An item of discussion, particularly in a back-and-forth manner

  14. The leather briefcase containing classified nuclear war plans which is always near the US President.

  15. (cot)

  16. 1994, Herbert L. Abrams, ''The President Has Been Shot: Confusion, Disability, and the 25th Amendment'', Stanford University Press ((ISBN)), page 126:

  17. The aide rides, along with the president's physician, in the “control car,” third in line in the motorcade. He is responsible for the football (or “black box” or “black bag”), a briefcase containing the codes and targeting information the president would require to order or authorize a nuclear attack.
  18. (RQ:Bolton Room)

  19. To play football.

  20. 1969, Alec Hugh Chisholm, ''The Joy of the Earth'' (page 358)

  21. It was an announcement of the outbreak of what is now termed World War I. Some of us lads were footballing when we heard the news. It left us bewildered.
  22. 2019, David Randall, ''Suburbia: A Far from Ordinary Place''

  23. You walked up our road, passed the elms that bordered our park until Dutch disease killed them in the early 1970s, diagonally crossed its field where we footballed, turned right at the drinking fountain and cattle trough (..)
  24. football, soccer

  25. football

  26. football

  27. (l) (UK), soccer (US, Canada)

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  30. football

  31. fotboll