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blame englannista suomeksi

  1. syy, syyllisyys, vika

  2. helvetinmoinen

  3. syyttää, panna jk jkn syyksi

  1. syyllisyys

  2. syyttää

  3. Substantiivi

blame englanniksi

  1. Censure.

  2. ''Blame came from all directions.''

  3. Culpability for something negative or undesirable.

  4. ''The blame for starting the fire lies with the arsonist.''

  5. Responsibility for something meriting censure.

  6. ''They accepted the blame, but it was an accident.''

  7. A control feature that can show which user was responsible for a particular portion of the code.

  8. To censure (someone or something); to criticize.

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  11. 1919, (w), ‘The Oversight’, ''The Toys of Peace'':

  12. That was the year that Sir Richard was writing his volume on ''Domestic Life in Tartary''. The critics all blamed it for a lack of concentration.
  13. 2006, Clive James, ''North Face of Soho'', Picador 2007, p. 106:

  14. I covered the serious programmes too, and indeed, right from the start, I spent more time praising than blaming.
  15. To bring into disrepute.

  16. To assert or consider that someone is the cause of something negative; to place blame, to attribute responsibility (for something negative or for doing something negative).

  17. ''The arsonist was blamed for the fire.''

  18. criticism, condemnation

  19. accusation (gloss)

  20. (l), culpability

  21. offence, misdeed

  22. imperfection, downside

  23. disrepute, dishonour

  24. blasphemy, irreverence

  25. (alt form)

  26. flame

  27. (syn)