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goal englannista suomeksi

  1. maali

  2. tavoite

  1. Substantiivi

  2. maali, päämäärä, tavoite

  3. maali

  4. Verbi

goal englanniksi

  1. A result that one is attempting to achieve.

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  4. In many sports, an area into which the players attempt to put an object.

  5. The act of placing the object into the goal.

  6. A point scored in a game as a result of placing the object into the goal.

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  8. A noun or noun phrase that receives the action of a verb. The subject of a passive verb or the direct object of an active verb. Also called a patient, target, or undergoer.

  9. To score a goal.

  10. (l), target in sports, especially soccer

  11. a hit in it, a point scored

  12. goalkeeper especially in soccer and polo

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  14. target in those sports

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